How To Use The PS4's New Features

How To Use The PS4's New Features

The PS4 has added some features, and they aren't all so obvious. You might want to know how to turn off that speaker in your controller when it starts making noise during a game. You might want to find out how rare is that trophy you just got. Let's take a look.

First up is the controller. There are two new features on the menu when you hold down the PS button. Standby mode lets the PS4 charge your controllers without taking up too much power, and a bunch of options have been added for managing devices like the Dualshock 4's built-in speaker.

The new option on your friends list is Name Requests. Now you can allow people to see your real name instead of your PSN ID. The new option is an additional step on top of friend requests, so you can't just request to see anyone's real name.

Finally, added to the list of trophies for each game is a rarity rating, which shows a percentage of players who have gotten each particular trophy. Note that you aren't able to see your trophies at all while you're offline.


    Is it just me or could most of those features been added to the PS3 with a new firmware update...

    Current gen is currently so last gen...

      God I hope not, I still use my PS3, and I hate the new XMB so I hope they don't port it back.

    Xbox one has way more interesting feautures. PS4 is alwayz behind in some way.

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