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    Phoenix Wright Dual Destiny Club Nintendo survey:
    "Why did you choose to download this game?"
    Where's the "Because some idiotic company wouldn't release it physically" option?


      I've only recently finished the first investigation in the second case! D:

      I refuse to buy it because it's digital-only and Nintendo are shit.

      Also because I haven't gotten around to the last 3 or so of them yet because the second game kind of killed the franchise a bit for me by being a bit crappy.


        I like it!

          Me too! Blackquill was a pretty awesome prosecutor, however when Edgeworth appeared i lost my shit.

            And they started doing the OBJECTION!
            thing in quick sucession and it was like yessssssss

            So, Apollo Justice return of Phoenix, 5: Edgeworth cameo, 6: Return of Maya???

              considering we got pearl in this one, i find it very likely she'll be coming back soon. also, apollo is the ultimate badass.

    Alright, it's been a while, so let's dredge this up...


    Critics are raving, they had this to say:

    "Why Blaghs, if you organised a Meat to see The Lion King live on stage in Sydney, I would totes come, and I definitely said all this, definitely." - D.C.

    "Crunch. Smash. GGRRRDDDTTTHHUUDDD." - A Rolling Stone

    "Oh god, please be my friends and come see this with me. I'm so alone." - Blaghs

    Alright, so, as I've mentioned before, The Lion King stage musical is on in Sydney, and thanks to its ceiling, Capitol Theatre is the bestest place ever to see it. The show starts running in December, though all those tickets are long sold out, and is running until the start of May, I believe. So, I was thinking we could have a meat, and go to the theatre maybe some time in March, see a manly musical. Right now, I'm looking for anybody who might be interested in going (+whatevers are welcome), and what sort of timeframe would work best for them. Personally, I'm away January/half of February, but if you all decide you want to go then, well, I guess I'll just cry a bit, though most of those shows are close to sold out.

    I know this is still quite a way away, but these tickets do have a habit of disappearing, so I figured I'd try and get the ball rolling again.

      Lion King is amazing. I saw it on Broadway and West End. So good.

      As for me going to Sydney? Not going to happen. XD

        But you already agreed to it. Look, it says so right there.

        You can't back out now, it's too late.

      Somewhat interest. What kind of moneys is it?

        Oh, yeah, that's reasonable. Uhhh, the cheapest seats are like $60 (plus additional fees because everyone hates fun), the decent ones are like $130 (The most expensive are like $200, but screw that noise). You can only buy a max of ten at a time, so depending on the numbers involved we could possibly split up into cheapskates and not, or something.

      I would very much like to see a manly musical with you, Blaghs!

      Any time is fine with me as long as it's on a weekend or after 6:30pm-ish if it's on a weeknight.

      I'd be really keen!

      And March sounds perfect, so definitely keep me in the loop.

      I'm interested, but honestly have no idea about how busy I'll be around then. Keep me in the loop and we'll see!

      Hmm, I'm interested enough to keep abreast of developments.


        Interesting. We were supposed to be giving mum tickets to that for her birthday a couple of years ago, but it was all around the time her dad was getting worse and worse and eventually passed, so nothing came of it.

        Should mention it to my sister.

      I have to say, I don't give a shit about the Lion King, but I saw that show with my ex at the Capitol and it was really good.

    "Name a videogame without the letter e"

    I know at least three:
    - Stunts
    - You Don't Know Jack
    - Microsoft Flight Simulator
    - Gran Turismo
    - Black
    - Jonah Lomu Rugby
    - Dragon's Crown

    Can you guys think of any others?

      Dark Souls.
      Star Fox.
      Luigi's Mansion.
      Final Fantasy.
      Angry Birds.
      Mario Kart.

      Off the top of my head.

        Final Fantasy
        Final Fantasy II
        Final Fantasy III
        Final Fantasy IV
        Final Fantasy V
        Final Fantasy VI
        Final Fantasy VII
        Final Fantasy VIII
        Final Fantasy IX
        Final Fantasy X
        Final Fantasy XI
        Final Fantasy XII
        Final Fantasy XIII
        Final Fantasy IV


      Edit: Damn it @saturday
      Fine then.
      Mario Kart 7
      Ms Pac-Man
      Luigi's Mansion 2

      Star Wars

      Last edited 14/11/13 2:11 pm

        Mario Kart 7
        Ms Pac-Man
        Luigi's Mansion 2

        Also I just realized that you say you know 3, but then go on to list 7 games without the letter E in their title. WHY DO YOU LIE TO US?!

        Last edited 14/11/13 2:36 pm


      Thought of more:
      inFamous 2
      Fallout 3
      Final Fantasy (insert number here)

      and of course, F.3.A.R

      Last edited 14/11/13 2:14 pm

      Batman: Arkham Asylum (& City, & Origins)

      Upvote for Stunts.

      -Pharaoh's Tomb
      -Ghouls 'n' Ghosts/Goblins
      -Starwing (:P)
      -Lylat Wars

        upvote for Pharaoh's Tomb!

          I think you're the first person I've ever come across in my life that knows what that is.

          DID YOU KNOW THAT APOGEE FINALLY RELEASED ALL FOUR EPS AS FREEWARE A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO? I randomly googled for it at some point and found that it had only just happened a month prior. I was so hyped. Same for the sequel, Arctic (Antarctic?) Adventure. And a bunch of others I'd never heard of.

            yeah! I think I went and downloaded them all and then proceeded to not play them again, since I was sure they weren't going to live up to nostalgia.

            But oh man. So much fun. I don't think my brother and I ever managed to finish even the first episode without using the level skip cheat.

              I think I played through the whole of the first one, but then never got around to the rest of them for ages. Eventually did though.

              Still gotta get around to playing the sequel though. One day.

      (off the top of my head, popular ones)
      Batman: Arkham Asylum.
      Batman: Arkham City
      Batman: Arkham Origins
      Call of Duty: Ghosts
      Call of Duty: Black Ops (and II)

      The Halo series (bar Reach)
      Project Gotham Racing
      Forza Motorsport
      Morrowind Oblivion & Skyrim (if we ignore the part that says Elder Scrolls)

        I'd argue that technically Halo's title is "Halo: Combat Evolved" but you get in with Halo 2, which still doesn't have an E in it even if you expand 2 to two.

