Sailor Moon Vs Wonder Woman In A... Dance Battle


    So all I have to do is have long hair and spin it. Then drop to the floor as many times as possible, Get up spin in circles and drop some more. Got it.

      Even still, I imagine it takes quite a lot of training to be able to drop to the ground fairly effortlessly without injuring yourself

    This is dance? Hand moves, walk and... drop.

      From what I understand, this is called vogueing. And is some soft of insult/catwalk "battle". It's not actual dancing

    Dafuq did I just watch.

    I'd give it to Sailor Moon too; at least she had something resembling actual dance moves. Wonder Woman looked like she was having a fit on stage.

    Edit: After watching a few more videos on this thing, it seems having a fit is exactly what is meant to be done... Guess I'm just too old to understand these things.

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    Saw this courtesy of the Sailor Moon subreddit yesterday, and I had the same reactions everyone else is happening. Apparently Vogue is a particular style of dance where the weird shit they're doing is actually the point, and they're doing an exceptionally good job of it.

    Still looks weird, though, and Sailor Moon figure skating would be more thematically appropriate...

    I'm not sure why I watched this.

    What are they doing to themselves! Make it stop!

    is wonderwoman a man??? mind freak!!!

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