While You Were Grand Theft Autoing

Happy Grand Theft Auto V day! As you might expect, this morning's round up of news is sort of dominated by that game. You know, that one everyone is talking about.

First up, here's our Grand Theft Auto review. It's a good long read, so brace yourself.

Secondly, here's a scary little story about our very own Danny Allen. Grand Theft Auto V is his PS3's last stand. Listen to his terrifying midnight launch story. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll... shake your head. If you've ever had a car break down on you at a misopportune moment you'll, at the very least, sympathise.

And last night was fun, in the lead up to the game's launch. To begin with Sony Australia posted a cool image of Sydney stretched onto the Grand Theft Auto map. Then things got a little crazy: a Kotaku reader started taking requests on our Facebook page. Before we knew it we had Darwin stretched across the map!

What else? Well, I find it disturbing that a world class studio like Criterion is down to 17 employees, but I'm excited to see what they create.

Finally, this is Pokemon without ears. Terrifying.

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    am i the only one who has zero interest about this game?
    i must be :(

      I too have no interest! Solidarity brother!

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