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    Who is available to link up and trade or battle or whatevr?

    If we do we get an extra Mon in the Safari per person and that means MORE MONS!

    C'mon peeps, do it!

    FC: 4038 - 6136 - 9136

      YES! On the page get! :D

      Want an eevee?


        Where did you get one?
        I have all the Gen 6 and Gen 1 starters.
        When Pokemon bank is up I'll have all the starters.

          Any particular nature or ability? I have a breeding pair

          Also Eevees are found on route 10 in the yellow flowers

          Ability Runaway
          Hasty x2
          Lonely x3
          Gentle x2
          Jolly x2
          Rash x2
          Lax x2
          Serious x2
          Relaxed x2
          Calm x2
          Impish x2
          Naive x3
          Hardy x2

          Ability Adaptability

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            Whatever is fine, I haven't gone in for Battling yet so have never looked into this sort of thing much.


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              Just pick one then?

              Also, my friend code is 1891 - 1289 - 4889 You need to add me

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                  I wanna pokeymans but I've been to shops twice now and they were sold out, so I may have bought 5 other games :P

              Please don't forget to add my friend code. Because I wanna nap and I can't till you get your Eevee


                Oop, saw this too late, guess you're nappin'

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      I feel like I haven't been playing Pokemon nearly enough. I only just beat the seventh gym yesterday. I haven't even got up to the Safari everyone's been talking about.

        Sounds like it, I only picked up my copy on the 10/10 and I finished off The Champ last week.

        I dunno, I get really addicted to Pokemon these days.

          That date sounds wrong, very wrong. where did I pull ten from?
          I meant end of Oct...
          Almost 2 weeks after it cam out I think, maybe just a week.

        Man I haven't even gotten past Shalour yet. I've restarted twice now as I wasn't feeling any connection with my Pokemon (yes I'm one of those people).

          I was unsure when I picked the frog, was damn happy when it evolved all the way, it looks so cool!

        I'm the same - Just beat the 7th (Psychic I think?) gym myself. Haven't really delved into the breeding/safari things everyone talks about.

      I write this reply as hopefully an extra reminder to add you tonight if I haven't already done so.

        Whet's your number, or did I already add uou??

          3668 7797 0858.

          Heh, I only typed the first 4 numbers and autocomplete provided the rest. That'll do Windows Phone, that'll do.

            Add me too D=
            1891 - 1289 - 4889
            Your Eevee is waiting for you

              I already have you!

              ... Anything you want to trade?
              I'm just filling up the 'dex and (fruitlessly) shiny hunting lately.

                I meant Jimu =P Want an eevee?

                  All good. Dex'd all the eevolutions over the weekend except the fairy one. Will get around to the minigame thing for that one at some point. If there's anything you want, I can keep an eye out for it on the trade channels - I've already facilitated things like ponyta, clefairy, dratini, etc.
                  I do far too much trading and will be dabbling in a bit more shiny hunting so it's good if I have more goals.

                  I plan to do a few wonder trades, I might ask after that


              Anything you're after? I've got a fair bit of stock - the PC has extended to a 31 box capacity for me.


                I dunno, what can't I catch in Y?

                  Clauncher! Staryu! Uh... the fairy floss Pokemon that I don't know the na- ah, Swirlix!

      The third Pokemon in the Safari comes from the person beating the Elite 4 (or I guess more specifically: connecting to the Internet after beating the Elite 4)

      Not much point doing any competitive breeding/training until after the Elite 4. Friend Safari (which is post-game) really makes things a lot easier.

        I know the first part.

        And errr, haven't bred a thing so I dunno what that second parts about :-/

          All Pokemon in the Friend Safari have a guaranteed 2 perfect IVs. Makes competitive breeding a whole lot easier!

    NINJA EDIT: Hi Tay! Welcome to Monday. I apologise for not even having any sort of greeting. For some reason I have read the last three sentences in Dr. Who's voice. It's naff.

    So I'm sitting here, chewing my nails off, waiting on a damn email from the local TEDx chapter to see if I'm on their speakers list.
    Their "Hard Deadline" to pick speakers was Saturday night. I've been checking emails non-stop for the last two days.
    I'm giving up hope that the event will even happen at this rate.

    Last edited 11/11/13 11:33 am

      What are you going to present on?

        Haven't quite hammered the fine details out yet, but it's on a personal interest - surviving serious mental illness and how survivors begin to stigmatize themselves.

          Holy shit. Awesome.

          Even if you don't get an email from TED, record it and upload it.

