A Movember Message To The Kotaku Community

Here at Kotaku we've run our own Movember campaigns, but a couple of years back we tried to compete and we were dominated by the sheer might and reach of the Australian Gaming Community. So this year it's a case of if you can't beat them, join them. Interested in taking part in Movember this year? Read on...

We have a message from Team Captain Hewso, from The Black Panel, and Vice-Captain Cav from Stevivor about the Australian Games Community's plan for Movember this year.

The humble mo is a misunderstood creature.
For 11 months of the year mo’s are often thought of as nothing but a bad taste remnant of the 70’s. But for the month of Movember (formally known as November) mo’s are not only hip, stylish and desirable but indicate the wearer of said mo is a fine human philanthropist with the wellbeing of others on their mind.
For those that could never understand why during November half the male population was walking around with furry lip warmers, here’s a little in-sight: Movember is a charity event where men from all around the world grow moustaches and gain sponsorship to raise money for Men’s health programs such as Prostate Cancer research and Male Depression. We have been supporters of Movember for quite a few years and while contemplating which style of face caterpillar we would don this year, we wanted to do something a little bit more for the cause.
With this goal in mind, and knowing that our gaming brethren love to support a good cause, we have set about organising the Australian Gaming Community Movember Team for 2013. A group of games writers/players/developers who not only want to support a great cause but have no fear in showing a hairy upper lip to the world. Over the past two years we have raised over $20k and we aim to add to that total in a big way in 2013!
We understand that the Kotaku Australia Community have done extremely well in the past with their own Movember ventures, but in 2014 we ask that you join the Australian Gaming Community Team so we can tackle this beast as a united front. We also understand that November 2013 is a really tough time to ask gamers to spare a few dollars for a good cause, seeing that Microsoft and Sony have decided that this is the month to drain the bank accounts of gamers all across this great land of ours. But there is one thing that will never change – Gamers are a very generous lot…. Hell, just take a look at the various KickStarters we open up our wallets to! You may not get something physical in return, but hopefully the money we raise can help you, or someone close to you, if and when it’s needed most.
So if you would like to join us and many others in raising some money you can join our Facebook page or join the team directly by visiting our team page on the Movember website. The lovely ladies out there are more than welcome to join as a Mo Sista and help the fella’s raises their money and provide support during what is likely to be an itchy time.
So wear your mo proudly, whether it be the manly Magnum PI, the bushy Merv Hughes, the menacing Uncle Chop Chop or the dashing number WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes once wore and change the face of Men’s Health together.


    Thanks for the Shout out Mark. It is greatly appreciated!

    Do it every year. Lets tackle this together gaming chaps!

    I'll just shave the rest of my beard off continue to grow the moustache. Sounds like a plan.

    I'm not allowed to rock a mo where I work, so I'm just going to draw it on every morning with a biro.

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