Movember Week 2: All The Colours Of The 'Mo

Week two of Movember is practically over and it's getting painful. My mo is now visible and unavoidable. I got to parties and I worry that people don't know I'm doing Movember and think this is just my normal face. I look in the mirror and get surprised. This is starting to get out of hand.

I realised that last week I totally forgot to let you guys know how much we've raised so far. Team Kotaku as a whole has raised over $1700 so far, which is a great number. But as part of Activision's Movember network, everyone's managed to raise over $14,000. I'm very proud to be part of that network, and I think Activision Australia has done a great job of raising awareness of this whole campaign -- they've also raised a helluva lot of money. Jeff Wong, who works at Activision has raised over $1500 just by himself -- major kudos to him.

I'd also like to take this moment to thank everyone who has donated to the cause, whether it's for Kotaku as a team, or for me, or any of the guys/girl in our team! It's a great cause and I'd like to continue to ask you all to give generously. Also - it's not too late to join our team!

I thought I'd give you guys a bit of a rogue's gallery of our Mo progress so far...

Mark Serrels

Just as a heads up -- I went to a 21st party and I looked like everyone's Dad.


How does a guy with dark hair get a blonde moustache? Your genetics are trolling you hard.


As Sughly pointed out -- Puppylicks looks like a skinny Tim Schafer.

If you want to join our illustrious Movember team, or feel like sparing a few coins, head to our official Movember page and help us out! Thanks guys!


    Mark! Looking Grand!!

    Puppy - didn't you have yours pre-prepared? lol

    Also, batguy - your facial hair really is trolling you quite vigorously

    You are one sexy bitch, Serrels.

    haha Mark you are starting to look like Edward Rooney -

    Tourists who don't know what Movember is must think Australia's stuck in the 1970s!

      Or there are a disproportionate number of "pool cleaners"

    I was blonde till i was five and my son is blonde so its not that surprisingly. good thing is that it barely shows up in most photos in its current state!

    Awesome work guys. I keep meaning to set aside each November as a 'practice' month and then sign up for the following November, but forget and shave as normal.

    Being compared to TIm Schafer is the best thing that has happened to me today :D

    Now the mw3 sticker makes sense to me.

    Just joined up:

    Photo coming soon!

    Photo updated:

    I totally shoulda done this. Oh well D:

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