          True, I usually forget about the subtitle. I can't use Anniversary either.

      World of Goo.
      Saint's Row.

      Yoshi's Island
      Far Cry
      Assassins Crood.

      Mario Party

      ...Edit point...

      Kung Fu
      Maniac Mansion
      Grim Fandango
      Hitman (only Contracts and Absolution if taking subtitles into account)

      Last edited 14/11/13 2:55 pm

      Might and Magic
      Rock Band

      man that could take a while.. think I'll leave it at that!

      Last edited 14/11/13 5:48 pm

      This has been blown out of the water, but I just wanted to point to Blizzard, which also doesn't have an e in it.

      World of Warcraft

    That new LOTR game sounds really neat.


    NOTHING STOPS THIS TRAIN except for periodic stops at 'too good to be true' and 'goddamnit another cash-in with wasted potential' stations.

      I don't think I've played a LOTR game since last gen (xbox, ps2 era I mean). The new one sounds pretty cool. Hopefully it's good.

      Do you hear that low whirring sound? That sound is JRR Tolkien spinning in his grave after reading the plot summary.

      Sounds okay as a game but as a piece of LotR fiction it sounds like it fits in with canon about as well as a thirteen year-old's furry Spock / Riker slash fanfiction epic fits with the canon of Star Trek.

        Is slash the word of the week or something?

        *picks up pen to write an instalment*
        *is slapped by @dc*

          "@dc looked down at Tolkien, as he spun in his grave, wicked thoughts spiralling through his mi-"


          I think I'm going to stop this one here, as it's already gone WELL beyond the creepy line.

            EDIT: Nope, too far, too gross.

            Last edited 14/11/13 2:45 pm

        Perfect- if we butcher the world of LOTR enough we can hook up a generator to his grave to harness all that centrifugal power!

    You're unsuited for the rage of war so pack up, go home, you're through...

      "ping you are making me feel feelings so i am sending you away you beautiful, beautiful man"

    So Nintendo are finally adding an account system to the 3DS!

    Except... your purchases are still fucking linked to the system, you can only have one account per system, and transferring your account to another 3DS requires you to do a system & purchases transfer. So the only benefit is being able to use the same eShop cash on your single 3DS and your single Wii U.

    Heaven forbid your system is stolen or breaks because you're still going to be just as fucked.

    It's nearly 2014, how can Nintendo continually get this shit wrong? This is rudimentary stuff that has been solved for what, 15+ years by everyone other than Nintendo.

      What are you talking about, friend codes are the greatest thing since sliced bacon.

        Every time I add a friend to every other system I own, I wish I could have exchanged a 16-digit code with them instead. It's clearly a superior experience.

          Sometimes people say things like "Blaghman" and I'm all "Who's that? ...Oh, you mean 1848-1688-1172! Yeah that guy is kind of okay."

      Agreed, it's dodgy as hell. Stupid thing is, they keep releasing new hardware, as special edition consoles, and wanting everyone to buy them even though there's items locked to your original system.

      It's like ninty are still living in the hardware only times, but they accidentally an eshop.

        I basically refuse to buy digital stuff from them when they can't guarantee I'll still be able to get it down the track on a different system. And with a lot of more niche stuff recently being digital-only that's getting even worse. :(

        And this is leaving aside the absolutely insane bullshit they do like encrypting all your saved games on removable media so they're only useable on that system. Why the fuck would that even be an idea they entertained, let alone implemented?

        I am convinced that Nintendo need to get out of the hardware business. Their actual hardware is shitty, their infrastructure is dysfunctional and their operating systems are clunky as fuck. Let people that actually know how to build this stuff handle the hard part and focus on what they're actually good at doing. (re-making the same four or five games over and over)

          operating systems are clunky as fuck

          Y'know, I honestly think all three companies are going to go downhill with OS optimization and all that jazz. Nothing like Day One patches to kickstart the new generation, amirite? Or do you mean general layout? Because, well, I'd need a bit of explanation for it all, aside from preference I don't see how the 3DS/Wii U menus are clunky.


            The Day One Patch is because the systems entered manufacturing 6+ months ago and the OS has had extra development time.

            Microsoft knows how to make operating systems that work. They've got lots of experience at it. Sony's stuff is usually pretty functional but not necessarily awesomely usable. Nintendo meanwhile is a load of horseshit. How many patches did they need to make the Wii U system menus not take a million years between each screen? And as far as I know it's still not fixed...

              The Day One Patch is because the systems entered manufacturing 6+ months ago and the OS has had extra development time.

              Ah, the difference between developing software and making hardware, I gotcha. Unfortunately, that only lends to the idea that the Xbone and PS4 were rushed in their release, which is pretty sad in itself.

              But really, we could rag on about how shitty consoles are before patches- The xbone won't even work out of the box without the update! But it'd just be nitpicking, although there is substance to the complaints. Also, the Wii U, has in fact been patched. The number of patches it took was pretty stupid, though. In the end, all three companies fucked up not having a shiny OS out of the gate.

                The reason Xbone won't work is because the OS that went to manufacturing was the version that expected you to connect it 24/7 to the internet, activate all your games online etc...

                  I'll give em a trophy for "We didn't do something extremely stupid." I'll put it right next to "Nintendo finally has HD graphics." I also hear that the patch is to add in apps that weren't finished in the first OS and to clean up the dashboard (which apparently is being hammered away straight until launch, because, y'know, THEY NEED THEM APPS.) But, y'know, I can't remember the source where I got that from, so let's brush that aside.

                  But, no, seriously, Day One patches are shit and all three companies are to blame. They really are, and they're going to be common, and all that's needed to solve them most of the time, is, well, more development time. If I had the shittiest internet on earth and I have access to the Wii U, PS4, and Xbone, chances are I'd stack the Wii U and Xbone to use as a fancy seat while I see what features would be gimped on the PS4.

                  Last edited 14/11/13 3:50 pm

          I think the save encryption was to stop people from modifying game saves and stuff, as happened on both the DSi and, probably more famously, on the Wii - where modified Twilight Princess saves gave hackers a way to take control of the system.