          I'd be really keen to hear that.

    I don't think I could handle PAX. The crowds at Supanova were way too much for me and I spent a good hour in the morning hiding in a corner. Then another three hours escaping to the panels upstairs. Scary stuff. D:

      The cool thing about PAX is that if you are sick of the big crowds you can go and just chill in the beanbag lounge, or find people and camp on a tabletop area or in the console library.

      I think the panels at PAX would freak you out more. The distribution of population seems to be 70:30 between panels:expo floor.

        But once the panel begins scary people can't talk to you! Only had one guy try to talk to me in the line. D:

          I only had one... special dude in the line at PAX. All the rest were pretty friendly.

            The guy that talked to me seemed nice enough. Not scary or any thing. (Other then meeting the criteria of being another human trying to talk to me and that's inherently scary!)

            Shane totally saw the weird cosplayer who cornered us at EB on the Supanova floor too. XD

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              The weirdos are there, sure, but most people were pretty cool.

              One of my favourite memories of PAX was actually standing in line- on the second day, I was near the front of one of the lines to get in, and there were beach balls being volleyed around the crowd. The crowd started a spontaneous game to launch the balls over a hanging banner, great fun.

              Also in the crowd, someone had written "for a good time call xxxx" on one of the balls... so us and one of the guys we were standing with gave them a call and wished him a happy PAX :)

          Oh gods. Having a random talk to me in a line is how I met my creepy waifu at Supanova last year.

          Don't know what I'm talking bout? GO LISTEN TO OLD SCHOOL POTAKU

            I remember the tweets when that was happening. It was entertaining for all!


            Except probably for you. :D

      PAX North!

        It's (still) a thing!

          I believe I gave it its new official title "Jerk Party for Jerks" the other week.

            Then why aren't you going to be there?


              Because I'm going to be at PAX. We've been through this.

                But... you're a jerk.

                *gets joke explaining chart that Freeze prepared for me earlier*

      The good thing about pax is if you're in a big group, it's not an issue.
      I think I ended up initiating conversation with people in stalls

        Only people I talked to at the stalls were people I knew. Shane and uni pals. Way too loud. Didn't want the awkwardness of not hearing people respond and all that.

        Part of me thinks going in cosplay would somehow make it easier. Mentally prepare for a certain amount of interaction with people and you can 'escape' into the character?

        Last edited 11/11/13 12:20 pm

          Escaping into a character does make it easy. Plus they won't know who you really are

          Costumes with helmets and/or masks are great for this.

          I can help you make a cosplay outfit if you'd like to test out your theory.

            You so kind, Strange. But I don't think I'm man enough to leave a house in cosplay and take a train in cosplay and go to a place in cosplay. Haha! :D

              Eh, you have to own it. I've walked down main streets in full dieselpunk or steampunk gear. Trick is to own it and wave.

              Get dressed at the venue!
              What other excuses have you got for me to shoot down? Bring it! :P


              The mask and/or helmet can help with this also. It's like hiding in plain sight!

              I think you should do it though. It's scary to do it at first but once you push through that it's great. I still get terrified every time I go to dress up for something in a public place (along with plenty of other social situations :P), but am glad I went through with it whenever I do.

    Wake up at 1.30, don't get back to sleep until 4.30. Today's started off just great. Ho hum. Started FFIX on my PSP this weekend. My favourite FF but I think I've only completed each one since VII only once. I keep on starting new games but get halfway and then lose interest, so I can't remember much, if anything, of a FF game ending :D

      I love seeing FFIX love.

      I finished FFVIII(My fave) on my holiday!

      So good, had been so long I'd forgotten a fair bit of stuff :D

    Feeling under the weather which means all I want to do is play a JRPG. I don't have any on the go at the moment besides TiTS but that's on PSV and I need a big screen game. Which means starting an old game all over again.
    First thought was that I'd like to play FFXIII again but then I realised my Mum hasn't given it back so now I need to find something else. Any suggestions for JRPGs that I might already own that hold up to replays?

      Costume Quest! Not Japanese, but it's all turn based like and short?

        Urk. I tried it but it's not my thing. Very much nothing like what I love about JRPGs there.

          Aw, that's too bad. You tried, though. I CAN'T STAY MAD AT YOU. (Really loved the combat in that game, though. It's why I'm so psyched for Ubisoft's upcoming Child of Light!)

      To continue the FFIX love train I say FFIX \o/

      Soundtrack is great and you can still appreciate the pre-rendered backgrounds today.

