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    What's the difference between erotic and kinky?

    Erotic is when you use a feather, kinky is when you use the whole chicken!


    I dub this page free-for-all joke page 15!

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      ok, but no jokes about german sausages. they're the wurst

        Q: what do you call a greek who is falling off a building?
        A: con descending

        Q: What has four legs and an arm?
        A: A happy doberman.

        Q: Why does Mike Tyson cry during sex?
        A: He's got mace in his eyes.

        Three old mates Tom, Billy and Paddy are working on a construction site. Lunch time comes around and they're sitting on the edge of a girder 30 floors up.
        Tom opens up his lunch box "Shit ham salad again. I swear if I get ham salad one more time I'm going to jump off this girder."
        Billy opens up his lunch box "Shit tuna and mayonnaise again. I swear if I get tuna and mayonnaise one more time I'm going to jump off this girder."
        Paddy opens up his lunch box "Feck peanut butter and jelly again. I swear if I get peanut butter and jelly one more time I'm going to jump off this girder."
        The next day at lunch time Tom, Billy and Paddy are sitting on the edge of the girder 30 floors up.
        Tom opens up his lunch box "Shit ham salad again" and he jumps to his death."
        Billy opens up his lunch box "Shit tuna and mayonnaise again" and he jumps to his death."
        Paddy opens up his lunch box "Feck peanut butter and jelly again" and he jumps to his death."
        A few days later at the funeral the three wives are chatting.
        Tom's wife says "Why didn't he tell me if I'd known he was bored with ham salad I would have made him something else. I thought it was his favourite."
        Billy's wife says "Why didn't he tell me if I'd known he was bored with tuna and mayonnaise I would have made him something else. I thought it was his favourite."
        Paddy's wife says "Stupid feckin git. Paddy made his own sandwiches."

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          One morning I shot an elephant in my pyjamas. How he got in my pyjamas I'll never know!

    Sleepy. Been up since around 8:30. Only had like three hours' sleep. But have this annoying feeling like I need to do something, only I can't think of anything at all that I want to do. Other than not go to bed for some reason. Stupid brain.

    Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5 Spoilers:

    UGH, the Governor is coming back next episode. I was enjoying this season, too! Seems like the sickness 'arc' is closing and now that he's back the show is probably going to turn into the same horrible villain piece with-a-couple-of-zombies-on-the-side that the second half of season 3 was. I hope I'm wrong :P

      I actually liked the sickness arc. I think the thought that there is something a lot more dangerous then zombies and people was a good idea. Anti-biotics don't do shit though because people die of influenza all the time. It's usually vaccines that help more then anything.

      I've really enjoyed this season though:

      The stuff with Carol in particular was great. My favourite ep of the season was when the groups went out into the world: Daryl and gang at the veterinary school and Carol and Rick in the suburbs.
      Also maybe the sickness was man made, I wouldn't put it past the governor to release something into the prison population?

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        I thought it might be something like that, but it would be a pain to manufacture.

        Before antibiotics were discovered, respiratory infectious diseases killed many people. An example of this is Tuberculosis. In America, the tuberculosis epidemic was so severe, they created the Waverly hills sanitarium. It was pretty much a hospital for people to die.
        Knowing this, it only make sense to me that it's a natural occurrence. There isn't really anyone to make and distribute antibiotics. Makes sense that other diseases may become a problem

          But there's plenty of places like the CDC and laboratories who have all kinds of horrible things stored away for testing. Wouldn't be hard to access in a zombie apocalypse, I imagine.

            If you'd watched to the end of Season One, you'd KNOW that they destroyed the local CDC already :P

              HEY SHANE! I MISS YOU! :P

                As glad as I am to be home with family, same here, man.

                  That's enough feelings for one day! How 'bout that local sporting team!

        Yeah, Carol has always been a really great character. Such a shame she's gone now, she was by far my favourite. I hope she makes a comeback. I agree with your favourite episode too! I really wish those two kids survived, I liked them :P (How did that guy manage to keep his hair bleached? Hasn't this outbreak been going for over a year? haha) They kinda made a good impact though.

          Wait. We know the girl is dead, but the boy might still be

    Hate going into Bunnings. Start wandering around looking at everything going oooh that would be a good idea and starting to come up with schemes and plans that I have neither the money or the time to carry out.

    Finished Wind Waker. First 2/3 of the game I'd easily give 9/10, last third? 6/10...

      Yeah, I agree, it sort of falls apart at the end. I still think it's worth it.

        Not sure I want to play another Zelda game. :S

          the others tend to be better in that they don't peter off into being terrible.

          Is that to say that WWHD is your first and only? :o

            Played NES and SNES ones and also tried Twilight Princess.

              Well that's ok then.

              Though still needs more Majora's Mask :P

                I find n64 games to be unplayable these days. :P

                  That generation is easily my least favourite. That's when I moseyed to the master race and never looked back until the PS2. The 3D is monstrously ugly. XD

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                  Come over my house for some Perfect Dark Arcade! :P

                  I feel like I'm in an overly critical mood today, but I shake my head at your Perfect Dark. (Haha! Only experience with that series was Perfect Dark Zero on the 360. Not good. :P)

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                  That's okay, cause you're on my list! >:|

                  Yeah but your list is ridiculously easy to get on :P

                  I meant my movie list. You're on my movie list. XD

          The complete opposite reaction I had.