          Agree it's shit though, especially since I've been fucked over because of it.

          Last edited 14/11/13 2:41 pm

            There are heaps of ways to prevent save game hacking without encrypting everything to the system.

          I wasn't aware of that encryption stuff mate, that's a stuff up if I ever saw one. I bought a 3DS for pokemon y. It arrived a week before the game, so I bought Ocarina of Time off eshop as I want gonna be in town. Don't think I'll be buying anything else from them though.

          As for them being involved in hardware, their ideas are good. A 3d capable handheld? Motion controlled games? Great ideas come from them to shake the industry up. Let them get these ideas, but have someone else implement them, that way common sense items make it into the designs alongside the quirky things.

            3D has been a complete dead-end and motion controls ended up leading them to targeting old people and stuff and alienating a lot of the enthusiast market that supported them before that. I also expect that if they didn't exist in the hardware space, you'd still see innovation in technologies, just not from Nintendo.

              That's a far out 'what if' idea. The Move and Kinect are both beautiful pieces of tech if not horribly flawed in their execution, but that shit would not exist without the Wii. Unfortunately, as it stands, Nintendo is the only one to bring the fresh ideas to the table, if not only because of necessity to survive in the current market.

                Nintendo didn't invent many of their technologies, they're just good at packaging them sometimes. And they've had some colossal failures over time as well.

                They're good at making portables I guess.

                EDIT: On your point, you could argue Sony paved the way for the Wii with the Eyetoy, and also the Wii's motion controls are basically an interesting combination of Light Gun tech and accelerometers. So you could equally argue that the Wii's shitty motion controls wouldn't have existed without Sega.

                Nintendo are not the only ones to bring fresh ideas to games. Just look at how much the industry was turned on its head by Apple, or how everything changed when Sega and then Microsoft took everyone online for multiplayer, or what a difference that Rumble motors made, or multi-touch screens, or the home console system in the first place.

                The ideas Nintendo brought probably would have been invented by someone else in some form. A lot of them were kind of obvious and everyone was working on them simultaneously.

                Last edited 14/11/13 3:45 pm

                  I'm sorry- when I mean "fresh" I generally mean it in the sense of "not being brought in the limelight" as opposed to outright inventing it.

                  Quite honestly, I agree that Sony and light gun games helped in the development of the Wii. So what? I'm not saying that Nintendo invented them- I'm saying that they helped further progression (if not only give attention) of the technology by bringing it into the limelight.

                  But really, man, that argument you pose at the end there?while "Company X would have invented this if Company Y hadn't" certainly has logic behind it, it's still heavily flawed for this conversation. Would Company X would have invented a better product than Company Y? In this case, would Sony have made the wii better than Nintendo? Would Sony have even released the Move at all without the Wii? Chances are, no, unless they either straight up dedicated Move to launch and not as a add-on and put heavy first-party support behind it like Nintendo, and that's simply too large a risk for Sony or Microsoft. And even when Sony decided to enter the fray, it was half-assed.

                  For clarification, I ain't arguing about the idea of Nintendo being gods that heralded a new age of motion gaming. Of course that shit's wrong. I'm saying they took a step, albeit a very crooked one, but it was still a damn step when nobody else would.

                  Last edited 14/11/13 4:23 pm

      Honestly, I feel that the one day Nintendo does catch up with the present, nobody will notice. There will be a solitary groan of 'OH FIIINNALLLY, NINTENDO CATCHES UP WITH THE PRESENT,' only for the angry grumbling to immediately shift about the failure of the Wii U.

      Eh, but in the end they shouldn't be rewarded for simply catching up.

      Last edited 14/11/13 2:21 pm

        The problem is that when they catch up to 2013, it will be 2030.

          A clever marketing move by Nintendo to headline their next console having a unified account system as a feature.

            Well if offline play can now be a feature...

        That's because we'll all be too busy IN OUR FLYING CARS

    Damn you, Blaghs. Now I'm listening to The Lion King Broadway OST again.

    Last edited 14/11/13 2:25 pm

      In your reflection, he lives in yooooooou...

        I listened to the OST three and a half times this morning at work (I only have four albums on my phone at the moment, don't judge me), and when He Lives in You would finish I'd repeat it a couple more times. Best at listening to albums.

          My favourite part of the Broadway OST is the last forty seconds of King of Pride Rock/Circle of Life (Reprise)... goosebumps, man. Manly goosebumps. XD

          Last edited 14/11/13 2:35 pm

            Yeah, it's pretty damn good. I know you're probably sick of me harping on about it, but there's a similar effect at the end of the Beauty and the Beast Musical, and it is rad.

              Beauty and the Beast? This is the first I've heard of that!

                Came out in the 90s

                Also, apparently Hugh Jackman was the first Australian Gaston!

                Last edited 14/11/13 2:51 pm

                  Apparently? Psshh, real fans (That being @cakesmith and I) saw him live on stage!

                  It's annoying though, there is an Australian cast recording, but last time I checked it was nigh impossible to get a good version (you could either get like, 3 songs, or get most of the album, but it was at like 120kbps and was awful).

                  Huh, I totally forgot that I saw that as a kid.

                  Wonder if that was him I saw.

      Maybe I should rewatch The Lion King before I go see the musical! Haven't seen that movie in years and years.

      Or maybe I won't :P

        Can you still get it on blu-ray or has it gone back in the vault?

          Pretty sure it's still available. It's so pretty on Blu-Ray. So pretty.

            Yeah, I saw it in 3D in the cinema and was disappointed. All the colours were too dark and there weren't any spectacular shots in 3D... but blu-ray, holy damn... so colourful. So beautiful. Definitely the best version.

            Last edited 14/11/13 3:48 pm

    One of my favourite tellings of this story

    Girlfriends mum gave me some stuff called Rapigel. Farmers use it on horses and dogs... and also themselves when they have muscular pains.

    Thought I'd give it a whirl. Did not wash hands thoroughly enough before my next number 1.

    Its like animal strength deep heat.

      Rookie mistake.

      Same advice applies to chilies and Tiger Balm

        I washed them I swear.

