In Kingdom Hearts III, Keyblades Can Transform Into So Many Things

In Kingdom Hearts III, Keyblades Can Transform Into So Many Things

Check out them guns on Sora.
The D23 Expo Japan 2013 was an event last week at the Tokyo Disney Resort that celebrated both the 90th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company and the 30th anniversary of the Tokyo Disney Resort itself. Nomura was there with Japanese cast members to show the latest Kingdom Hearts III trailer and talk about the game.

According to Nomura, the three new abilities revealed in the trailer are divided into two categories. The first is Keyblade Transformation. At about 30 seconds in, Sora’s Keyblade turns into a pair of guns that Sora uses to blast away a surrounding crowd of enemies. Nomura noted that this Keyblade transformation “varies depending on the Keyblade” and that “battle style would change [depending on the form].”

In Kingdom Hearts III, Keyblades Can Transform Into So Many Things

The other new ability category is the Attraction Flow which, according to Nomura, is “an evolution of the Free Flow of Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance.” In Japanese, “attraction” refers to theme park rides. In the trailer, Sora can be seen Disney attractions while attacking enemies. Nomura explained that this Attraction Flow can be selected depending on the location or enemy.

“This is the first gameplay footage of Kingdom Hearts 3 that we’ve released, but [Kingdom Hearts 3] is still nowhere near a state that the staff is satisfied with, so we’re going to continue to strive improve the quality.” Nomura said in an after-event message to the fans in this week’s Weekly Famitsu. Considering that the game was announced earlier than he would have liked, such feelings are understandable.

However it all turns out, let’s hope they manage to make something that the fan will be satisfied with too.

Kingdom Hearts III is scheduled for release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime before the sun explodes.

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