This Week In Games: Stop Releasing Games, Steam!

Bloody hell Steam! Give us a break! Seems like every week there are an absolute horde of games being released on PC through Steam. It's absolutely out of control.

I guess it's a good thing but I genuinely cannot keep up with this output! It's insane. Still, a couple of big releases this week: Contrast on PC, XCOM: Enemy Within and a handful of other releases. Seems like everyone is in a bit of a holding pattern for the Xbox One and PS4 launches.

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! (360/PS3)

What is it? That show everyone loves has another video game. Should you care? Seems like a kind of fan service thing. I'm sure it'll be a functional game and fans of the show won't be disappointed. Not my thing.

Angry Birds Star Wars (360)

What is it? Christ almighty. Should you care? This is like $39.95. For a game you can get free elsewhere. How are they justifying this? Are people actually buying this?

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition (PC)

What is it? Oh, I'm sure a lot of people have been waiting for this. Baldur's Gate II... enhanced! Should you care? You may have already played the crap out of this. You may want to do it all over again. And why not?

Blood Knights (PC)

What is it? A hack and slay game with RPG elements. Should you care? Seems a bit generic to me. Surely there are better alternatives out there?

Call of Duty: Ghosts Limited Edition (PS4)

What is it? What? This is out before the console is? I guess so... it's listed at retail. Should you care? I have to say, I wouldn't bother. I think it's time to demand something a bit more from this series.

Castlevania: The Lords of Shadow Collection (PS3)

What is it? Packages the Lords of Shadow game with the console remake of the 3DS title and a bunch of DLC. Should you care? Plenty of folk loved this. I didn't. But I tend to complain and get annoyed by things other people love.

Contrast (PC)

What is it? This is the PC version of the PS4 launch game I'm actually most excited about! Should you care? Look super smart, super gorgeous and original. Looking forward to this, but might wait for the PS4 version.

Deadfall Adventures (PC)

What is it? An 'action driven first person shooter'. Should you care? Don't know a helluva lot about this one. Seems a bit generic and naff. Maybe head here and make your own mind up.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (3DS/360/PS3/Wii U/PS Vita/PC)

What is it? It's the new LEGO game! It's cool. Should you care? A bit of a step up from regular LEGO fare. I enjoyed what I played of it.

PixelJunk Shooter (PC)

What is it? I love that the PixelJunk series is making it across to PC. Fantastic set of games. Should you care? One of my favorite PixelJunk games. Just smooth, slick art style with simple tactile mechanics. Love it.

XCOM: Enemy Within (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? Well the last one was pretty good, wasn't it! Should you care? Yes. Definitely yes.

X Rebirth (PC)

What is it? I hate to admit this but I'm not all that familiar with the 'X' series. A super complex Space Trading and combat game in the vein of Elite. Should you care? Looks kinda interesting actually.


    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (3DS/360/PS3/Wii U/PS Vita/PC)

    What is it?
    Should you care?

    Speechless ?

    \o/ you shall me mine.... one day...

    Actually, there are a lot of games that seem pretty nifty this week!

    Don't forget the XBox One version of CoD is out this week too, interesting that you can buy a next-gen game over a week before the Xbox one comes out, and over two weeks before the PS4 comes out.

    Definitely getting Lego Marvel this week.

      Games releasing before the console embargoes, it tends to be done when the reviews for the game won't be great... that way they get sales in before the review comes up.

        Reviews are already out. Gameplay is identical, and comparison videos show it's pretty much the same sparkly sparkly.

      Also, according to EB Angry Birds: Star Wars isn't due out until December.

      Also, I can't believe they're trying to charge 40 bucks for it. I'm sure I only paid a few dollars for the Windows 8 version.

    rofl... i love that we can buy cod for ps4 but have a 2-3 week wait for the hardware.... unless of course this was a mistake...

    also... Contrast... looked fantastic running on the PS4 at EB Expo... any PS+ subscribers should wait for PS4 if you're getting one as you'll be getting this game for free :)

    also the blood knights game might look generic but its the type of game i'm keen to play... might check it out or at least add it to my wish list for the sales later in the year!

      I would love for the games to be released early. I can go to the cheapest place and pick it up now so I don't have to screw around at the midnight launch.

        i guess it depends what games you're after and where you're buying the console from... EB is doing a very nice deal for pre-orders of the PS4 on launch night/day for Killzone and Knack

    Most of the stuff that comes out on Steam these days is the result of excessive Greenlighting which for some reason indies still complain is too restrictive.

    This baffles me, because a lot of the stuff which DOES get through is the same tedious indie trend of retro(/shit)-graphics near-RPGs, 2D platformers (either with novel physics mechanics, hard-as-balls speed-running, or that lazy-ass 'foregrounds are hard' limbo-style black silhouette aesthetic), bullet-hell/shmups/'roguelikes'(wannabe, anyway), puzzle games, or iOS mobile game ports which simply had enough polish to impress enough people.

    Pre-loaded and ready to go

      The preload is up already? Damnit, Greenmangaming haven't sent out keys yet, they probably won't until release. I'll have to wait MINUTES before I can play it!!!

      How big is the download for it, a gig or so?

      Last edited 11/11/13 12:43 pm

        Yeah, just under a gig if I remember correctly

          Oh well thats not TOO bad, I won't be able to play it the nanosecond it releases but then I have no life so I'll probably finish it before most people

    x-rebirth is going to suck away so many ppls lives.

      I'll be one of them.

      see you guys in March!

    X Rebirth (PC)

    What is it? Space simulator with the absolute freedom to do whatever you want, ranging from being a pirate to a merchant or just do whatever you feel like. Build, trade, fight, think!
    Should you care? Yes, definitely YES

      Any idea if it has TrackIR support? Might be the final thing that pushes me into getting one

        Not sure, have a look though:
        I already preloaded it. :)

    X Rebirth What is it?
    The single player version of EVE Online and/or Star Citizen.
    Apparently it's a bad thing that you can pilot only one ship.

      Uhm, you can only pilot one ship at a time, but you can pilot ANY ship that you see out there. You can even capture them and then pilot them.
      Don't tell me you can pilot 2 or more ship at the same time in Eve online and/or Star Citizen.

    I saw Angry Birds Star Wars on the PSVita store the other day for $39.95 and it was a wtf moment. As Mark said, it sounds like the exact same game you can get for free or for a few bucks elsewhere, so I don't know what the hell they're trying to do with this.

      Targeted at unknowing Grandparents/parents with xmas coming up no doubt.

    For those of you looking to pick up Xcom remember that Ozgameshop has it for 24.99 AUD

    Thats almost half the steam price!

    and they always on sale, so there are too many AND they are too cheap, as well.

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