        I replayed that recently. Still quite often get the song from the fight in the play near the start stuck in my head for no reason. :D

          I want to be your canary I think it's called haha :)

          I never managed to finish It, I got to the last battle but could never beat the S.O.B's. :(

      Just put my 3 shortlisted games on Twitter. Nier, Lost Odyssey and Resonance of Fate. So far Lost Odyssey is winning.

        Maybe get all completionist up in Resonance of Fate. I dont know much about the other two.... (for shame).

        Even just for the christmas sequence!

      Considering @greenius isn't here, Xenoblade.

        I would but the Wii is slightly busted and the WiiU is all boxed up in the cupboard ready to give the kids for Christmas.

          Are the kids home? Otherwise you might need to test the WiiU. Yu wouldn't want to ruin their christmas by giving them a WiiU that didn't have decent playtime

      Okay, going off to play Lost Odyssey now. That should make me feel better. Even thinking about awesome games I'd love to replay has me feeling better. :D

        Just don't read the short stories. ='(

          Wha? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


        (Lost Odyssey was my favourite JRPG before Xenoblade so you still have my thumbs up :D)

          Except now I can't play either of them. The 360 ended up having power problems and the Wii is brokened!
          All is not lost though. We have WiiU sitting patiently in its box and hiding in our wardrobe waiting for Christmas so we can give it to the kids.

          How are you, Greenman? I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

            I'm sad after hearing the news that is preventing your Xenobladdering :P

              I'm sad now too after I remembered I forgot to watch Survivor so now I'll have to wait until Monday. :P
              Also, for reals how are you? Managed to get rid of some of your stresses? *hugasaurus*

      i'm considering picking up XIII on PS3 ( i had it xbox before) and starting over so i can finally beat it....

    Oh man, I nearly completed forgot. Best cosplay of Supanova yesterday were two gigantic Chaos Space Marines. They must have been at least 2 metres tall and were made of awesome. It's a shame I didn't get a photo but it's good to see some Warhammer love. There was a tonne of variety in the cosplay actually (lots of Naruto, LoL, Star Wars [surprisingly], quite a bit Attack on Titan, random anime/magic girls, also lots of Game of Thrones).

    Actually, now that I think of it, @chuloopa did you end up having your Dark Heresy game over the weekend? If so, how'd the inquisiting go?

      I saw an Iron Giant but one of the best cosplay I saw was one of the simplest... someone dressed as Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck. Looked 100% authentic too!

      I saw a Claptrap too. So cool looking.

      Last edited 11/11/13 12:03 pm

        Heh, the K9 was quite good. Although there were far, far too many Doctor Whos.

        Also, opposite-gender costumes seemed to be a big thing. Male Miss Fortune (shudder).

        Last edited 11/11/13 12:10 pm

          There was a Male Ahri at PAX AU. It certainly was ... something. =P

          Yeah my friend said there was a weird over-abundance of bearded females.

        Someone bothered to do an Iron Giant? Who would even recognize that, it's such an obscure crappy movie...


        ...Yeah. I'm trolling today. I don't know why.

          Your face is an obscure crappy movie! *decisive nod*


      Ohhh man i saw those guys in apost on the 40k quotes FB page. They were SO epic!
      And Dark Heresy is tonight, my man.
      CAN - NOT - WAIT!

        Bust some skulls and burn some heretics. FOR THE IMPERIUM!

          Heretics gunna taste ALL my grenades!

    Still contemplating my PAX attendance. I fear if I contemplate too long, the prices will just skyrocket.

    Anyways, if I go it'll be in a gang of 4-6 of us. Naturally, I suggested we all do some reasonable cosplay as a group effort. Some suggestions were: all Storm Troopers, Bilbo Swaggins and the Fellowship of Yolo.

    You guys got anything?

      PAX tickets are on sale?

        Even if tix aren't on sale, I imagine this is probably the right time to be booking hotels before they all disappear. Unless they are still setting up PAX-specific discounts?

          There are PAX-specific ones, but acting quick is the way to go

      I am making a few cosplays.

      Any of the class based stuff can work with that number
      Different TF2 character each.
      Different borderlands character each
      Pick a game with a large character selection and all pick from that, aka street fighter / mortal combat

        Yah I thought TF2. There will be a girl so she can go as Pyro. We also have a RL engi haha.

      The Avengers?

      That would probably be really difficult though.

    You know what I loved about the original Quake?
    The medieval setting and feel to the game.
    I think Quake and Hexen are the only FPS's I can think of that were set there.
    Does anyone else know if there are others?

