Xbox One Sprints To A Million

Calling it "The biggest launch in Xbox history," Microsoft informs us that they've sold more than one million Xbox One consoles worldwide in less than 24 hours.

They also say that more than 3.6 million Forza miles have been driven and more than 60 million Dead Rising zombies have been slain. Poor zombies. At least they don't feel pain. Or do they?


    Sony fans rushing to discredit this and remind everyone the PS4 launched only in one country in 3 ... 2 ...

      2 countries actually. Versus the 13 markets Xbox was released in. Be interesting when the 29th hits and the PS4 is released in Europe and here. Then who has the best numbers at the end of December. Either way both will have a strong following, that's all that really matters.

        Besides, staying power is what really matters. Halo 4 was the best selling Halo game ever, and it has trouble reaching 20,000 daily players a year after release.

          Well said. The numbers only make sense when both companies have console left over each month. Then we'll get a real indication of what's happening because it this point, selling out of stock means nothing.

          I would say the PS4 seems more popular, anecdotally. But shoot, those are massive numbers for both companies.

            PS4 seems more popular due to supply issues though, both my local EB and JB said they had double the allocation of Xbox Ones compared with PS4's, hence why pre orders for release have been sold out for a while now.

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              It's more popular due to higher sales, higher preorders, and simply being more popular.

                Not disagreeing with you outright, as the PS4 may well have sold more than the XO - but surely they firstly have to announce they've sold more for us to know this as fact?

                Anecdotal reports are one thing (and I've also heard anecdotal reports of PS4 allocations being cut down in the last month) - but he's offering it as such ("I heard that...from my local...") and not as the higher sales retort you are seemingly presenting as well known fact by implication of your statement.

                Carry On Gentlemen!

                  Both Sony and MS released their statements. I'm not sure where else you want to go for figures, but that's more reliable than someone saying their local stores said something, then extrapolating that world-wide.

                  As for proof of higher sales, unless MS sold nothing in Europe, they sold less in NA than Sony.

                  Xbox One & PS4 both have sold over a million on launch day. Simple as that.

          Lets be honest 343i stuffed up with multiplayer, they failed to grasp the same multiplayer that Halo 3 had. They only fixed it up like 3 months ago, it just seems like nobody is there to give it a second chance.

            What was wrong and what did they fix?

            For the record my Halo 4 experience was one of initial fun but ultimately frustration - the starting weapons are so hopelessly underpowered that in some areas (ragnarok springs to mind) is like butting your head against. Brick wall for 10 minutes.

            I'd like it if they went all the way with customisable loadouts - they also to fix their lobby system - it's still way too slow; COD, BF, TF2, SvM all seem to be able to get you into a match faster than Halo.

            Oh, they added in a local only search option 3 months ago?

      You don't think that it's statistically significant?

        Of course it is.

          Well then I don't think you need to be a Sony fan to point it out then.

            I don't think anyone needs it pointed out to begin with. That's my point.

              So you're saying that this statistically relevant information should not be pointed out?

                That question is about as relevant as asking if you're trying to turn this article into a fanboy console war

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      What's wrong with someone pointing out the number of countries each console was released in when these sales figures were released? It's hard to tell which has done better on launch when we're just given a general statement of "over a million" when each console has been released in a different number of countries. Sure, there are idiots out there who will jump on anything to say this is better than that, but for those of us who aren't rabid fanboys/girls it would be interesting to have a proper comparison.

        Unless you are paid to count beans, it doesn't really matter. A storm in a teacup.

          So those of us who are merely curious should just get over it and go do something else? Right...

      Why do you feel the need to pre-emptively defend your significant other? "Discredit" implies that these numbers thrown around are false. I have no doubt they're legitimate, but why are you resistant on more information? Yes, the PS4 has thus far, only launched in the USA and Canada vs the Xbox's 13 markets. Yes, you can still walk into an EBGames and buy an Xbox right now whereas you'll need to wait till February 2014 for the PS4 if you haven't pre-ordered. You don't think this is remotely pertinent if one is to make a guess as to which console they want to purchase based simply on popularity?

        Depends if you think selling out of a lower number of units due to supply issues = popular or not.

          ...that doesn't work, at all.

          The Xbox sold 1M across North America, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, and major European markets.

