Layoffs At BioShock Developer Irrational Games

Layoffs At BioShock Developer Irrational Games

Irrational Games laid off a small number of employees this week, Kotaku has learned. The studio behind BioShock Infinite, now working on two downloadable content packs for the critically acclaimed shooter, says the layoffs won't affect development of the DLC "in any way".

When reached by Kotaku, Irrational sent over this statement:

In an effort to streamline our processes I am sad to confirm that we let go a total of 8 employees today. Any studio's greatest asset is the group of people that make up the whole, and as such it was extremely hard to make this decision and there is never a good time for this to happen. As co-workers and friends, we wish them the very best.

Best wishes to the people who were let go. As always, we'll keep you updated if we hear anything else.


    Not that I'm a fan of Irrational Games, but I'm sad to see people in the industry laid off, it seems to happen all the time though, so I guess it probably wasn't all that shocking to the eight people in question.

    It's how the industry works, unfortunately.

    These people probably knew it was coming. It's pretty much standard practice.

      Yeah, unless there is a big new project lined up this stuff generally happens.

      I liked one of the recent Kickstarters - I think it was by the guys doing Wasteland 2, they put up a new Kickstarter project well before they finished their current one, so that they wouldn't have to layoff a bunch of the people who do the initial stages of the game (concept artists and such), but instead put them to work on the next project.

    Games finished, absolutely no reason to keep some of the people anymore because DLC doesn't need a full production team to make. Anyone who complains about this stuff obviously knows nothing about how a business works.

    Wonder what they've got coming then. Infinite is a success, the DLC is sounding great - what's further down the line?

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