        ....But if this is what you get from a watered down version.... holey moley.

        Last edited 14/11/13 3:18 pm

      What an unfortunate name for a product...

    Speaking of musicals: I was in Annie in high school, and it's a hokey mess that I'd love to see updated.

    But not like this.

      Jay-Z is a producer so I'll see it for the inevitable scene

      Will Smith and Jay Z presents: Annie!


      ...wait, what?

        Oh god, Having Will Smith involved in any form ensures Jaden Smith would be playing a role.

      Were you the lead role? :P

        Eh, not redheaded enough.

        I was President Roosevelt. Almost got put in a wheelchair for real getting the bloody thing off stage

    TAYlist for the 14th of November 2013 TAYlist - the TAY Playlist, sponsored by failing my driver's test this morning

    Peter Andre - Get Down On It
    Taco - Puttin' On The Ritz (Requested by @FreezeSPreston)
    Joan Armstrong - Drop The Pilot
    The Smiths - Ask (Requested by @GingerChris86, The computer played this song when I didn't want it to, I want my money back)
    Prince - Raspberry Beret (I love this song, can't help but sing along)
    Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star (Requested by @Scree)
    Fun Lovin' Criminals - Scooby Snacks (Requested by @benny, of course it opens with the diner scene of Pulp Fiction, swearing is a great big no-no)
    Hoodoo Gurus - The Right Time (Thank God You're Here, anyone?)
    Vitamin C - Friends Forever
    Sir Mix-a-lot - Baby Got Back (Anyone ever played Fat Princess?)
    Beck - Loser (Requested by @Rize)
    The Black Keys - Lies (Requested by @35)
    Pixies - Bone Machine (Requested by @DKZeitgeist)
    Electric Light Orchestra - Don't Bring Me Down
    Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreets Back) (Requested by @cakesmith)
    Elton John - I'm Still Standing
    Foo Fighters - This Is A Call (Requested by @CrazyGuy1990)

      I thought the swearing was edited out?

      *Ah crap, the explicit version. Sorry about that.

      Last edited 14/11/13 3:58 pm

        The track was titled 'Scooby Snacks - Album Version - Clean' It was decidedly not clean, the rest of the song wasn't too noticeable with the swearing, just that Bunny was loud and clearly shouting 'motherfucker'.

          Next week we will go with something nice and friendly. No surprises.

          I'm thinking Urge Overkill - Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon.

          Last edited 14/11/13 4:10 pm

          Hanson doesn't have swearing.

      if you have Spotify, you should be able to paste this straight to the search bar: spotify:user:1255130935:playlist:3HWQIAsnKq3ezsA2pDQ7xv

      A few songs are mysteriously missing from Spotify, I did the best I could. I was surprised that Lies by Black Keys was not available, so I replaced it with what I hope is a suitably unknown indie track for @35.

      Aw man! Mad props to @gingerchris86 for The Smiths! Clearly a man of good taste!

        I should probably start requesting the entire back catalouge. one song at a time :p

          I was even more impressed that it wasn't one of their more famous/popular songs!! You're clearly a true fan! ;)

            Did you see morrissey tour in December last year? 'Twas an amazing show

              No unfortunately not. I was unemployed and on the verge of homelessness back then :(

    Got a big coffee from a coffee shop.

    Got it back to the shop and poured a bunch if instant coffee into it.


      All of my hat.

    Well shit.

    I didn't think it was possible to tighten the region locking screws even further than they already were, but Nintendo found a way.

    Fuck them completely. :( After Bravely Default I think I'm going to be out completely. So sick of this sort of bullshit.

    Oh glorious Internet! Never leave me again!

    Also, this new connection is WAY faster than the one I had at home. I can actually load Youtube/iView/etc without waiting for it to buffer now :P If I'm getting this excited about ADSL2 then I think the NBN will make me explode.


      Last edited 14/11/13 5:00 pm

      Shall we have a Speedtest race? Hint: I'll win.

      I'm mean. :(

        I'm at 4.71 up and 4.95 down at work

        From memory home is a bit faster.

          0.3 down 0.08 up

          ADSL2+ connection.


              Absolute fastest I can get in my area.

              It's understandable being in the isolated rural area in the middle of the Gold Coast and all.

              The copper in our area is beyond repair and Telstra won't fix it due to "future uncertainty".

              Edit: When it rains we lose the phone lines completely.

              Last edited 14/11/13 5:22 pm

                That's still not ADSL2+ and you shouldn't be paying any speed premium for that.

                So basically it's typical Telstra shafting the customer, refusing repairs, saving all the money for when NBN gets put in one day? Joy.

                  Oh, I went right off and at the moment we're paying $70 a month for unlimited everything (phone and internet). I was so happy the FTTP was coming but now I'm fairly certain we'll end up with a FTTN that won't even work in our area.

                In fact, I'm browsing around, and there's talk that the official Telstra minimum is 0.8mbps on ADSL1/2.

                This is grounds for a tech support call. Keep pestering them. Get ombudsman if you have to. They have SLA's, they will fix your stuff eventually.

                Last edited 14/11/13 5:28 pm

            That's so bad that I'm gonna down-vote you for potentially lying, or something. I dunno. D:

            How do you exist?!

            But in all seriousness, that's either not ADSL2+ or something is majorly going wrong. Also I'm pretty sure it's against QoS guarantee from your ISP, so I'd look into it.

            Last edited 14/11/13 5:20 pm

        The speed of my Internet is nothing to brag about, it's just the Internet back at home was super slow :P

          Ha, just like with everything: it's a miraculous leap forward! ...Until you experience something better. :(

        9,319 kbps Downstream
        1,022 kbps Upstream
        2.4 dB SNR

          Decent, but being less than a click to the nearest exchange it should be so much better.

            yeah, pretty decent. You're right about the exchange bit.

      So, uh, now would be a bad time to remind everyone that I'm already on an NBN connection?
      With 100Mbps up and 40Mbps down?

    After @scree's discussion of snow the other day (last week, the week before? Whenever it was), I figured I should dredge up a copy of something amazing.

    My starring role in the 2009 Radford Snowsports team video opening thing, The Spy Who Gloved Me.

