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    jimu JRPG rant time

    In case you missed my propaganda on twatter:

    I grabbed the Bravely default demo on the eshop, tryina get people to grab it cos it's new quests that won't be in the game in a town that will.

    Playing will unlock goodies in the full game depending on how much questing you do.

    It's doubleplus gnarly btw, so grab it no ;-)

      I have it!

      I am terrible at it. :/

        Isn't it a challenge?

        I picked normal and had to grind a bit before I could go into that dungeon, soooo good!

        Learn some skills from a job then switch over. And re-equip them skills!

      It's absolutely terrible, a great example of why this type of game has had it's day and is now a cancer on the gaming industry. Stuff like this makes me want to quit gaming altogether.

      Rants are usually for bad things. I demand you criticize some things!

        Bloody first person shooters!

      Ohhhh yeah I downloaded that the other day. Forgot about that. I shall give it a play through tonight or tomorrow! I've been sorta looking forward to it, but I definitely need to give it a try first

      I have it! I saw you raving about it to everyone but me on Twitter so I grabbed it and played some without telling you. :P

        Is there a meat? If we meat we can swap ourselves in-game! :D

          There's a lunch meat tomorrow, apparently. :D

            In da City?

              Yup. As far as I know.

                See if I can drop by, have a Sunnybank trip in the morning

        Also, I actually popped in here to talk about Bravely Default. Mostly just wanted to say how sick I was of getting poisoned and how it makes me feel like I need a 3DS XL so I don't have to squint at that tiny screen to figure out what's going on. Seriously, I have great eyesight for an old lady but even I'm struggling to see stuff in Bravely Default on the regular 3DS.
        Oh well what a shame, guess I'll have to get an XL! Luckily Christmas is going to be here soon and family is asking what to get for me.... :P

          Ha ha! Time for glasses, oh long-sighted one, I can see fine (small close things, I wear the glasses cos Im short sighted)

          I totally read that as 'pooped in here' at first.
          I think this may be more to do with me than your comment though.

    My PS4 is preparing for shipment.

    This asian cold continues to make me feel tired and headachey. I stubbornly persist with video games due to the fact I'm back to work on Monday. Fuck you, cold. Fuck you.

    Last 4mins HILARIOUS!!!

    Hey, Legacy of Kain people (@pixel_the_ferret_viking, @strange, @jimu, @dkzeitgeist, @whoeverelse), do you think it's worth skipping Blood Omen 2? I'm a coupla hours into it, and it really feels a little meh to me (thanks to not playing the original, I really don't care about Kain that much), I figure I can always just read a plot summary or something if I need to, but uhh, yeah. Is Defiance worth skipping BO2 for?

      I did, watched a mate play for a while and was unimpressed. read the story on Wiki or something.

      Defiance seemed better, but I just watched my mate play most of it and caught the important bits so I cant really comment on gameplay. Seemed less puzzly and more actiony.

        Ugh. Because I liked the puzzles in the Soul Reaver games. They tended to hit a good balance of "what the fuck am I supposed to do here" and "lolol this is super easy, the designers should go back to school." The combat was the worst part, and somehow I doubt that changes.

          I liked how just beating on a vampire wouldn't kill iy and you had to lead them into light or syake their heart.

          That was a new idea at the time.

          Still think defiance is wortha look in, there are puzzles and the story bends back around nicely,

            Fair enough. And yeah, I agree. As stupid as it is, I feel like Soul Reaver got worse once you got the Soul Reaver. It became less about using the environment or weapons to kill opponents, and more about not ballsing yourself over so that you actually had the Soul Reaver up to kill things.

      Since you've got Pixel tagged already, the Little Big Adventure games are on sale at the moment on GOG!

    Dear Friday night and weekend TAY,

    How are you? Oh, really? Well, that's just super.

    I am venturing into self-publishing for the first time. Is there someone who was keen to pick up the Flamestar comic? If this is you, IT IS NOW AVAILABLE. Can you please roadtest the purchase/download flow of my site? It'll set you back $4.00 and you need a Paypal account.

