Watch 14 Minutes Of Killzone: Shadow Fall On The PlayStation 4

There is a sense of excitement about next gen consoles, but the games? Outside of Sony's indie games, there aren't too many launch titles worth getting excited about. Killzone: Shadow Fall might be one of the exceptions. Say what you like about the Killzone series, if you want to show off your new piece of kit, it may be the best of the first wave of PlayStation 4 console games.

I've had a quick bash at Killzone: Shadow Fall's multiplayer (which was good but sorta paled in comparison to Titanfall) but I'm really interested in getting stuck into the single player campaign. This is a decent appetiser. Click five minutes ahead to get straight to the gameplay.


    I was really counting on Watch Dogs, now I'm considering this and NFS rivals

      Yeah, same, I was going to get KZ and WD, now i'm not sure what else to get.

    Looks really cool. The lighting effects, frame rate, and the amount of objects on the screen at once make me really excited for the next gen consoles. While I am a moderate fan of Killzone, I have to say this sneak peek gets me more excited about how the next Halo and Titanfall are going to look/perform!! Launch line-ups for both systems are weak, going to wait until some price drops and bundles start appearing. I am a 360 fan but want Sony to put a hurting on MS for a while after the garbage they were trying to pull on their customers!

    I'm plenty excited about getting a PS4. Sure the a large portion of that is maybe new tech lust, but i'll happily play another Killzone (looks like a good one) and a new Assassin's Creed 4 (i'm one of those weirdos that enjoyed 3...). Is it disappointing that DriveClub and Watch Dogs have been delayed? Yup, but there'll be smaller games like Resogun and Contrast to much on too and with Infamous, The Order: 1886 and now Watch Dogs to look forward to next year, i'm happy to buy into the next gen at launch.

      Plus, I still have plenty of GTA V to get through. And many more seasons to go in F1 2013 (I'm sure no one else plays it) to keep me occupied in the break between the launch titles and the next big ones. Still getting on day one though.....

        My PS3 Slim died last week so no GTAV for me :(

    With the launch price......I'm happy to buy in to next gen say one. I certainly wasn't going to fork out close to $1000 day one like I did the ps3 though.

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