Watch Me Play The New Pokémon Game

Want to see some Mega Pokémon? Watch me play some five minutes of this special Pokémon X/Y demo, made just for PAX. The game comes out on October 12 for 3DS.


  • I stopped when he was complaining about Chandelure being a inanimate object because Pokemon were too lazy to make original designs.

    Sick of this mindset.
    Gen 1:
    Exeggcute: eggs
    Ekans: a snake
    Voltorb: YEAH, you know where I’m going.
    C’mon guys, know what you’re talking about before you rag on the new Pokemon…

    • Whats as bad as the people who trash talk the new generations. Are the ones who have to tell the world that there is not much difference between current gen and 1st gen.

        • You can’t argue that overall the creativity or strength of the designs hasn’t suffered slightly. That comes with anything creative, you can’t keep making killer ideas forever and your sources of inspiration get used up pretty quickly when you’re trying to replicate animals.

          Sure, there are people who don’t like the new ones for all the wrong reasons. I personally wasn’t interested in anything after Gold / Silver, but i’m not naive enough to believe that’s completely unrelated to the fact that I was the perfect age to love and grow attached to Pokemon at exactly that time. But the people complaining have valid points too. It’s been a while since I saw a new pokemon and thought “wow that thing is cool I can’t wait to catch it”. My main question with new pokemon games is “will I be able to catch a Growlithe at around lvl 20 or what?”.

          • You know I’ve felt the designs went the opposite way. I feel like some of the pokemon designs have in fact become too elaborate. I definetly feel the complaints about the use of inanimate objects is a non-issue, as the first gen had plenty; I mean look at Muk and Magnemite along with those mentioned above. But in terms of aesthetic appeal, I think they peaked in gen 2 and then kinda went down hill. I guess it’s just point of view, coz I feel particularly with the 3rd and 4th gen, some of the Pokemon designs just looked to elaborate. Still absolutely love the games though, will never grow tired of the battling system!

    • Its more that Gen1 designs were simple and clean. Later gens have become the opposite, which works for some but not for most.

  • Maybe Kotaku should have gotten someone with good and recent experience in Pokemon to play the new Pokemon game, and we’d have gotten proper coverage. No mention of the roller skates he uses, no idea if features have been in previous games, no idea which types are effective against what, a complete misconception as to what mega evolution does… generally amateur and sloppy coverage.

    • Agreed. Not a lot of passion here. Didn’t even care about what the characters had to say, what with the “blah blah blah I don’t care” thing. I nearly laughed when he said “it looks a lot better that the Pokémon games I’ve seen before”, because, chances are, the last game he saw was at least four years old; and that’s giving him enough credit to assume he picked up HGSS. Going by his apparent lack of knowledge, however, I’d say it’s more likely that his last game was the origianl Gold and Silver. Thirteen years away and they pick him to play Pokémon. Disgraceful, Kotaku. Utterly disgraceful.

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