    Edit: Hell with it. First one to purchase it gets a full refund.

    Thanks gang!

    Last edited 15/11/13 10:44 pm

      Oh, this is cool! Self-publishing could lead to something awesome! Good luck with it, my friend!

        Cheers, man. I don't expect big things, though :P

          Don't forget to look in on digital, Comixology has a self-publishing thing now!

            Thanks! I've had the Flamestar comic up "awaiting approval" on Comixology for about six months now! :P

            Last edited 15/11/13 11:04 pm

      Seemed pretty painless. Didn't take long at all.

      Where do I go to download it at a later date?


        Was there an email and/or download link? That should stay active for three downloads, I think.

        Last edited 15/11/13 11:46 pm

          No email. I did it all on my phone since I'm sitting in front of the TV and I can't find the download link anywhere after closing the window. It just wants me to pay again.

            Hmmm. Sorry about that. I'll refund the payment. Would you mind trying again when the refund comes through please? Think I've tweaked it.

              Try now?

                I just resent the purchase receipt. If you got that, there may be no need to try. If not, then, yes, please try.

                Edit: hopefully you got an email with some links. If not, maybe it can be found here:

                Last edited 16/11/13 12:05 am

                  Okie dokie. Thanks for trying. I'll refund the payment. Might be best to leave it for now until I work out WTH is going on!

      'Your payment of $4.00 is complete.'

        Yeah, everything worked fine. Got a download going at the moment, got an email with download link. All good.

          Huzzah! Thanks my friend. I'll refund you tonight

            What? No!
            I paid for it, dammit!

              Thanks! But, I did make the promise. I'm happy to honour it. Really, just let me know!

    Well, I don't think I'll be getting any more PS3 games.
    I picked up Ratchet and Clank: Nexus, and Ratchet and Clank: QForce today, and to be honest, I'm looking ahead to the PS4.

      Ill be getting MGS V and Dragon Age 3 on PS3 cos I cant affor no Ps4 for a few years :-/

        MGSV on PS3? I can dig that.

          I kind of wish they didn't. You can't help but feel they have to cut back on a lot of what could be possible to accommodate a lesser system.

            I just presumed it would look like shit and have nasty slowdown, you know, not missing content, just running crap.
            (Kinda like the difference between PC and console now)
            If I hear it is missing content, then I'll dip out and wait.

    Well, I was going to mention how I needed a hug, going through all Nanna's stuff. That which remains, anyway.

    But then the rain turned it up to 11 and the garage started to flood, thanks to a blocked drain out the front. First started trying to unclog it, but that didn't work. Then I started sweeping what water I could away while my sister tried to barricade the door. Then the old lady next door came out to help. That didn't work either, so she took my sister round to the backyard to try something else. I went and got the sledgehammer I saw earlier and took it to some of the concrete keeping the water in, that took a little pressure off. Went to see what the others were up to and they were going to smash a pipe, the old lady now carrying a brick. Told her to step aside, of course :p Went down the side path and found there was a small hole in the pipe already, and it was gushing water out nearly as high as me. Deliberating where exactly to smash it, we decided to retreat to get advice. But on the way I noticed a lid that could be opened. Untwisted it and watched a whole load of water gush out. Sweet relief :p

    So now I'm nice and soaked. Good thing I brought a change of clothes with me.

    Oh wait, those are pyjamas.

      Eh, wear the pyjamas.
      Good luck over the weekend.

    Welp, got all the water mopped up and most things reorganised again, but now I am mega funger (wtf funger is a real word that already exists in my phone's dictionary?) and seriously hope there's a 24 hour Maccas around here somewhere.

    That's better. I have no idea how people survived before 24 hour drive through was a thing.

      Are you old enough (or live in Perth) to remember before we had Sunday trading?


        Not sure, when did that happen? I still tend to end up assuming most places will be closed on Sundays. Damn op shops, only opened for half of Saturdays...

