What If Grand Theft Auto V's Map Was Scaled To Sydney, Brisbane Or Melbourne?

Grand Theft Auto V's map is big. At this point I think that point has been well established, but just to illustrate matters further PlayStation Australia has attempted to give us some local perspective. What if Grand Theft Auto's map was stretched atop Sydney? How much ground would it cover?

At a rough guess? All the way from St Peters to Willoughby. In other words — pretty massive.

The above image gives us a decent idea of just what kind of scale we're dealing with here. Pretty big.

Via PlayStation Australia

UPDATE: Brad Moore, who is — in my humble opinion — a jet-setting legend of the highest caliber, thought it might be cool to pull the same trick with some other major cities.

First up Melbourne!

Then Brisbane!

And Perth...

Brad's been taking requests in the Kotaku Australia Facebook page. Head over for more. He's done Hobart, Darwin and the Gold Coast in addition to all the ones above.


    It's pretty big I guess...

    Yo mamma is so fat, they scaled the GTAV map to her

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      You win the best comment of the year!!!!

    I tired to google the same thing for Melbourne, but all I got was the Geography Teachers Association of Victoria.


      This is what I found. If I had a way to do it myself, I would.

      Brunswick Rd to the bottom of Albert Park north-south, Citylink to Punt Rd east-west, approximately.

    Really? That small?
    The way people were raving about it I was expecting the Blue Mountains.

      to be fair, its a few times bigger than the map from GTA 4

      Just what I was thinking. Not THAT big when you put it into that perspective.

    compare it altis or stratis or paunau then ill think about calling it big as im pretty sure altis and paunau would take up the area between Wollongong, Gosford and Western Sydney

    I would play that and just kill the hipsters in Surry Hills (in the game obviously)

    Yer I was underwhelmed by it's "massiveness" also...guess with Aussie urban sprawl we're used to more err ... massive?

    Updated map system.
    Browse or search any location.

    Guies. Taking requests for suburbs to be put onto a GTA sized map over at the Kotaku Facebook post.

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      Kooyong? As in all of the suburbs in the electorate + a little bit of the Melbourne CBD.

      Mackay, QLD, 4740. Kgo, kthx. :)


        Made this.

    Aww just miss out on my house in the Sydney map. But at least I can go to work and hopefully drive through it.

    Out of curiosity, how big was the island of far cry 3?

    In my youthful age of 19 years, as a Venturer, I once walked with some others from Yeeronga to Ascot. Took around 3 hours but we got there.

    Holy shit I've officially walked the length and breadth of Los Santos and its county!


    Two authors enter, one article leaves.... Aaaand then a short time later both authors also leave entirely unharmed (one would hope) with copies of the article.


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    Someone needs to make an interactive tool where you can drag the map to your own place and compare.

    I say this, because I can appreciate how big the map is in numbers, and I can remember how big San Andreas was (though last time I played it via GTA IV: SA (Beta 3), it was smaller than I remembered), but I'm just having troubles appreciating how big it is compared to Melbourne. It's a half hour drive from Albert Park lake to Preston. Perhaps I'm just a country boy who has no dramas driving 5 hours to photograph some landscapes, but I dunno..

      I think you hit the nail on the head mate. I get the shits when i have to drive more than 45 mins to anywhere..... Must be a perspective thing!


      Done ;)

        You sir, are a legend! I now know exactly how big the map is based on my area.

        ...aaand it's still rather small. It covers my home town (a small town of 3,000), and down towards the national park. All in all, a 15 minute drive from one side to the other. I guess I was expecting bigger.

        But oh well, it's still massive, and still going to be a great game (when my copy arrives..)

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