Let's Get Ready To Batman

Batman: Arkham Origins hits stores on Friday, leaving us enough time for several hundred preparatory views of the official launch trailer. Going to Batman so hard this weekend. How about you?


    It's funny, I'm still mucking around with Arkham City. There's just so much to do in that game.

    I'm going to wait for reviews on the next game, and even if positive, I'll wait for sales. It looks like more of the same, which is a good thing, but it does get a little samey after a while.

      Full blown tripping same Samey
      it has multiplayer too

      I platinumed it in the first week and traded it in, I wish I didn't! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Super immersive world. Will never forget the Freeze boss fight, one of the best ever.

        I had it on ps3, sold it and then bought it on PC for about $20, then bought the GOTY version on steam for about $5. I regret nothing. Great value.

        So my point is, why don't you just buy it again?

          My pile of shame is bad enough as it is. haha

            But you're still talking about it, means you want to play it.

            I was doing that a few wks ago, found myself thinking about how cool MGS4 was, so I bought it on ebay for $15. Played it through in a wk. Loved it. Enjoyed it so much more than the first time, because I was looking fwd to it for what it was.

            Anyway, I recommend it.

    I'm kind of worried about this. It's not projecting a sense of confidence. Priced lower than normal, reviews are embargoed basically until release day and apparently most reviewers hadn't gotten sent a build yet.

      Also, this morning... the review embargo got pushed back an additional six hours.

    I've already given my opinion on the game. New developer, made in probably under two years and a prequal. Gonna wait for review and fan reception. Even then, unless it is high praise across the board I'll probably skip it for a while.

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    Pretty excited (moreso than for arkham city!)

    Waiting for the inevitable GOTY edition, i like to have all my content on disc.

    Got my pre-order paid ready to be picked up tomorrow.

      Same here, hoping I can leave work extra early so I can get home and start putting in a lot of hours before a busy weekend

    Already preloaded on Steam just gotta wait for the activation at midnight tonight... when I will be asleep.
    I might get up early tomorrow and give it a quick play but probably won't have time to play it properly until Sunday night.

    I'll be picking it up on launch. I pre-ordered the Definitive Edition, and in all honesty I would pay just to get that Joker statue. Even if it is just more of the same, I have no problem with that; it's a formula that works and that I'm not tired of... at least not yet.

    It's a great formula, but they've already done it twice. I'll wait a couple of months when Steam will have it for 75% off.

    Gonna batman myself so hard.

    pre-ordered for ps3 last night so i could get the deathstroke dlc - picking up at lunch today :)

    Pre-loaded on Steam early this week and last night was activated 24th 21:40 WST so i'm thinking was EST unlock So played for about 30ish minutes was fantastic and no DX11 bugs this time worked fantastic and First Boss battle was pretty sweet

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