Um, This Subway Was Built In Minecraft. *Minecraft*.

The days of being dazzled by the things people in Minecraft are almost over but, every now and then, something has the capacity to shock me into submission. This picture of a subway, from a distance, looked like... a subway. It's only when I looked a little closer that I realised: it was made in Minecraft. Minecraft.

With all the mods and texture packs available for Minecraft, this image might not mean much to some. It might seem commonplace. But to someone like myself, as a casual observer of all that Minecraft has to offer, it seems amazing.

But in the end this is what it is: a picture of a subway, built using a set of tools. It's interesting how context makes something that is technically commonplace feel amazing. I think that's what is essentially cool about the things that people create using Minecraft. It's the restrictions that make it interesting and worthwhile.

So yes. This is a very cool picture of a Subway. Made using Minecraft.

[Minecraft] Subway by Yazur [DeviantArt] via Reddit


    It just looks like a normal subway with a texture pack. The lighting looks pretty good though.

    Am I the only one not really bothered about what can be made in Minecraft? I could make this in lego

      Yes you're the only person.
      Minecraft for life yo' \m/

      It's not just that. It's like, Minecraft allows you to build anything, the only limit is your imagination, and you build ..... a subway.

      How thrilling

        It's still better then anything I could do...The only limit being your imagination is far too large a limit for me.

      Only really worth paying attention to the things that actually do something. Too many minecraft 'models' are made by a program acting as a sort of scantron, or in world edit.

    The texture pack creates a whole new environment... I liked the Blade Runner one.

    Would have been cooler if they had a working train.

    Probably worth noting that this was likely rendered in Chunky using a Minecraft world. Hence the grain and realistic lighting.

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