Grand Theft Auto V's Map Versus Major Cities

Grand Theft Auto V's Map Versus Major Cities

We already know GTA V's map is pretty massive. But the meaning of that kind of adjective can be pretty difficult to gauge based on how you actually judge size metrics.

As always, be prepared for spoilers of the land variety. If you don't feel like checking out Grand Theft Auto V's map before the game comes out, click away now. For those of you that don't mind, our colleagues over at Gizmodo rounded up some comparisons for you.


    Missing link:

    I think I'm seeing things (or not seeing).
    Is that a GTA IV Map?

      It is. Superimposed on an outline of the GTA V map's island.

    Where be the links, yo?

    EDIT: I believe this is the link to the original

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    Nice, it's about time someone shows the true size comepared to GTA4 based on the the size of both airports.

    So many peoples are like your can fit GTA4 inside the city of Los Santos, and it's been driving me insane how blind people are, City wise Liberty City is a bigger but map wise GTA 5 smashes it

    The scales are all out of whack on these...

    The GTA IV map for example.. it's not that big.. not sure why these images are being used when there are already much more accurate ones available.

    Last edited 13/09/13 10:24 am

    Bigger than tasmania

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