    Bravely Default demo stuff.

    Why am I allowed to brave to -4? doesn't that make grinding rather one sided?

      It's awesome!

      Watch out when bosses flog you with it!

    Time to get Baldur's Gate 2 HD!

    ...It won't unlock for another hour...

    Edit: Still Waiting... :\

    It's go time!

    Last edited 16/11/13 10:07 am

      Oh man, I'm gonna have to get a move on and beat BG:EE. I've been so slack. My Ranger-Stalker (I wanted to choose a class that suited me but they didn't have "creep" class) won't level himself!

      I simply cannot justify buying that game again. I think I've bought it like four times already.

    There is zero reason for me to ever need or even want this but god damn do I want it.

      @shane I believe you said you have a weakness for books with gilded pages?

        Shhhhh, I'm not looking, I'm not going to look, I'm never going to look.

      I preordered it and it's 50% paid off.

      I am a sucker.

      Horrific price though.

      Doc What ordered it from overseas and it's only costing him some $100.

        I'm paying $150 but that could change

    So my uncle just cut and dug up about 3 metres of pipe, all of it chock-a-block packed full of dirt. Well there's your problem.

    It makes me sad when I buy something like a TV series season by season on DVD... and if I'd just waited until the end I could have had some super awesome bonus mega edition with all this awesome stuff that looks pretty and serves no other purpose.

    I started playing the Bravely Default demo and I keep dying. Apparently Normal difficulty is too hard for me :P

    The music is pretty great though. Reminds me of Ni no Kuni.

      Make sure you have jobs set on the characters, and activate brave multiple times for -4 for the first turn.

      That usually gets a turn one victory, unsure how far into the demo it lets you cheese like that for.

      I did some quest grinding before heading too far from town.

    About to play The Wolf Among Us Episode 1! Who do I tag for discussions in 2ish hours? :P @dc @blaghman etc

    Also downloading The Stanley Parable. We'll see what all this hype is about tonight!

      I think Freeze played it and possibly Nobs and Virus too, maybe? I DUNNO!

      Enjoy, my friend. I loved it!

        Then I must hate it!

          I liked it aswell, and I usually hat everything @dc likes =P

            It's true! I like world peace, he hates it. I like tolerance, Nobs is all racist.

            This game brought us together!

      Finished the first episode. I really enjoyed it! I had no idea what it was going to be about so I was pleasantly surprised.

      Major, super dooper Spoiler:
      Toad Junior is adorable

      More spoilers:
      My choices were:
      - Gave Faith Money (83%)
      - Told Crane no one was to blame (37%)
      - Went to Lawrence first (25% - this shocked me! Would've thought it would be the other way around, it sounded like a much more interesting choice!)
      - Prevented Lawrences Death
      - Chased Tweedle Dee (66%)

      Very good! I think it's technically better than the Walking Dead was (can't really comment on story yet). Felt more refined and had some pretty cool camera and motion effects. Walking Dead season 2 will be great!

      Unfortunately I was spoiled on the very final scene of the episode. If anybody is going to buy this via Steam, do not look at the Community page! A massive spoiler comment is being featured on the main page for some stupid reason. At least there was when I happened to look >:[ (I ended up buying it direct from Telltale anyway so I got spoiled for nothing...)

      @dc @blaghman @sernobulus @virus__ @freezespreston

      Last edited 16/11/13 6:17 pm

        -- I gave the money to Faith.
        -- Didn't tell Beast about Beauty, told her I'd keep her secret.
        -- Went to see Lawrence first because I thought Toad might've been red herring.
        -- Prevented Lawrences death.
        -- Didn't have a suspect in mind, so stayed silent.
        -- Showed restraint at bar fight.
        -- Chased Tweedle Dee.

        Great game!

        Last edited 16/11/13 6:20 pm

          We played this episode in exactly the same way.

          What have I become

            I'm right there with you, my friend. This is madness!

