The Developer Of Candy Crush Saga Expected To Be Valued At $5 Billion

It's a number that seems completely foreign, almost bewildering, but English game developers King have filed documents for an initial public offering in the US and the expectation is that the company will be valued at US$5 billion.

It's a figure that seems based on the vast, vast amount of users currently playing King titles on Facebook. Zynga, with a current value of $2.9 billion currently has half the amount of users King has, as a result of its breakaway hit Candy Crush Saga.

The issue will be this: can King convince investors that its game will sustain its userbase, considering Zynga's recent struggles. Are Facebook games a bubble just waiting to pop?

King is currently extremely profitable, and has been since 2005. But still, $5 billion. Wow.

Candy Crush creator King files for IPO in America [Daily Telegraph]

Via Games Industry International


    Damn. They may last a few months at most, but there's serious cash in casual games. I could see such an offering being overvalued though just like Facebook was. They may be profitable, but $5 billion profitable?

    It's just crazy. Need to learn iOS/Android development asap.

      Not really. Just gain access to millions of people's Facebook data and make it available to advertisers.

    It just goes to show how big a difference advertising makes. These guys are THE most aggressive advertisers for casual games (or anything else, for me), which clearly has won them an influence.

    "From the same country brought you blockbusters such as the Global Financial Crisis and US Government Shutdown, comes... INSANE $5 BILLION DOLLAR IPO VALUATION!!!"

    Please EA Sports guy, do this voiceover.

    And I'm absolutely sure that it'll all collapse in on itself in agony, just like Zynga....

    It really makes you wonder how a casual game company that most people wouldn't have heard of could be worth a billion more than the Star Wars license was sold for....da-damn!

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