Well, Microsoft's Xbox One Launch Event Sure Seems Interesting

I'm picturing some poor schmuck at Microsoft accounts getting a bill for the Xbox One's launch event in NYC tonight in a few months' time, looking at it, then jumping straight out a window.

The company is going to ridiculous lengths tonight, not only taking over Times Square but doing stuff like having zombies shamble all over the Brooklyn Bridge, fancy sports cars racing through Manhattan and giving out green beanies.

Some of team Kotaku will be heading down to check it out; expect more coverage from them through the night.


    All good fun but do you think the companies ever get the payback on these kinds of stunts? People who are buying a bone have preordered and standing in line so are they hoping the zombie hoard will remind people on their way to shops to pick up milk to get the bone as well?

      Do they get any payback? Absolutely.

      This kind of spectacle pays off when the mainstream news programs run stories about it. That kind of exposure is worth much more than the cost of the event itself. It gets the word out to all those who don't have their finger on the pulse that there is a new Xbox to buy.

      Perhaps it's a Dawn of the Dead style reminder that they are all mindless consumer zombies.

    Those guys with the green beanies could almost be attending the Zelda launch...

    I didn't expect Tyrion to be an Xbone fan boy!! Mind frankly blown.

      I wasn't the only one who thought that?

    I love that I knew that the gif would be Denholm jumping out the window before even clicking on the article. Gotta love IT Crowd!

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