    Okay,excluding Chivalry. That one's obvious.

    Last edited 11/11/13 12:27 pm


      Actually I recall a very very few games, old ones, that are in this period. I think the early Thief games were? Also depending on how you look at it (and I haven't played more than 15 mins) Witcher series? Along with SKyrim, but that's kinda fantasy too, so not sure if it counts.

      Last edited 11/11/13 12:30 pm

      Quake had a medieveal setting?

      There you go, owned it for years (because Trent OST on disc) and nevr played :-/

    Just realised that over the course of the weekend, I pumped about 20 hours into Pokemon. Went from 4:17 to 24:29.

    ...And nearly half of that was voltorb flip >_>


    Edit: I hadn't seen you shouting about this all over the place, so I figured you might not have seen it yet :p

    Last edited 11/11/13 12:46 pm

      I'm hesitant to begin getting hype for this. Mostly because Cyanide is involved with it and their track record is spotty. I hope it turns out well.

        E.Y.E. was pretty ok.
        looked like rubbish & had a few buggy bits, but it was a pretty deep RPG.

        Dunno anything else about Cyanide though.

          They're probably more well known for some the simulator games. Not bad but nothing to crow about.

          I know them mostly from Blood Bowl. The game is buggy and the UI is quite strange and counter-intuitive. The game itself is still fun and enjoyable but I would put that down more as the core rules of Blood Bowl from the tabletop version being good rather than Cyanide doing stuff to add to the tabletop experience.

    So I haven't used an Xbox 360 in a fair while and I don't plan on buying an XBone any time soon and I think Microsoft is punishing me. :P
    Couldn't find the working HDD and controller charge cord for the 360 in the loungeroom so I decided to go play Lost Odyssey in the bedroom on the Slim 360 instead.
    Try and fire up the console but nothing happens. Check all the cords are connected, then unplug and replug. It starts up but then turns off again mid-update. I think it may be the dodgy power board which is supposed to be a power saving one but just randomly turns stuff off so I removed it from the dodgy power board and plugged it into a different power point. It turns on so I assume everything's fine.
    Does the update, starts the game...and then mid opening scene turns off again. Guess I won't be playing Lost Odyssey. :(

    Not entirely sure what could be wrong. Could be the power cord but when it's actually on it's fine. Weird.

    Last edited 11/11/13 1:08 pm

      FORCED OBSOLESCENCE! You never should have patched!


        Yeah, updates are bad.

        *curls up in corner*

        Last edited 11/11/13 1:21 pm


      I turned mine on on Saturday night to play some Trials and it froze twice during boot up then a few more time in Trials.

      Something fishy's going on...

        My 360 has been offline for about 6 months now thanks to a lack of wireless. Sounds good to keep it that way.

    Took the dog for a walk to have a picnic by the river. Walked over 4 kilometres and now he and I are exhausted.

    Aw crap, just realised Climbey's likely going to be back tonight.

    I'm too busy being in a don't-want-to-deal-with-anything state to want to deal with that >_< 

    Already staring vacantly at RIft stuff and hating everything as it is.

      "I'm kind of dealing with my own shit right now which I don't want to talk about, so I'm all moody and won't talk much, but if you want to hook up for dinner or something later this week, I'll happily listen to you talk about your trip while I'm checking you out."


      Well, sort of. SDK 0.2.5 was crashing on startup, something had to be changed in the initialisation stuff but now seems to be ok. Also they seem to have fixed the stuff that crashed during cleanup at the end! distortion rendering is still borked though. Dammit.

    Hey Tech TAY! I have a question!

    So some dude is coming to set up my internet this Thursday and the confirmation email that Internode sent me mentioned that if you live in an apartment building, you may need to give the guy access to the Main Distribution Frame for cabling work.

    Now, am I correct in assuming that he would only need access to this if the unit was not already set up for broadband? (which is should be, I was given the option of an EasyConnect Telstra plan before I moved)

    The email says that any cabling is at my own cost, so I'm just a bit worried it's going to be some massive cost that I won't get to take advantage of if I move out in 6 months.

      You should be OK. If your unit is set up and they can get the signal they need, you'll be fine.

        I hope so! Thanks!

        Now I just gotta ask if I can have the day off on Thursday... :P

    I'm worried about what @strange said and wanna turn on my 360 to see if it still works, but I gotta go see the Doctor now D:

      Doctor Who? Tell him he's a jerk and I hate him!

        If it's Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman tell her I appreciate how tough it was for her to be a woman on the frontier.

