Movember Week 3: Mo Money, Mo Problems

Week 3 and I can't wait to shave this bloody thing off. That being said, I'm quite impressed with the increasing density of my ginger/blonde/red moustache.

Team Kotaku has now raised almost $2,200 in aid of prostate cancer research, and I'm very proud of everyone who's taken part or donated. If you want to get involved there's still time. Head here for details on how to donate or join our team!

Incredibly, the Activision network we've joined up with is almost at $20,000 in total. Again, we'd like to give major kudos to Activision Australia for helping set the whole thing up.

Anyway -- the Mo update in pic form is as follows...

Dense. I'm happy with where this is going.

Kotaku designer Ben White is looking fierce.

Puppylicks continues to look a bit like a skinny 'Luigi version' of Tim Schafer's 'Mario'.

Batguy wishes he had grown a bigger mo so he could pass it off as a Hulk Hogan impersonation. The mo regret is strong.

Cav is part of the rival Australian Gaming Community team -- we don't like them, but goddamn it we respect them. (We also like them).

Wyld is part of the same team -- we like the Victorian chops look. Godspeed.

If you want to join our illustrious Movember team, or feel like sparing a few coins, head to our official Movember page and help us out! Thanks guys!


    Are people starting to cross the street to avoid you? :D

      That happens to me, and I don't have a mo...

        You're just too cool for them, it's okay... at least my mum tells me this.

    Oh man you all look so unbelievably dodgy. Would not trust any of you around children.

      Good, I prefer to keep away from children anyways, the mo' just does the work for me now :D

      Deviants for a worthy cause, though. Can't take that away from them.

    While you are there perhaps you could chuck some money to a loyal reader from a rival team, Serrels.

    get back to gon wyld, the spam forum needs yoooo.

    What I found more disappointing than my inherent inability to grow facial/body hair worthy of sponsorship was the fact the normally anally spelling-correct community at Kotaku missed the word 'prostrate'.

    If facial hair didn't bother me so much I reckon I'd give it a go. I get to even a couple of days without shaving and it's unbearable. Like my face is being smothered by a toilet brush or somesuch.

      It's not that bad - because it's only your upper lip that is uncomfortable. I've found that the occasional meeting of moustache and nose hair is most disconcerting indeed...

    How's coaching the local junior boys soccer team going for you?

    Mark, surely my photo wasn't dodgier than that house of horrors.
    I am dissappoint.
    I'll send an updated one which better make it on next weeks Kotaku Mo Freakshow.

    Puppylicks looks like an angry, concerned Howard Moon.

      We should start a new segment:
      Who does Pupplicks look like?

      Howard Moon, coming at ya!

    Mark Serrels, you dreamboat.

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