GTA Online's Free 'Beach Bum' Update Hits Next Week

If you're one of the multitude of folks still thoroughly engaged with GTA Online you might be pleased to hear that Rockstar is supporting the game with a free update early next week. New jobs, new vehicles and new weapons are the order of the day.

The update is called 'Beach Bum' and, as you might expect, it features a series of beachey updates.

New jobs include 'Survival on Del Perro Pier', where players have to take on "waves of relentless enemies" next to the Ferris wheel. 'View of Vespucci' is a parachute mission where players must fall almost 3000 feet and land on the basketball courts at the rec centre.

A BF Bifta dune buggy, a Canis Kalahari off-road truck, a camper van and a brand new Speeder speedboat make up the new vehicles, vehicles designed to fit a number of new races Rockstar has added to the game.

Being Scottish, I'm most excited about the new weapons. One of them is a grand tradition in my home town of Glasgow: the humble broken bottle! Rockstar, you guys are going to make me homesick!

The update is set for release this coming Tuesday, November 19.


    With all the new games that have come out and I've purchased recently Batman: Arkham Origins, Battlefield 4, CoD: Ghosts, and Lego Marvel, I just haven't had the time to go back to GTA: Online.

    It's good to hear that Rockstar are still supporting it with free content though.

    too little too late, should have added heists/$500k earlier

      Too late? lol no its not. It's been out what, five weeks? You can say that in another four months when its been out six months and the heists aren't up if that happens... I want heists as much as the next guy, but I also dont want BROKEN heists. If they take a little bit of time to make sure they work properly, so be it. There's enough stuff to do at the moment with friends to ensure a buttload of fun.

      Last edited 14/11/13 11:10 am

        Sadly all my friends have stopped playing and moved on, the 500k promised took too long to arrive, I just dont find it that fun anymore.

          The 500k thing means nothing to me, I just went and did the car exploit which noones getting punished for as long as you dont go stupid with it. Got myself a plane, a few cars and an apartment and stopped.

          That's not meant to sound arrogant, it's just that I refuse to pay 20 bucks for a million ingame dollars (ripoff) and the payout for missions is so low it seems designed to angle you towards microtransactions. *shrug*

          Last edited 14/11/13 11:30 am

            I have a couple cars, an apartment and garage all earnt legit (racing, missions), I'm about rank 31 now I think, but just not quite exciting enough for me to carry on playing on my own, hired COD last weekend, what a joke, hired BF4 last night and loving it.

              Yeah my first character is all legit, second one was where I tried everything out. I wanna try BF4 soon on pc :D

                I'm on 360 and gotta say I'm very impressed for the specs of the machine, I keep hearing about people having issues but I havent experienced any, can only imagine what 60fps 1080p 64 players is gonna be like.

                  Yeah I keep hearing its beautiful on PC, but glitchy as *hell* with certain maps lagging out majorly when giant buildings are destroyed on pc lol

            I was just informed about how to do this car glitch last night. Did it and got about $250,000 and then stopped. I hope to god they don't delete any characters for exploiting this.

            I can't bring myself to play anything else as I just keep going back to this. I saved up close to $360,000 and was aiming for the expensive apartment and then BOOM! Stimulus money comes in. But I needs more moneys to buy some heavy duty vehicles like the attack chopper so I can't wait for heists to come in.

            I think I've seen through comments @weresmurf that you are on 360 yeah? DM me your gamertag if your keen. I have quite a few mates and co workers that play this that we have had closed sessions with up to 10-12 of us. SO MUCH FUN!!

              No worries mate, MetalSmurfSolid is my tag on XBL. Rockstar haven't been banning people but they have been removing the money from anyone stupid enough to collect hundreds of millions of dollars. I figure out exactly what I want to do, then I go do it. Car upgrades etc. Like I've said before, the payout structure is terri-bad at this point, it pays out minimal amounts and the cars just aren't priced fairly enough to justify the prices. For instance the $1m dollar car? I have yet to figure out WHY exactly this car is better than other super cars of 3/4 its price. Levelling up is just rubbish too, the exp level is set far and few between levels. The race on Criminal Records has helped with this that's for sure.

              Waiting for the heists has become ridiculous, I do agree they should've been there from the start, but I wouldn't want broken versions. But at the same time, locking most of the weapons away in higher tiers really does something else, it makes you *appreciate* them more. Sounds wierd I know, but I can tell you now, the AK47 and I are well acquainted with sniping lol. It shouldnt be, but it works a charm with a scope and silencer. lol. When I got the silenced sniper rifle? Daaaamn.

                Sweet, I'm drewmosabi on XBL. Your spot on with all that you said in those couple of paragraphs!
                The good thing is that when they do finally put heists in, they will work well. I agree with you on not wanting broken versions.

                I haven't started upgrading weapons yet but I do appreciate that everything is so spaced out in terms of unlocking clothing and upgrades as it compels you to keep on playing.

                  Heh when you get the sniper rifle, you find gun battles change. You start wanting to *not* be in the thick of it lol.

            I have no issue with the money but the levelling up is so damn slow and all the good weapons are up on the really high shelf!

    Almost finished uni assessments, going to smash out so much GTA Online in the next week!

    I'd love to see them introduce 32 player servers. Was there any word on whether this is a possiblity down the road?

      It really is a MASSIVE map for 16 players, but I doubt you'll see 32 players unless it comes to PC or next Gen.

        Indeed it is but I cant help but feel 32 would make it feel small... 24 might feel perfect though?

          If they had more players they could random spawn you around the whole island, right now everyone spawns in the city.

            You spawn in your apartment or where your last mission was. The nice apartments are in the city not Sandy Shores.

              That's key to the problem. They need to release more properties inside Los Santos and around the rest of the map.

                Or alternatively let you buy multiple apartments and select *which one* you'd like to spawn at? *shrug*

                I wonder if they'll ever get BAWSAQ up and running?

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