    If you like truly bad puns, horrendous special effects, parodies of a James Bond film you probably haven't seen, and the sexy sexiness of Goggle-Tan, then this movie is for you.

      I haven't even clicked through and I already want to upvote.

      I've got a question Blaghs.

      Do you pronounce your name like blah-man (with a silent 'g') or blag-man. I've heard people say it differently and I've never been sure. I say Blah-man. Am I wrong? D:

        I say Blag-man, but since a lot of people go for Blah-man I'm happy to accept their pronunciation.

          Now I know and knowing is half the battle! :D

          Thanks, man!

    Super Mario 3D World is out this month? D:

    I was thinking like a few days before Christmas or something.

    What do people think about having another large pax after party?

      From my understanding that's what most TAYbies are going for! All the meats, all of the time!

        Yeah, but I wanna know what people want to do too.

          I like the idea of another Karaoke night, maybe not the same place if there is another one thats easily accessible.
          But really, anything is cool as long as there are a group of awesome people involved :D

            I'd have to look at what is around the area

      I'd be cool with doing it again. Maybe this time I won't be old man Negs and want to go home and go to bed at 9pm. :P

        I was thinking maybe a Friday instead this time.

      I'm up for it!

        any suggestions?

          Anything that isn't just walking around the city for a couple of hours not doing anything.

          ...I don't really know how to do things.

            But... but... Walking around aimlessly is what Taybies do best! Why would you take that away from us?!?!

              Brisbane TAYbies have perfected standing in a circle talking about where we should wander aimlessly too. It's always JB Hifi. Always.

                Oh man, don't get me started on circles...

                  Will the circle be unbroken, by-and-by, oh, by-and-by...

              Well from what I understand this year there was karaoke involved. So that's at least a step up from what I ended up doing, which was just the walking and nothing else :P Can't even remember there being much talking, if any at all.

                Yeah there was karaoke.
                I was looking at strike bowling as they also have bowling and laser tag if people wanted to do that

                  Hmm. Good for a regular meet, but I'm not so sure about one around PAX. Mainly because every time I've done laser tag it's pretty much killed me and walking the next day was painful. Dunno if it'd be the best thing to do before a whole day on your feet. Or straight after one for that matter :P

                  It's karaoke, Bowling and laser tag. We do not have to do everything =P It also does catering.

      I'd be interested in a catch up on the Sunday. I plan to fly back that day/night.

    A summary of my first ever online battle in Pokemon XY:

    1. I send out Galvantula, he sends out Mewtwo.
    2. I use Sticky Web, laying a speed-lowering trap for the game, he uses Psychic. Doesn't kill me.
    3. I use Bug Buzz, taking him down to 1/4 health left. He kills Galvantula with another Psychic.
    4. Switch in Mega Mawile, use Sucker Punch and kill Mewtwo. As soon as Mewtwo faints, he immediately disconnects.

    I guess he was hoping Mewtwo could carry the entire match? :P

      Here's my first PROPER battle if anybody is bored enough to want to watch! Was a pretty fun one! I won't tell you who won, it was very close. Might be still fun to watch though? I dunno :P

      JQNW-WWWW-WWW2-SY3F (put the code in your Vs. Recorder to watch!)

        Totally watching this tomorrow. I might even make a pennant.

    Numenera: Tales of the Ninth World Fourth Session Recap 13th November 2013 starring:

    - Blaghs aka @blaghman the tough Glaive who masters weaponry,
    - Nova aka @novacascade the stealthy Jack who explores dark places,
    - Russef Volarskii aka @popdart5 the mechanical Glaive who murders, and
    - Storyteller aka @redartifice the awesome GM who weaves tales.


    - Scrapper aka @tech_knight the mechanical Jack who talks to machines.

    Unfortunately absent:

    - Adahn aka @transientmind the strong Jack who focuses mind over matter,
    - Beltigron aka @tigerion the mystical Nano who crafts illusions.
    - Phetys aka @mythamphetamine the mechanical Nano who fuses flesh and steel, and
    - Ranger aka @mawt the rugged Glaive who lives in the wilderness,

    And bidding farewell to:

    Aura aka @negativezero the clever Nano who fuses flesh and steel. Aura’s latest implants and cybernetics have become finely attuned to a bizarre wavelength that only he can detect. He has diverted from the rest of the group to seek the source of this signal and perhaps find others who feel the energy the same way that he does.

    (Author’s Note: I hope you liked that little bit of storytelling Negativezero. It should hopefully allow you to get back into the game at a later date if you are able to/want to.)

    (Author’s Note the Second: Sorry for my roleplaying guys. I realise that it could eventually get us killed if I keep playing my character the way I have been so I’ll tone it down a bit.)

    (Author's Note the Third: Sorry for being so late with the recap.)

    Last time on Numenera: Tales of the Ninth World, the party liberated the nearby synth garden from a pack of dangerous broken hounds and earned the respect and admiration of the townsfolk of Cylion Basin. At the same time, they were able to help Seria overcome the psychic presence that was intruding upon her mind. Seria said that this being seemed to come from a town in the north called the Embered Peaks. The party set off for the Embered Peaks that same day.

    The journey to the Embered Peaks was uneventful which was a welcome change of pace. It took the better part of a day for Blaghs, Nova, and Russef to travel to the Embered Peaks, during which time there was some gentle ribbing about Blaghs’ numerous bug bites that he suffered from bathing in the black pool. It was all in jest and, in no time at all, the party were standing at the edge of the town of Embered Peaks.

    The town had definitely seen better days. While the solid sandstone structures were still intact, there were many broken windows and piles of refuse scattered about. As the party walked further into the town, they came across various groups of people. Some of the townsfolk were in bad shape, with bandages covering fresh wounds and some people moaning on the ground. Other townsfolk were openly brandishing weapons of various sorts, gathering into small gangs and looking menacingly at the other groups. So far, the party had not attracted any undue attention as all of the townsfolk seemed to be wrapped up in their own little worlds.