          You're my enemy.


          It's okay, I'll forgive you, it'll just take time.

      I'm one of the few (many?) that didn't get that reaction.

      My least favourite part was the stealth bit toward the start. During many replay attempts I have given up there.

      I just loved sailing though, so being sent off on a random sailing hunt was fun!

      Twilight, I gave up on the second dog bit, damn that dog.

        I didn't have an issue with the Tri-Force quest, since I'd already gathered all but two by the time it dropped the actual quest on me, I just thought the last two dungeons were really poor when compared to the rest in the game.

          That's right! I think I had found a bunch of them, cos I was going treasure crazy.

          Which were the last two dungeons.
          I maybe remember thinking they weren't actually dungeons?

          Like the:

          big hole that you just fought doods endlessly?

            By last two dungeons I mean the wind temple, where you're with whatsisface, and it allows you to run through to the end of the dungeon without the key so you then have to backtrack massively all because you're an idiot who can't read (insert angryface here), and the bit at the very end where you just replay through the old bosses and it's boring, and then there's the fight against Ganon and it's just not very good (the sword fight is fine, but the bit against him in big mode was not so good).

              Oh, I remembered that being good (been a while)

    How was the Brisbane meat yesterday? Sorry I couldn't make it. Was feeling not good. D:

      Also, house full of not good feelers. we made it as far as Aspley...

        Hope you guys are feeling better now! Also hope someone turned up for @mythamphetamine. XD

          I hope so too!

          Will attend the Mrs @freezespreston meat next weekend.

          Already booked in!

            I meant turned up, we are mostly feeling better, thanks :p

            Is your wife coming as well or just you? Staying the night or heading home? Do you like me Y/N?

              She may drop by but I think she'll go to the other Bday we were invited to, because of course there were 2 on the same goddam day.

              I believe I will crash wherever I pass out, if that's kosher.


    Just saw a little Agents of SHIELD on the telly, middle of the show, out of context.

    Didn't like what i saw much, looked like every other cop show on TV :-/

    Will try the pilot still, see what I think, but urrrmmm, TV.

      I'm not really a fan. Reminds me of NCIS: LA and that ain't a complement. XD

    Bleh. Another day completely wasted.

    Got woken at some point in the morning when mum was looking for her laptop which I'd borrowed, intending to get some work done yesterday (which didn't happen). So then I ended up sleeping for another four hours and woke up completely dead.

    Simply amazing.

    Also @markserrels, people seem to be blowing up over the St.Pierre - Hendricks bout.
    Did you catch any of it?

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    As this weeks TAY winds down I just need to send a massive thank you out to both @shane and @benny for providing me with a couple of tickets to Supanova for today. While I already had tickets, my sister who is much younger than me (15) - didn't. Shane of course was offering his passes as he wasn't gonna make it down here to little ol' ADL and Benny not only said I can have the two passes Sunday, but he delivered them to my letter box. What a couple of guys, hey!

    So thanks Brotakus <3

    Last edited 17/11/13 9:44 pm

      I may not have helped in the slightest, but I'm choosing to take credit as part of the community.

      You're most welcome HermHerm!

      You're welcome. It was all Shane mostly, so I too must thank him.

      Incredibly short Supanova Adelaide write up coming tomorrow!

    Have now completely moved out of college. Goodbye, I won't miss you

    Currently getting drunk and watching the comedy channel. Stole olivers wild turkey. This stuff is gewddd, hope he doesn't mind. Don't think he will, he bought it for the both of us, soooo full steam ahead.

    Eh stuff it, I'll do it now and repost it tomorrow.

    Many thanks to @shane for providing me with two badges that allowed my wife, kid and I to attend the Adelaide Supanova on Saturday. Super excited as I barged into the pavilion, I turned to see my kid suddenly get freaked out by the crowds (perhaps it was him teething) and my wife pulling a scrunchy nosed face, exclaiming 'it stinks in here.' She also had other classics such as, 'I can see way too much skin on that fat woman,' and 'these people have never had sex before.'

    So off I darted to the Artists Alley to have my fifteen-year-old comic book Wolverine #125 signed by the original penciler Leinil Francis Yu. Achievement Unlocked - YES! Then we left.

      Well, I'm glad you at least got a few minutes in there, dude! Probably best the tickets were free :P

    Hey @transientmind. Just wanna let you know we're still thinking about you, pal. Hope all is well!

      Same feelings here. Why did you post on old TAY, DC?

        Thought he might be more inclined to respond if it wasn't so public as new TAY. :)

    I've been thinking about getting a Vita, so for all of you that have one:
    Which is better out of Killzone and Soul Sacrifice?
    I've heard great reviews about Killzone, not so much about Soul Sacrifice. After looking one up, I don't think it's really my sort of game. The review said it was really grindy. Any personal preferences?

      There's a new TAY, my friend! Should repost here, more people will see it!

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