Is This Our First (Glaring) Look At The Next Mass Effect Game?

It's not much, but it's something. BioWare producer Michael Gamble just tweeted a pic with the message "The next chapter of Mass Effect is upon us!!" The image doesn't show much, but he is clearly playing a functional video game, I know that much!

The game is being played with a 360 controller, which has led to wild speculation that the game will be cross generation. More likely that the game is simply being played on PC with the 360 controller.

The second picture was tweeted by Studio Director Yanick Roy just minutes after...

Now Gameplay Designer Manveer Heir has posted this.

Let the rampant rumours and speculation begin!

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    On the left monitor is his desktop.

      yeah, but i think he's looking at the right screen, so he's probably playing the game there.

    I haven't even finished Mass Effect 2 yet.

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      i havnt even started....

      too many games - not enough time...

        And Mass Effect's not exactly a game you knock off in an afternoon.

          Well I completed 100% in two days listening to all dialogue. I am onto ME3 atm, still haven't finished that one though.

      Take your time or every one will die...... :)

      Same here! Pressure is on now.

    Let the speculations begin based on a side angle view of 20% of a monitor screen with maximum glare. As a fanboy, I'm excited!

    The question I must ask is... why? Oh wait, money.

      The answer I must give is: because I want to buy it.

        But why? Wasn't ME3 meant to end the storyline? Or is this going to be another Halo, where sequels are produced only because people are willing to buy it?

          ME3 is the end of Commander Shepard's story. This one is going to have a completely different setting than that of the original trilogy. ME3's ending will have no baring on it. I've heard on the Bioware forums that they won't be calling it Mass Effect 4 in order to steer clear of people thinking it's a continuation of the story. It will probably be something like "Mass Effect: Resurrection of the Rebellious, Renegade Resurgence."

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          How is that a dig at Halo and not every other series ever? In what other scenario is a sequel made other than "because people are willing to buy it?"

            Because Halo had a good trilogy that told a story and had an ending, then Microsoft started beating that dead horse to make more money. Yes, other games are made just for money, but Halo is the one that popularized the idea of continuing a story that doesn't need to continue.

              Yeah, it's far from the first series to get another sequel after its story had ended, which mightn't even apply here since Halo 3 ended on a cliffhanger. Bit much to say Halo "popularised" it, cash cows have been around long before Halo even existed.

    Take my moneyz.

    But seriously, this is cool, yet inevitable news. Work harder!

    I realised something the other day. It pains me to say this, because mass effect is one of my favourite series ever, but I don't think it should make it to next gen. Same with a lot of IPs which rose up this gen. With juggernauts like mass effect around, I think we'll be robbed of potentially iconic new IPs for next gen. Imagine bioware taking all they learnt from mass effect and putting all of that into some new amazing series.

    Give us the chance to explore something new and awesome for the first time. Like we did in the mako.

      I agree. I'm a huge Mass Effect fan (spent $1,000s on swag) but I'd love to see a new universe and IP come out. Which it will because I know Casey is working on something completely new.

        Yeah. I guess I'm afraid that with these older series still going, not enough people will take chances on great new IPs. Even if they are being developed.

        I mean, when you look at some of the flagship exclusives for PlayStation 2 we have naughty dog's jak & daxter, insomniac's ratchet and clank and sucker punch's sly cooper. But when you look at ps3, ratchet and clank continued and kind of fell into the background, while sucker punch and especially naughty dog moved on to super outstanding and acclaimed stuff.

          Indeed. Some IPs seem to have been overdone - here's looking at you Assassin's Creed! While others I wish they explored more, like Mirror's Edge. We're getting a sequel for that though which is great.

          I'm a huge fan of new IPs though. Especially Sci-Fi ones.

    Mass Effect has had it's place - I'm not so hyped at this one yet. Need to see more.

    I'm actually looking forward to ME4 much more so for the multiplayer.

    Co-op in ME3, even with strangers, is some of the most satisfying multiplayer gaming I've had in the past decade. ME3 easily ranks up there with the likes of Battlefield and Team Fortress and came as a wonderful surprise to me.

    What sets it apart is all the toys, gadgets and abilities. There's just so much to play with. That's one of the reasons I don't enjoy HALO at all anymore; there's hardly any variety in the way players go about defeating opponents, it's just "point gun and shoot" outside of grifball and racing maps. The vehicles are extremely barebones compared to Battlefield as well with no features or extra functions.

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