    The party came to the centre of the town which was disturbingly empty. There was a building that was charmingly titled the Forum of the Dead which appeared to double as both the local council chambers and the crypts for the deceased, however there was no local enforcement or control happening at the moment. Adjacent to the Forum, the party spotted a series of cages that they assumed were used to house criminals. Russef decided to go and investigate these cells while Blaghs and Nova wanted to wander around town and see if they could find anyone that knew what was going on.

    Russef ventured over to the cells and found a man sitting by himself in one of the cells with the door completely open. The man was muttering to himself and shaking his head but Russef could not quite make out what he was saying. When he approached the man, the man perked up and looked directly at him.

    “I’m the only one that knows the truth of the universe,” he says. Russef asks him what he means and he continues his rant. “Lots of folks have a machine in their brain; you can see it when they talk.” Russef is quite unnerved by this man’s insane ramblings so he leaves the man alone in his opened cell.

    Meanwhile, Blaghs and Nova were wandering the streets of Embered Peaks trying in vain to find someone who could help them. Nova overhears one person’s rambling where he was saying something about a dead, dark god and how he was going to kill those people across the street for looking at him funny. They quickly leave that group of individuals behind and they come across a man who is quite unperturbed by the surrounding chaos. This man has arranged a wide variety of gadgets, gizmos, and other pieces of technology in front of him and he is tinkering with a few of the items. A number of the gadgets appear to have originally been farming machinery of some sort but they have been heavily modified.

    Blaghs approaches this man and asks him about what has happened to the town. The man responds by saying that he hasn’t really noticed much except that the townspeople have stopped giving him trinkets to improve and he has resorted to rummaging through rubbish bins for new technology to tinker with. Blaghs says that the town seems to have gone through a mass riot or something similar and this jolts the man out of his mechanical fixation. He gathers up his things and says that he would like to help the party solve this mystery as he would like the town to return to how it was. As the three men walk back to the centre of town, the mysterious tinkerer introduces himself as Scrapper.

    The party meets back up with Russef in the town centre as a trade cart hurriedly trundles out towards the town’s exit. Russef explains that he had just spoken to that merchant who had no idea what was going on but that he was here when the violence started. Strangely enough, the merchant said that he was completely ignored and unharmed by the townspeople but he didn’t want to risk it anymore and left. Blaghs and Nova introduce Scrapper to Russef and now-enlarged party decide to speak to one of the least violent looking groups of people nearby.

    As we approach this group of people, they seem to be in the same sort of haze that the man in the cell was. It wasn’t until we started talking that they paid us any attention and even then, they were struggling to concentrate on our words. Russef uses one of his gadgets on his gauntlet to detect the presence of any Numenera around these townspeople and they are registering in a similar fashion to Seria and her psychic abilities, although on a much weaker level. As this happens, this elderly woman with fleshy tendrils instead of hair grabs Nova and pulls him down towards him. She whispers in his ear,

    “I’m the only one that knows the truth of the universe.” Nova looks this woman in the eye and notices that her eyes are clear for a moment before they become clouded again and she relinquishes her grasp. The party decides to back away from these townspeople before they turn violent and they are unsure what to do now. Blaghs asks where the leaders of this town are and Scrapper perks up saying that he hasn’t seen Magistrate Yurin for a few days now. Scrapper says that the Yurin used to come by and purchase a few curios every now and then however he tended to stay in the Forum of the Dead where his office was. The party ventures into the Forum to find out what happened to the magistrate.

    The Forum is quite a large amphitheatre that descends down towards the offices of the council and the magistrate. When the party enters the offices, they find that everything is in disarray. There are papers scattered all over the place, furniture upturned, and a large amount of synth smashed on the floor. The party hears rummaging coming from the next room where they find a young man with shoulder-length blonde hair scurrying around the office, ineffectually attempting to tidy the mess. The man stops what he is doing and he turns to face the party.

    “I’m sorry,” he says. “The magistrate can’t see you now as the councillors are dead. They will be back soon.” The man gestures for the party to leave the Forum as he returns to cleaning things up. The party is quite dumbfounded by his behaviour and asked him how the councillors were dead. The man repeated what he said earlier. “They will be back soon. The magistrate is busy and cannot see you now.”

    As the rest of the party attempted to reason with the man, who identified himself as Charhill, Scrapper noticed a number of large pools of dried blood on the floor. When he pointed it out to Charhill, the young man was not fazed by that fact and said that the magistrate would fix everything when he returned with the councillors. Blaghs had had enough of this man’s behaviour and moved to restrain Charhill and escort him out of the room while the rest of the party examined the blood spots.

    Nova decides that this would be a good opportunity to use one of his cyphers and he deploys a temporal viewer, a device that allows him to see the past for any period of time up to one year ago. He quickly manages to discern that the attack happened about three days during a council meeting. The councillors were standing around when the magistrate walked in wielding a bizarre staff-like object with what looked like a dagger fixed to the end of it.

    “I will know the truth,” he says to the councillors and applies the staff to the forehead of one of the councillors who immediately drops dead with a strange black mark on his forehead. The other councillors do not react to this murder and the rest of them fall to Yurin one by one. He then begins dragging the bodies into another room when Charhill interrupts him. Charhill is quite aghast at the situation but Yurin reassures him that everything is fine and that he and the councillors will return soon. He tells Charhill that he will be quite busy and that no one is to disturb him. Yurin returns to dragging the bodies into a neighbouring room while Charhill busies himself attempting to clean the blood. The temporal viewer did not show anything of any further interest.
    The party decides that they had better interrogate Charhill for some more answers. Every question that was asked was responded to in the same fashion:

    “The magistrate is very busy and he will be back soon. He says everything will be fine when he returns with the councillors.”

    Tiring of these fruitless questions, Blaghs applies a little physical pressure to his chokehold and demands that Charhill show us where the magistrate is. Charhill squeaks a little in terror but he reluctantly shows the party into the next room where he activates a floor plate that opens a hole that leads downwards into the crypts. He leads the party forward until they come across a door with a small mirrored panel on the wall next to it. Charhill leans into the panel and his lips touch the panel when he mouths a phrase. This seems to have activated some strange mechanism and the door opens as the stench of rotting flesh and death wafts out from the mortuary.