          If it's Doc Brown say that Einstein's a damn good name for a dog! Nicely done!

          Last edited 11/11/13 2:02 pm

            If it's Doc What? ask him to say hi to Shiggy for me!

      I'm sure yours is fine. I hope you are fine, too. Just going to Doc's for medical certificate or are you feeling superduperbad?

        Oh yeah, hope you feel better too, Jimu.

        As is usually the case the infection has spread to my sinus and I have been prescribed antibiotics.

        I feel not too shit.

          Not too shit is good, right? Right? :P

            Good for a sick person, yeah

    Weekend report:
    - Resubbed to PS Plus \o/

    - Downloaded Guacamelee and played for about 30 mins. Don't like it. The platforming is imprecise, the combat feels janky and I don't give a shit about the plot. :(

    - Played some of The Guided Fate Paradox. If anyone is fence-sitting, don't waste your money. Plays really badly, plot is nonsense, characters are uninteresting (aside from having nice designs) and the game is amazingly chatty. I've got a high tolerance for talky games, but not when the dialogue is just for the sake of dialogue. "Shut up and let me play" was all I was thinking.

    - Got in touch with NIS America regarding my missing Disgaea D2 LE and it looks like it left the US but never arrived in Australia. :( But because I've been buying their stuff since 07 they sent me a replacement \o/ \o/ \o/

    - I spent most of the weekend playing Kantai Collection. Discovered I don't need a VPN to play after the initial login which makes things easier. Managed to finally get a full size carrier (Hiryuu) and my very first sortie with her was hillarious. Recon plane went out, spotting the enemy fleet early. Pre-emptive airstrike from Hiryuu and Shouhou flies out, torpedoes all the enemy ships and the rest of my fleet didn't even get to fire a shot. Perfect victory. Then the random drop from that encounter was the Sendai, which was the remaining ship I needed to complete the Sendai-class light cruiser set and unlock my third fleet. Following encounter was against some aircraft carriers, which I wiped out again (this time with some battleship support) which unlocked Akagi so now I have two carriers \o/ Currently my main fleet is the Battleship Yamashiro (flagship), Carriers Akagi and Hiryuu, Destroyer Yukikaze and light cruiser Kitakami (which I am currently trying to build to level ten so I can remodel her to a Torpedo cruiser for anti-submarine operations). My 6th slot goes either to Battleship Fuso or Light Cruisers Yura or Tenryuu depending on status and resources available. My next major goal is to get a Kongo-class (ideally Kongo or Haruna) but every time I build a Battleship I get a Fuso-class and it's very annoying because that's about 12 hours worth of resources. :(

    - Kantai Collection is insanely addictive and no one should play it. Upside is that I think I'm actually learning some Kanji readings while playing it.

    - Still have absolutely no idea what to take away with me to NZ next week.

      Are you serious!? RE: Guacamelee

      I found the platforming really good and the combat takes learning but once you get it you can get some serious combos going.

      Agree about the plot, though. It's pretty nonsense.

        I just don't like it. I can't put my finger on it but the platforming feels really broken to me. Also with the plot being uninteresting I'm not hugely motivated to stick with it when I don't like how it plays.

          That's fair.

          I'd say stick with it but if you're already struggling you'll probably just end up hating it more.

            I might give it another go at some point later since everyone but me seems to love it. But everyone seemed to love the developer's previous game (that Mutant Blobs thing) and I thought that was pretty awful too.

              AH MAN! Mutant Blobs Attack was great!

                I think we may have just established that at some fundamental level our taste in games may not be compatible.

              Love Guac couldn't give two shits for blob

          Related question - have you played Rogue Legacy? Because you've pretty well summed up my impressions of that game. I really wanted to like it too!

            Yes. I thought it was complete trash too, absolutely can't understand why everyone raves about it. Went in wanting to like it but really don't.

            I haven't tried Spelunky yet because I'm worried that it'll have the same issues for me.

      "The platforming is imprecise"

      ha ha! Good one, as if.

    I pre-ordered Lego Marvel Super Heroes a few months back...
    Just remembered now...

    So last week I mentioned that terrible tendency in open-world games to complete all possible sidequests and exploration options before advancing the main quest? Happening again in Assassin's Creed 4.

    Not sure if it really counts as a spoiler because it's more of a game mechanic, but whatever:
    So you capture forts to uncover sections of the sea, much like using radio towers in Far Cry 3, or Synching Viewpoints in any other AC game. So of course, immediately I capture as many of them as I can to reveal the entire map... or the entire map except for one section. That section was infuriating the hell out of me until eventually I gave up and did some more story missions. Turns out there's a story mission to unlock that section, in a tutorial on how to take forts.
    Mm... post-mastery tutorials.

