A Convincing Pitch For The Xbox One Kinect In Just Five Seconds

A Convincing Pitch For The Xbox One Kinect In Just Five Seconds

I’ve never been a Kinect guy; if I had the option, I’d rather buy a Kinect-free Xbox One than one saddled with an accessory I probably won’t use all that much.

But, hey, Microsoft’s motion-sensing device might actually be a serious convenience, if it works properly. Via Microsoft’s Major Nelson, check out this quick video:

Kinect justified? What do you think?


  • His tone and facial expressions make it seem like he is doing something awesome, like ordering giant robots to destroy a city.

  • How about we stop with these pointless codes for things such as Day 1 DLC or pre-order weapon skins?

    • He was showing him redeeming an Xbox Live membership card, and these codes are good for cards such as memberships, digital currency and games. As well as all the other useful functions of QR codes (linking to anything).

    • The codes don’t have to be for Day One DLC or pre-order bonuses though. Remember that PSEye thing with the trading card game? I think that’d work way better if the add on device used to play it came with the console.
      Imagine playing a turn based RPG where you put your party on the table in front of the TV and control group formation that way. Dodging and blocking attacks by moving/covering your cards.

      What if your XBOX Live account had an actual ID card? You take a photo with Kinect, Microsoft send you a card, and then you can use that card to quickly/easily log in with a limited rights version of your account on someone else’s XBOX One.

  • How about just including it in the effing game, or not requiring a bloody code in the first place?

    • It’s to reward players who buy a game at launch you Moron!!!
      this kinect feature is boss!!! Love it

      • All the same, he has a point for every other case. Pretty sure I know which codes gamers are going to be entering more often.

        • Yeah I hear that. Still a handy feature really. Though would be nice if they made a smartphone app that could scan and add the QR codes to your XBL or PSN account, I would be down for that.

          All the games i’ve gotten DLC codes with I haven’t even bothered =/ I just don’t think it’s worth it. Though I did for GTA V, cause that’s GTA..

  • A quick question, has the Kinect been an *actual* success, outside of dance games?

    The kinect got a flogging at our house but only on one game. I have 4 daughters, so Dance Central was a huge hit in the loungeroom. We rented a bunch of other Kinect games, but pretty much all of them were crap.

    What Kinect games have been ‘big hits’ or critically acclaimed outside of Dance titles?

    (actual serious question, not flame-bait)

    • Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour.

      On a more serious note, no. The Kinect has been a bit of a failure so far and I think Microsoft is under the impression that it’s because the majority of the install base for the Xbox 360 doesn’t have one. Not because it’s a great technology that doesn’t quite work for games yet.

      • No one has one so no one makes serious games that use it so no one buys one. It’s the entire reason the Wii remote was a success rather than just being a GameCube addon supported by one dedicated Nintendo game and a few secondary support features in other Nintendo games.

        That’s why you’ll get one with your XBOX One. I doubt taking the Kinect out of the package would reduce the cost of the console.

        • Wii remote was a success because Nintendo made quality 1st party games with it. If Microsoft can’t make a serious Kinect game themselves, how would anyone else? With Nintendo and Sony, their first party games lead the way at what they do. And Microsoft showed that they couldn’t get Kinect to work properly as a serious game accessory. Stop blaming third party developers.

          • But the point is that even Nintendo didn’t make quality first party games for the GBA to NGC cable. Think of the PSEye, did that fail because it was a slightly better quality webcam or because it had like one interesting game? N64’s GameBoy reader worked with some Pokemon games and that’s it. Developers, first party or otherwise, can’t use those devices unless the game comes with the accessory. Even highly successful accessories like the Dual Shock controller and Rumble Pack don’t reach their potential until developers can count on it being there (think about how many PS1 games had terrible controls because they had to function with both twin sticks and a single d-pad).
            I’m not blaming third party developers, I’m saying they’re completely justified in not doing anything interesting with the Kinect because even if their game is outstanding they’re selling to a fraction of the systems install base.
            Even Nintendo admit that’s why the Wii Remote had it’s own console instead of being released as the GameCube addon it was built as.

        • They sold 24 million of them, which is probably about 40% of Xboxes. If that wasn’t a big enough install base to get some good titles out, then the extra 60% probably won’t turn it in to a game-changer.

          And if the Kinect doesn’t add to the price of an Xbox bundle, why is it more expensive than the more powerful PS4?

