How To Get A Tank, Fighter Jet And Passenger Jet In GTA V ASAP

Alright, I know there's a bunch of you out there who don't care about what happens to Michael, Franklin and Trevor in Grand Theft Auto V. You need to know how to blow up as many things as possible, as soon as possible. Well I'm here to help, with two convenient videos!

If grabbing a tank or fighter isn't your style, you can always grab a private jet at the airport:


    so because im taking this game very slowly and enjoying ever minute, when flying over the mad does it de-fog? or you still have to explore on foot/car?

      it does not defog, i got a plane yesterday from the airport and flew it around and when i crashed and respawned, it was all defogged again. even though i flew far into the map.

    Get up very high over the cloud layer @ sandy shores. you can see alot

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