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No-one managed to guess yesterday's haiku? I thought you would all breeze through it! I guess you never know. Okay dokey I guess you all need a little picture for some help.

But first here's that haiku again from Pseudoedj:

Paternal hatred Time to clean up the houses Do I have a tongue?

And here's a picture to help you all out!

Good luck everyone!

This is HaiTaku. We write Haikus about old video games and leave it you to guess what game we're talking about. If you want to submit a Haiku feel free. Send it here!


    Happy Friday all!
    Any plans for the weekend?
    Uh oh, out of syll...

    Again, no idea
    Perhaps it's Devil May Cry?
    Fat chance of that, though.

    Edit: Haiku

    Last edited 22/11/13 12:05 pm

    Hrm. Well Katamari Damacy and Chibi Robo both have parents with issues, cleaning up rooms and player characters that don't speak, but neither seems to quite fit.

    Last edited 22/11/13 2:27 pm

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