Movember Week 1: Ginger 'Stache Formation

Alright guys, we're doing Movember. And by 'we' I mean 'me' and an assorted motley crew of Kotaku readers who have joined Team Kotaku to help raise money for men's health and awareness surrounding prostate cancer and male depression. Things are going averagely so far, so I'm going to have to crank things up a notch.

First off, this is what I look like now, with one week's growth. I know. Pathetic!

A couple of things -- gingerness doth not a good moustache make and, secondly, Tracey just informed me that I'm not allowed to have regular growth and then shave it into a mo later. I did not know this. I guess I'll have to shave later tonight... [shudder]

We have a healthy amount of people involved, helping us raise money for Team Kotaku, but I'd like to see more people getting involved -- either by donating here, or joining our awesome squad!

Come on guys -- we need to get this thing moving. I'm growing a ginger moustache but, get this, Tracey Lien is actually making a jolly good attempt to grow an actual prostate during Movember, and from what I hear she's making good progress.

I haven't received any Mo pics from the rest of Team Kotaku, but please drop them in the comments below and I'll add them to this post, or email me here.

I'd also like to give a big shout out to Activision Australia, who have been instrumental in motivating us to get involved in the great cause, by offering up an extra $1000 in sponsorship to the team who raises the most cash. Activision has been acting as an official sponsor for the whole event and has done a great job of raising awareness locally. Great job folks!


    My Progress!

      Man, those sunglasses....

        I could ask what the intended meaning of that comment was, but I'd much rather assume that the comment was made out of shock and awe at my old beat up $20 aviators. Ignorance = bliss :D

          Possible Reggie-ism? "Man, those [3D] glasses..."

      Mine too!

      So jealous - dark hair plus pale skin = noticeable mo. Bastard! I'm still at the stage where I have to point out to people that I'm growing one :(

    Sorry, lads. I normally have a thick moustache to go with my beard, but over the last few weeks it's been driving me insane until I finally snapped and shaved it off on Saturday.
    No longer having that moustache is such a free feeling. I don't think I'll ever grow it back.

    My ginger mo has been going for about three months and doesn't look impressive :(

    Tracey... is... second...

    Mark. You need to rectify this. Immediately.
    Okay, okay.
    If you want to get things done, do them yourself.

      Problem rectified. I'm getting there, I dislike photo's though and my growth is pretty disappointing also.

    Mark: I, like you, thought that you could just grow a beard and shave it into a moustache for Movember. I was spewing that the rules forbade it, I was so ready to unleash my epic twisty-stache upon the world.

    You can make a donation here, too!

    My prostate is presently the size of a pea. I aim to grow it into a golfball over the coming weeks.



      goddamit Tracy, why must you be so funny?

      I just sprayed my monitor with coffee, laughing at your profile

    I can't grow one this year, need to stay clean shaven for job interviews which makes me sad. I will however throw some cash your way, Mark (and Tracey).

      Thank yooooooou! I'll keep the urination issue in mind. Maybe I should grow this prostate in a jar.

        Haha, now that would be a very good idea!

        Sit it in a dish atop some wet cotton balls.
        You can keep it on your windowsill and it can be your science project!

    Seeking donations from my workplace, I think I can milk it good. I'll get a pic up

      How do you milk a beard?

        that my friend is another topic on it's own but i dont wanna get into the scares me to think of such inhumane miliking practices

      yay got some pics

    When I said we, you know I meant me, and when I said sweet - I meant dirty.

    well, i am keeping my tradition of not shaving during exams, although i don't think anyone will be taking my 17 year barely mustache seriously :(

    Donated to the Kotaku team in lieu of growing my own 'tashe. Men's health is well worth supporting.

    If Tracey could get her prostate to grow it's own mo, I'd be quite impressed.

    One week's growth

    Here's my gaming related mo! My wife absolutely hates it. Awesome! Oh, and old school FTW!

      Should have probably added the link hey?----

    We'd love to share your photo and a link on our facebook and you mind? #GingerOn!!

    Ahh ginger facial hair just reminds me of my dad after a 3 day fishing trip. I am sure you would smell better though (well, hopefully)

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