          The PS4 sold 1M in just North America - its weakest market. It hasn't gone on sale yet in its major markets, where it'll likely see another 1M sales minimum.

          Even if the PS4 sold out of stock in NA, that means there was a potential to increase these gap in popularity between it, and the Xbox in the Xbox's core market, even further.

          The PS4 outsold the Xbox in NA. It'll outsell it globally this Friday.

            Doesn't matter. Nothing can predict how many either will sell. That is what actual reality is for.

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          There is no indication that there are fewer PS4s to go around. Everything we've heard regarding manufacture and pre-sale stocking is speculative. With the '1 million' trumpeted by both companies and the disparities in launch markets, I'll hazard a guess that even with the restocking bottleneck, the PS4 will outsell the Xbox in 2013, to say nothing of their 2014 Japanese launches.

          Again, I don't have a horse in this race but I think it's safe to say that the PS4 is set to have the better start out of the gate, and telling that half of the story shouldn't be poo-pooed as rabid Sony fandom. You can insinuate a lot through omission alone.

        I'm not defending my significant other. I'm just tired of console war crap and I was making a quip about it. Discredit is the wrong word, I should have said diminish. As in, fanboys on either side will rush to diminish any good point reported on about the enemy console. It's annoying.

        I personally bought an Xbone, but if I was a betting man I'd back the PS4 to firmly take the lead in sales so far (they've earned it). I have no bias.

      LOL - beautifully timed. You neglected to mention the flurry of fanboi downvotes, equally predictable though they were.

    If you have a preference, you're a fanboy

      I prefer Playstation, yet I don't go out onto forums slandering Xbox or spouting how much better Sony is. I really don't care what console anyone else likes, I just like what I like which happens to be Playstation. That doesn't make me a fanboy.

    "The biggest launch in Xbox history' isn't all that amazing seeing as there have only been three...

    Fact of the matter is Xbox sold 1 mil worldwide. Sony sold 1 mil just in America alone. Sometime after the 29th hits expect to see headlines like "PS4 sells X million units worldwide in 24 hours."

    I'm not going to bash Microsoft but they really should have done better for a global launch. The ball really is in Sony's court.

      Unless you actually believe you are a prophet and can tell the future - you do not know. Like everyone else, you have a 50/50 chance of being correct/incorrect.

      Not necessarily.

      Sony pulled together 1mil units for their launch — they sent them all to the US and Canada, and sold out. Sony made the decision to put their launch stock in one region and sold out, it's done.

      Microsoft appear to have pulled together more than 1mil units and probably safe to assume they've sold most (but not all) of them unless they're lying about launch figures, but they opted to send the consoles to 13 different countries.

      Both companies provided 1mil+ consoles, both companies sold at least 1mil.

      Discounting Microsoft's launch because they didn't push 1mil consoles into North America would be the same as discounting Sony's launch in the rest of the world because it's delayed by 2 weeks to enable them to produce more stock.

      It would be unreasonable to expect that Sony had another 500k-1mil consoles sitting around on the 15th and they didn't release them — else there wouldn't be a 2 week delay. It just is what it is, a different strategy. Microsoft probably still feel like they will dominate the US market, and want the head start elsewhere.

      That said... people will still compare by the first 24 hours of sales in a region (usually it's the first 4 days), but those numbers will be adding up for the next 5 years as the consoles are slowly released in Argentina, Brazil, etc. — low priority countries... it's just silly to think that Microsoft dropped the ball when they have cleared just as much stock, with a more expensive console.

        But do you think xbox will sell as many as the ps4 after they release to the rest of the world?

          That's why its best to wait till end of Dec results. Who's the best by the end of 2013. Either way both will sell a bucket load.

      "They really should have done better for a global launch"?

      One million sales is more than the PS3/360 sold even in the first week of their releases. Whether or not it's the same as what the PS4 will achieve, it's still an amazing amount of consoles sold. Considering the negative attitude surrounding the XO and the huge improvement over last gen's sales, I think Microsoft is extremely pleased.

      edit: Also important to remember that in the long run, these numbers mean nothing. The PS3 had an abysmal launch but caught up to (and even surpassed in some markets) the 360 by the end of the generation.

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        Well said. 1 million consoles in 24 hours is nothing short of outstanding for both companies. I don't think a console has ever sold that many at launch has it.

        The idea that 1MIL is a poor number is just baffling.

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