          • I thought they shipped 24 million of them not sold 24 million. Either way it wasn’t an attractive figure. 40% of XBOXs vs 100% of XBOXs. It doesn’t sound like much but if you’re investing big money in a game knocking off 60% of your potential audience can be worrying (especially when quality games aimed at 100% aren’t immune to failure).

            And if the Kinect doesn’t add to the price of an Xbox bundle, why is it more expensive than the more powerful PS4?

            Sony are willing to take a bigger hit day one? Neither console costs the same to produce as it does to buy at retail. I believe Microsoft were claiming to be aiming to break even or make a profit on every XBOX One sold (I’d assume that was when they thought they’d sell out for the first few shipments though). In the past Sony have strategically sold at a loss on day one and from what I’ve read they plan to continue that with the PS4.
            It’s a smart move that helps build a solid install base. After the PS3’s price bit them last generation I’d imagine they’re doing everything they can to ensure they’re not the most expensive console this generation.

      • Not because it’s a great technology that doesn’t quite work for games yet.

        It’s also worth noting that a lot of the problems stem from implementation by developers rather than flaws within the tech itself.

        Grab an imaginary leaver, pull it back towards you and then quickly put your hand in your pocket. Odds are you didn’t let go of the leaver before you started moving your hand into your pocket. The people who made Steel Battalion missed that. The game read your movements right it just didn’t know which ones to ignore.

        With the Kinect as standard developers should be able to ease into and slowly figure out what works and what doesn’t, rather than just diving all in for full Kinect only games in uncharted waters. Sort of like how it took a generation of having two sticks as standard on every PS2 game before developers really got a handle on twin stick controls. They do a great job of it now but you play some old games and just wonder what the hell they were thinking.

      • I prefer the mobile version, but the Kinect has some cool features (like split screen mode.)

    • a lot of ppl seem to be into the fitness programs you can get that use kinect. the xbone one is going to be able to do silly impressive things with it’s new sensitivity and they are getting a lot of the big name dvd fitness programs like Insanity. There is a good video covering it somewhere, it’s not my thing but the tech behind it was pretty impressive. There was a panzer dragoon style shooter that came out for it at the start as well that was quite liked by a lot of ppl, but I don’t know if that was more than a one off.

      *edit* that was supposed to be an answer to poita.

    • Not a big hit, but Child of Eden was, for me, worth the price of the Kinect on its own. Just incredible.

      • Yeah, that game was trippy. And you can use a regular controller too.

        I also really enjoyed The Gunstringer.

    • “Kinect games.”

      That right there is kind of the problem. When you can only sell “Kinect games” to people who bought a Kinect because they want motion control, you kind of need to build the entire thing around the motion control to justify the use. I’m looking forward to the non-Kinect games that can now use the Kinect in more subtle ways, since you can assume its presence for all gamers. Things like the head tracking in Forza, or being able to lean in my chair a little bit to look around a corner in a stealth game – nice, engagement-increasing touches in otherwise controller-controlled games.

  • lol *buys code in store – store has kinect set up with recognition – Code is instantly used up walking out of store* Doh!

    • Demo units don’t have Redeem code features you moron
      Seriously is the Internet full of spastics

    • 1. Take photo of QR code in store
      2. Go home
      3. Hold photo of QR code up to screen
      4. FREE GOLD!

      • Haha, I’m guessing they’ll be folded over and sealed in store though, plus most stores keep them behind the counter anyway.

        • And possibly require activation, just like the current codes.

          Although if you feel like continuously trying the code, hoping you will get in between it being activated and redeemed, you could do that.

          • Yeah, I’ve heard stories of people doing it with the current cards.

            Probably even easier since you could run a script to continuously enter the code online. Although surely MS would flag this kind of activity?

  • Remember how that guy hacked a Wii to do head tracking, and how it could make a cool 3d effect on the tv? http://youtu.be/Jd3-eiid-Uw?t=2m43s

    That’s what I want to see implemented into xbox one games. Even if it’s not total freedom of movement like that demo, just a subtle translational tracking would be cool, so when you do that thing where you try to peek around an in-game doorframe, it actually happens. Obviously it only works for 1 player, but I think that effect would go a long way into immersing a person into a game – it would make your TV look more like a window and less like a moving picture. Combining that with stereoscopic 3d could be magical.

      • Oh I hope so. The thing with Kinect is, it has the potential to be amazing if developers get creative enough with it. Devs had no real economic incentive to go out of their comfort zones previously, because making something that only works with an optional add-on isn’t worth the cost. Now that it comes bundled in, we may start to see some really exciting and innovative uses for it…maybe.

