Making Games Is Easier Than Ever In PuzzleScript

More and more tools are coming out to makes games, and it's getting easier and easier. Some of the more prominent ones, like GameMaker, deserve all their praise for being both tools that newcomers can use, and also the foundations for award-winners such as Spelunky and Hotline Miami. But PuzzleScript removes even more barriers, allowing anyone to create puzzle games in a browser.

Made by Stephen "increpare" Lavelle, the HTML5 engine aims to get past the learning barrier and get people straight into making games.

Based on some simple rules, and coming with a very easy-to-use level editor, PuzzleScript was already user-friendly. But the tutorial section is also quite fantastic, slowly explaining everything, and with plenty of examples. It's very easy to get started.

Feel like having a go? Try it out here.


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