              I feel bad thanks to the ONE different choice I made.

    For those who are thinking of cosplaying for Pax. If you need any help or advice, just tag me ^^

      I'm still contemplating, and will see what my friends are doing, but once we settle I might tap you for advice.

        No problem. I have already annoyed Numbers into using better quality blood on his Hotline Miami cosplay instead of paint. ^^;;

          You are an artiste :)

          At one stage we talked about going as Borderlands PCs, but we'll see.

            Even though I know what it means, I couldn't help picturing a group of people dressed up as Borderlands themed dekstop PCs.

            I may be a little fatigued.

              I also thought the same thing =P

              My main tip is to use a fabric that breathes. Cotton is the best

      Okay! How about this...

      Any idea how I could go about making some Caterpie antennae (the red bit on it's forehead :P)?

      I was thinking maybe a thin headband to wear or something? Then try and make the antennae to attach to it? I dunno!

        Ever heard of spirit gum? It's something they use to attach fake prothetics. Otherwise you can use hair clips. These are just some alternatives to the headband idea. How high up do you want it? Like, where exactly do you want it placed?

          Forehead, just above eyebrows ideally but whatever works really! Not too fussy!

          I'll look into your ideas. Not getting started on this any time soon but it's good to have an idea of my options first. Thanks Scree!

            for just above your eyebrows look into glue for prosthetics. Spirit gum is one I know of, but there may be others. Also, what are you thinking of making it out of?

              I really have no idea. This is all extremely early stages! haha Any suggestions are welcome!

              Probably won't be actually starting on this until next year at the earliest.

                You probably want something light so avoid things like clay. You can use craft foam which is light, but it may look a little boxy and less rounded.

                The third option is stuff called Worblas deco art Worlbas finest. Both are a thermo plastic that is light and tough. If you want, I could possibly make the antenna out of left over Worblas finest. I can use the off cuts that would normally go to waste.

                  Oh no that's okay! Thanks for the offer but I'd like to make it myself. Never done it before so might be fun!

                  I'll keep your suggestions in mind, thanks Scree!

                  I could send you my off cuts and you could do it yourself.

                  @scree That's alright Scree, I'm sure you'll find a use for it yourself. Much appreciation for all your help though! I'm sure I'll have a lot more questions for you next year.

    :l Twice my housemate has told me she'll help me move in and get my stuff up, twice I've told her when that'll be, and twice she's told me the night before that she's actually got something else to do now and "good luck moving in!"

    If she thinks she wants me to help her move anymore of her stuff (Oliver and I moved up ALL her stuff, not kidding), then she can go fuck a goat.

      when she asks, "I'm not your homie, here's an update cupcake. Just blow me and show me your best fuck face!"

      Last edited 16/11/13 8:17 pm

        I will remember that one and promptly put it in the "never say under any circumstances" pile :P

    I'm throwing it open. James Flamestar comic is available.

    My reward tiers are much more generous than Hellscream's! Four bucks, get a 70 page comic. :P

    Featuring some poor likenesses of familiar faces: @alexpants, @cakesmith, @rize, @qumulys, and @anonymous_pessimist (note that at the time of completion, the artwork was done based on vague descriptions, rather than actual meat experience).

    (Note that Freeze had issues when ordering on his phone, but TheCracks successfully ordered it last night. I assume he was using a conventional computer (but tbh, I never bothered to find out). I recommend using a computer, just in case.)

    I am totally overwhelmed and emotionally wrecked from today. What I thought would take 2-3 weeks to fund took 2-3 hours. The Metro 7 Kickstarter is now sitting at 131% funded of the $850 goal. Now, the possibilities of what I can do are almost limitless. The actual physical book is totally going to an actual physical thing.

    The first stretch goal is for a prequel story that will be sent to all backers if we hit $1250, and I've found a place that might just be able to host a launch event here in Brisbane...

    For those who missed it, you can see the Metro 7 campaign here. It'll be live for the next 29 days!

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