        The other thing I think Kinect could be good for, (perhaps only if it worked slightly better), would be a fashion App – try on clothes from stores from the comfort of your own home. The xbox could calculate the cloth-simulation and simulate the lighting conditions and then superimpose different clothes on your body, like an interactive virtual mirror. Find an outfit you like, Kinect works out the size you need, buy it within the program, and it’s delivered to your door the next day. It’s not my thing, but my wife would love it.

        Unfortunately, it looks like it’s still not a one to one, zero lag experience, which impacts some of the cooler possibilities.

  • Couldn’t they just do this with Smartglass and the camera on the phone/tablet? Just like voice commands could be done with a headset? here you could read out the number etc.
    These “Features” are always touted as ONLY KINNECT can do these things and each time I see a new one I feel like they are clutching at straws trying to justify an add on no one wants. (or most people dont want).
    Bring out a Killer app to show a real reason and enough with the BS gimmicks.

    • I was about to say the same thing. We use phones to scan QR codes and barcodes, so why not just hook Smartglass up to activate your code instead of forcing Kinect onto us. Although that’s the point really, if people don’t have a use for your product, force one on them.

    • So you have to get your phone, launch an app, wait for it to connect to live then scan a code and wait for it again to register to your Xbox instead of just saying “Xbox use code” to the Xbox you are using at the time and holding it up?

      • Yes. Sure it’s a lil longer but you do this what, 12 times a year??? It’s still a gimmick and doesn’t justify kinnect IMO

        • The new Kinect is kinda like the NBN, there are lots of ways that it might be useful but some people cant seem to justify its cost based on what people are doing with it now because of the current limitations. All people see is something that is making their console more expensive, and since they don’t want to play dancing or kids games its useless to them. The problem with that is nobody with incorporate anything worthwhile into their game that needs Kinect if they are trying to make a blockbuster game and only a handful of people have one.
          Yeah its being forced on you now but down the line it may actually live up to its potential and bring a more immersive/entertaining experience to the console in ways that you don’t even know you wanted until someone does them…

          • I understand what you are saying. Its the field of dreams approach. If you build it they will come. I get this. There are just a few too many “may’s” and “Ifs” in there for me to have any confidence that “they” being killer apps will come .

            Lets be real. K2 is just improved K1. They have had a while to show what it can do and simply haven’t. MS is the platform holder. They developed it, released it and should be selling the features of it by actually showing what it can do. Not by forcing it on ALL consumers and then hoping it takes hold.
            Show People WHY its so good so they buy it, not the other way round.

          • The problem with that approach is it would mean (aside from the tech demos) MS would have to make a whole load of first party games using the Kinect in different ways and then release them to people who probably cheaped out and didn’t buy one.

            If you try and build a game that isn’t a throwaway demonstration but rather a full AAA title and actually has Kinect stuff built in to its core, you suffer the risk that the bulk of the people wont have it and wont play your game. This means you 1/2 ass implement things that otherwise might be interesting or useful so that players without are still able to play and that just makes the Kinect seem worse.

            Putting the hardware out there and making sure it is universally available is the best thing for the development of titles that want to use Kinect.

          • Your right. We will get half Assed applications because developers don’t want to risk costa on an unproven tech.
            This is exactly why ms should invest (IMO of course) in first party games that show what it can do.
            I think we can agree to disagree on approach. I think from an ms approach it makes sense what they are doing bit from a consumer approach I want to see what something can do for me before I pay for it. I guess it’s just perspective.
            It’s is Nice to have a reasoned argument online for a change though. Even if your completely delusional and totally stupid for not agreeing with everything I said! (Last part obviously tongue in cheek but I gotta put the disclaimer in)

          • Oh dear god… I entered into a reasoned discussion in the comments section of an internet article. I feel so dirty.
            Anyhow… I’m sure MS will put out first party stuff to show off Kinect but the fact that everyone is getting one like it or not will hopefully lead to devs stepping up and using it to do awesome things. Hopefully they come up with a few amazing, game changing things in the not too distant future and everyone jumps on board.

  • That’s so cool that instead of using my credit card, I’ll drive down to the store and buy a pre-paid card, just so I can do this.

        • It looked like your comment was trying to belittle the feature just because you use a credit card when there is a multitude of people who don’t have access to credit cards and buy Xbox Live vouchers from brick & mortar stores.

          Maybe I took your comment the wrong way, sorry if I did.

  • That’s a pretty cool feature although I did have a chuckle at the giant QR code on the flyer he holds up.

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