    When the party enters the mortuary, they find a large, cavernous room that has a number of stone tables. Each of the tables has the corpse of one of the councillors on it and they are covered by a large purple cloth. Towards the far end of the mortuary, there is a man bent over one of the corpses with his ear next to the mouth of the corpse. The scene is disturbing enough as it is but it looks as though the corpse’s mouth is moving, as if it were saying something. No one in the party can hear it saying any words but everyone feels a slight buzzing within their heads. The man stands up suddenly and turns to face the party. Charhill is startled to see the magistrate in this room of death and he flees from the mortuary in fear.

    Yurin steps forward, wielding the staff that he used to slay the councillors.

    “Are you here to help me or hinder me?” he says to the party. The party is confused about his question and ask him what is going on.

    “I don’t think Boregal will want you here. You should go.” The party asks who Boregal is.

    “Boregal says that he can bring them back. He says they have the answers but they tell me nothing but lies. I ask them things they know but what they tell me is wrong. I have killed as many as I have dared and yet I still don’t have the truth.”

    Russef perks up and repeats the mantra that the townspeople kept talking about.

    “We know the truth of the universe.”

    Yurin perks up at this. “Do you? Do you know the truth of the universe?”

    “We can show you the truth,” Russef responds.

    Yurin shakes his head. “I’m not sure you do. Boregal says that he can bring them back. Boregal says he has a resurrecting machine. They were supposed to tell me the truth but they only tell me lies.”

    “Where is Boregal?” Nova asks.

    “He’s here. He’s always here,” Yurin says as he gestures towards a doorway off to the side of the room. “You say you know the truth. Well, perhaps Boregal can show you,” Yurin grabs a vicious-looking tool that looks like a saw blade attached to a stick, “or I can get it out of you.”

    The party cautiously follows Yurin through the door down the side passageway until they come to a large, triangular-shaped room. In the centre of this room and covering up almost half of the room is a large gelatinous mass that looks like hundreds of small, round globes that are mostly black but with a bright red colour in the centre of them. There are numerous wires and cables coming from the walls of the room going into the mass to do something that the party cannot quite understand. The mass doesn’t react to the party’s presence but the buzzing sound they heard in their heads before has returned and it is louder and more frantic. The party feels like whatever is making the sound is panicking.

    Yurin hands the saw-blade tool to Nova. “You must use this to speak with Boregal or kill him. Only you can do it.” Yurin points out a seam that runs along the gelatinous mass that Nova should cut. Scrapper starts backing away from the mass as he thinks something bad is about to happen. Russef manages to remember some knowledge about the Numenera and he explains to the party that these blobs are being controlled or drawn to a psychic entity that is most likely at the centre of the mass. If the party either removes or destroys the source of the psychic power, the gelatinous mass would dissolve and the psychic power that is emanating would be eliminated.

    Nova wields the saw-blade tool and cuts straight along the seam that Yurin pointed out. The blobs part easily and they start to recede from the blade. There, in the centre of the now shrinking mass, is a petrified brain. The psychic signals pound out strongly for a moment before being silenced and the brain falls to the floor as the gelatinous mass that was suspending it dissolves. The party feels a psychic pulse come out from the brain and a whole manner of material starts forming up around the brain. The brain starts to form itself a homunculus body made from pieces of technology, mortician tools, and parts of the gelatinous mass. The brain settles into the centre of the body’s stomach while a featureless head looks directly at the body.

    When the body has finished forming, the mouth of the construct opens and starts spouting the same lines that the townspeople have been speaking.

    “Imtheonlyonethatknowsthetruthoftheuniverselotsoffolkshavemachinesintheirbrainsyoucanseeitwhentheytalkiknowabouttheirdarkgodandimustkillthemimtheonlyonethatknowsthetruthoftheuniverse –“

    “We know the truth!” Nova yells out.

    The construct stops jabbering and his attention focuses on Nova.

    “You do not know. You are lying. Only I know. Only Boregal knows! You are here to take Boregal away. You are wrong. I just want to be free. You do not know –“

    Nova tries to reason with Boregal again. “We’re here to help. We’re trying to help a little girl and we can help you too.”

    “Yes I felt it. I feel all the animals and I felt another. Another like me. I tried to reach out. To be a friend. And you are here! You want to keep me locked up! I just want to be free!”

    Boregal was getting quite agitated and it looked like it was about to lash out. Russef feared the worse and drew his crossbow which made Boregal even angrier.

    “I knew it. You want to hurt me. To keep me locked away. You don’t want to help. You want to destroy. To hurt. To imprison me.”

    “We’re not going to hurt you,” Nova says. “We can help you. We can let you out.” Nova stands aside to show Boregal the exit of the chamber. “We won’t hurt you.”

    “Freedom?” Boregal asks. “At last, I never thought I would be free.”

    The anger and torment that seemed to be sustaining Boregal was let go and Boregal homunculus body slowly began to melt into the floor, releasing all of the materials that had been absorbed. The petrified brain that was Boregal also fell to the floor and the psychic ambience that had been in the room subsided with Boregal’s body. Blaghs went up to Boregal’s brain and safely contained it within an intact synth preservation globe. Blaghs did not feel any violent thoughts emanating from Boregal; he was finally at peace.

    The party scoured through the materials that had been left behind when the gelatinous mass had dissolved and they had discovered quite a trove of valuable pieces of Numenera:

    - 1 small exploding arrow
    - 1 small ceramic sphere that contained a corrosive substance (Level 3 cypher)
    - A medallion that projects an environment field emulating temperature and climate which will sustain people within a certain area for 28 hours
    - A wearable ring that contains a syringe holding a special type of poison that deals 3 points of Intellect damage
    - A small adhesive patch that restores (x) number of Might points
    - A remote viewer that can be attached to a wall and can be viewed through another viewer from any distance for a short period of time
    - A small synth cone that project a light breeze
    - A gemstone set in a small device that, when placed close to a person who is asleep, will cause that person to begin dreaming about their favourite food
    - A synth staff that with a metal rod attached at the end that discharges an electrical shock that inflicts 3 points of Speed damage and stuns the victim. The staff has a 1 in 10 chance of depleting that in-built charge

    After the party searched through the remnants of the room and Blaghs safely secured Boregal and a suitable souvenir for Phetys, the party make their way back to the mortuary where Yurin has returned to listening to the dead.

