The First Man To Buy An Xbox One Was This Guy From New Zealand

Meet Dan Livingstone. Dan lives in New Zealand. Thanks to the ways of the world and time zones and whatnot he was the very first person to actually pay money for an Xbox One. He seems happy.

Sometimes it really sucks to be a gamer in this part of the world — delays, cost, lag — but occasionally we see a rare upside and that upside is during big global launches like the Xbox One when we get to play new consoles hours before the rest of the world. At time of posting the Xbox One has been available here for nine hours but there are places in the US where it is still unavailable.

This might make me a bit of a jerk, but I feel pretty happy about that.


    I hope he enjoys his set-top box that plays games averagely.

      Unfortunately, even PS4 plays game averagely.

      Master PC race ftw.

      But I bought both X1 and PS4 anyway.

    True. It is a piece of shit, but he seems happy to waste his money. Each to his own I guess.

    I'm with you mark. There is just something about a company sticking to one release date rather than releasing it a day early in the US just so they are the first.. like games have done in the past.

    Sony made a very smart move releasing the PS4 when it did. They beat MS by a week, and was able to provide a reasonable supply level. They need to compete with the X1 in the US, where most of EU is dominated by Sony.

    Who cares about the rest of the world, and honestly, we don't really suffer delays much these days, we get most games several days before the rest of the world. So stop your belly aching.

    I can't wait to be the first in line. First in my local area, that's enough for me.

    PS4 releases next week in NZ

    So those 250 guys in the US who got their xbones a week or 2 ago don't count as buyers?

    Yeah but Amercas still 1ups us with their cheap cars, houses and cost of living... not too mention their Xbox One is cheaper...

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