      Yeah, but do you know how to Run?

        You gotta sprint before you can be told how to crawl.

    Finally have headphones again, and it only took 8km of walking up and down hills (and a stop at Hungry Jacks) to get them :D They take batteries, which is interesting...

      Batteries = active noise-cancelling. So good to drown out some constant noise, like on plane/train.

        I know it has (fairly average) active noise cancelling, but even without "turning them on" the sound quality is kinda poor. Very soft and drowned out. They sound great with the noise cancelling turned on though, so I'm not 100% positive whether it's just for the noise cancelling or not.

          Some headphones require it to be turned on otherwise they don't work properly (or at all).

    Path of Exile is not a good game and yet I can't stop playing. Dammit.

      I found it mostly visually pleasing and the sound quality pretty decent. I liked the IDEA of the skill/talent tree system, but not the limitations that sprang out of it and the length of time it took to get fun toys. Leaving shit on the ground is the only way to progress too, and that plays fucking havoc with my OCD and is the primary reason I stopped playing. You simply cannot explore the entire map, pick up everything, return to vendor when full, then come back and continue. It's simply not possible, thanks to respawns and taking bloody forever to 'jog' at a relative crawl.

        I've only been picking up blue and yellow items. White items are trash and seem to only be worthwhile if they're the right item with the right sockets.

        That's pretty much how Diablo games work anyhow. There are meant to be trash items that you ignore so that you excited when you see something yellow.

          'Meant' to be played? Pfft. No, Diablo is MEANT to be played with you as a human vacuum cleaner who returns to town every three minutes to drop shit off at the vendor.

          At least with town portalling, Diablo doesn't punish my pathological compulsion to pick up every bit of shiny possible. And Torchlight even caters to it. :) (God bless you, magical trading kitty.)

            And then there are trinkets that aren't even worth picking up.

            By the time you get to act 3, portal scrolls are plentiful.


              Well, not in Path of Exile, because it means you can't get past respawns. But in NORMAL ARPGs it is. 1 gold is something, dammit! They all add up!

              Last edited 11/11/13 4:07 pm

                It's starting to feel like even the blue items aren't worth picking up.

                On the other hand, 10 hours into the game and I have literally no concept of value in this game.

        And this is why Torchlight and Torchlight 2 got it right with the Pet to sell the items for you as you kept going with a now empty inventory :). Torchlight 2 made it even better with the shopping list, so darn good!

        I'm the same, I need to pick up everything and compare it with stuff I have. I was playing multiplayer but got too frustrated by everyone running off while I was comparing gear. Seems to happen a lot when I'm playing multiplayer RPG's. =(

        Last edited 11/11/13 5:08 pm

      I like it. I can see the flaws and they still haven't fixed the shadows which keep bugging out and crippling my fps but I still play and enjoy it.

      Me and a friend played that back in like... April. Once. So shit, wouldn't play again :P

      It scratches the clicky itch and it's free. I haven't gotten back to it in quite a while though. Not high up enough on the priorities.

    Crazy day is crazy, but we did just apply for $500,000 worth of grant funding.


    gah, why do I always get jobs where they just keep overloading and overloading me until I hit breaking point and quit.
    This is why I've never had a job for more than about a year and a half,

    edit: and I am good at coping with stress and big workloads, this is just getting unreasonable

    Last edited 11/11/13 4:54 pm

      Maybe you should stop making meth!

      In all seriousness, my friend -- hope you're okay. :(

        maybe I should consider making Meth, Walter White seemed to have it pretty easy relatively speaking :P

          Or become a bootlegger! #BoardwalkEmpirePals

          Last edited 11/11/13 5:31 pm

      You need to learn to pretend that the easy jobs are hard and take a long time.
      This is the Australian way.

    @jimu what's your name on pokemon?

      Also, does anyone else feel guilty about making their pokemon roll around in pokemon amie?

        I don't know what that means, but yes. Yes, I do.

        Wait, do they do that because of the gyro or something?

        I just thought they were having a fun time rolling around!

          If you use roller skates or the bike they roll from side to side.

            I generally have Super Training as my default lower screen. My Pokemon need to stay in shape.

        Never used it. I spend all my time on the Player Search System.

          You are missing out D=

        Haven't done much in that yet, too keen on the main game.

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