    “They no longer tell me anything,” he says to the party. “You must have shown Boregal the truth. I understand. Excuse me, I must tend to these bodies and prepare them for a proper burial.” Yurin returns to tending to the corpses of the councillors and the party decides that he was not at fault for his actions due to his proximity to Boregal.

    As the party ascends out of the crypt and returns to the Forum of the Dead, they find Charhill in a daze and unsure of his surroundings. He asks the party where the magistrate and the councillors are and the party attempts to explain what happened. Charhill is incredibly distraught by this news and he tells the party that it would be better if they left Embered Peaks. The party decide to take his advice and they leave immediately. The townspeople have regained their senses and they are attempting to figure out what happened. While they recognise that something was afflicting their minds and that the party managed to cure the town, they are embarrassed that they had to be seen in such a state. The townspeople acknowledge the party as they pass by but they do not rush out to praise their saviours and they merely watch as the party begins the trek away from Embered Peaks.

    The party has rescued the town of Embered Peaks and resolved the mystery of the psychic entity that was afflicting the region. While the people may not know what the party accomplished they are true heroes of the Ninth Realm. But where to now for our heroes? Does greater adventure lie in the vastness of the Beyond? Or does their fortune lie to the west, in the great kingdoms and dominions of the Steadfast? And what souvenir did Blaghs acquire for Phetys? Tune in next time on Numenera: Tales of the Ninth World.

    CoD: Ghosts for the PS4 comes out in Australia tomorrow according to the message I just got and confirmed in store by EB.


      Right? AssCreed is out on the Nineteenth, I think, so I can, what, put it on my shelf for 10 days?

    I've been at my parents house for a week and I've come home to find a big wet patch on my living room carpet. No wonder my flat smelled really damp when I opened it up.

    My local DSE store had the PS4 demo stand. Here are my thoughts.

    Standard demo stand, with 32in Sony TV and two controllers, plus the Eye camera. Console set to demo mode or something, with a bunch of stuff showing off the Eye and the touch pad on the controller. I actually didn't know they had more stuff on it until the second time I went around with my gf.

    In the 'game' section they had a bunch of stuff, including Killzone, Knack, etc. You click on that, opens up a description, with maybe video clip or trailer. Knack had a playable demo (like 5 games listed, I checked 3) so I fired it up.

    Load time was pretty slow IMO, but still decent I guess considering it was loading the whole game and level from the menu. Visuals looked nice and were sharp - I wasn't impressed, but satisfied. They actually had anti-aliasing turned on, and looked like 1080p, so this was pretty sweet. Game was running at probably 30fps, as you could see the lag when panning camera. Graphics were kinda Darksiders1 looking, with fewer elements on the screen and effects. It was the demo, so not sure what final will look like. Kinda like an adult Skylanders for next-gen, that kinda look?

    Shadows were much better than current-gen, but at that distance to the TV they weren't really great and quite pixellated. But, I guess this is the sacrifice they made to give AA, which has far more of an impact at a standard 40inch+ lounge room distance. Jaggies suck.

    Gameplay was very demo-ey: Jump, punch, and I got a transformation after 5 mins. Impressions of the game are that it is quite fun, more casual, and should be a 60-80% cost game as compared to AAA-release. But alas, that was the demo.

    These Humble Bundles are making me a cheap, game-greedy bastard. So I know most of you already have them, and could obtain them for US$4.69 currently, but if anyone's cheaper than me and wants Batman Arkham Asylum and City PC for free - shout out. I already have them.

    The Batman thing was pretty well-received. Seemed quite unexpected, and earnt me a hug :P

      Source pl0x? I missed this important development.

        End of previous page.

        Not particularly important though :P

    We are now up to date with Treme! Only five eps left... ever :(

    We've got Mad Men Season 6 DVD (with current 20% off sale at JB, came to $29) and SoA Season 6 to watch, and then we'll be watching Treme Season 4.

      Shane, I was just watching Treme a few minutes ago wondering if you have watched. Probably at the very time you were posting this. WEEEEEIRD.

      A nice end to the season though. More understated than last time. Lots of interesting arcs.

      Liked the whole Annie thing this season too with the:

      Taking credit for Harley's song. Also good to see things work out for Sonny. How good was the studio version of This City as well?

      Last edited 14/11/13 9:32 pm

        So much great stuff. Mrs Shane commented that it would have been an okay ending if Season 4 had never happened. I argued a bit at first, but now agree with her. All the ups-and-downs of life, the complexities and complications, the dreams that worked out in some fashion (Janette, Annie), the ones that didn't (Davis, LaDonna), and the ones that turned sideways and took the characters places they never thought they'd get to (Antoine, Sonny).

        The shot of Obama getting elected in the dying seconds of the episode kind of underpins the whole thing with a bizarre irrational impossible kind of hope, though the rest of the episode was dealing with the cruel inertia of a corrupt system.

        And I've long since stopped being surprised by these coincidences! :)

        Last edited 14/11/13 9:42 pm

          Did you read this? Posted this on TAY while you were in Brisbane!

          David Simon's thoughts on the golden age of TV and how stories need to get away from certain elements of storytelling. Makes a lot of sense.

            Thanks, yep, I read it on my phone! Great article.
            Edit: Though that link just took me to a spam antivirus page this time around :\

            Last edited 14/11/13 9:44 pm

        It's so cute when couple's thoughts start synching up.

        Won't be long before you start finishing each other's sentences.


            Whatever you do. Don't tell Freeze about that time on Sunday night when we both said "Brisbane was known for its quickness" at the same time.

      Are you referring to yourself with the royal "we" now? Geez, I know DC likes you but I didn't think it would give you that big of an ego.

      Should watch Orange is the New Black sometime too!

        Looking at what we've got queued up, I think we're booked right through New Year's. But yep, it's on the list.

          New season is q1 2014. If you play your cards right you might be able to go straight onto the second season after you finish the first!

            If we waited until Q1 2015, we could watch three seasons back-to-back :P

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