Community Review: The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

We might be a little bit late to this game with the Community Review, but I'm really keen to discuss it. Let's talk about the game that many people are calling the best Zelda game since Wind Waker.

I'd say I'm about halfway through the game so far, but I still feel ill equipped to talk about it. A Link to the Past is actually my official favourite game of all time. It's the Zelda game I played when I was 11, therefore it will forever be the one I remember most fondly. I think that's the same with everyone. People older than me tend to prefer the original Zelda on the NES, people younger than me prefer Ocarina.

But A Link to the Past has the advantage of being the Zelda that really invented and defined how Zelda games would be structured for the next 20 years, so yeah. Basically I'm right and everyone else is wrong!

Ironically, it takes A Link Between Worlds, a game that is essentially a direct sequel, in the exact same universe and world as A Link to the Past, for the series to do some series structural tinkering. I for one, have slowly become a fan. I like being able to buy weapons in advance. I like being able to approach all the different dungeons as I see fit. I also don't mind that the game feels a little bit like a constant dungeon crawl. It makes sense, and works perfectly as a game that I play on public transport. In 30 minutes I feel as though I've made progress.

But what I love most about A Link Between Worlds is how it feels. It's smooth. The controls are flawless. It feels joyous to simply swing a sword. I did an experiment on Twitter. I was so concerned that I only loved A Link Between Worlds because it was a game that borrowed heavily from a game I obviously loved that I asked people who hadn't played the original: what were your thoughts on the game? Amazingly they loved it just as much as those who played and loved A Link to the Past.

So, yeah, A Link Between Worlds: it's a pretty special game.


    Best game I've played on the 3DS. Having an absolute blast with it even if it is a tad on the easy side.

    Also as an aside, I'm about your age Mark and Majora's Mask is my favourite with Ocarina not far behind. Although that might have more to do with being a Sega kid growing up and not getting a Nintendo console until the 64 came out.

      Yeah. I'm probably a tad older. Was a commodore kid - sega = N64 was my Link introduction - thus Ocarina/Mask are favourites.

    I'm trying to hold back on my gushing over this due to my initial over-reaction to Skyward Sword, but I'm trying really hard to find something to dislike about this (asides from a lack of a true visit to the Misery Mire dungeon...curses!). Some of the more recent Zelda's have pulled only enough attention from me for a single play through, and as a fan I've been a bit disappointed by that. So far with ALBW I've performed a full clear (hearts and MaiMais...I'm not sure if I have all the treasure puzzles though, as I'm not using guides), and I'm half way through a Hero Mode run.

    This is a good sign for me. Already the replay value is enough for me to hit it again right after I finished the main game. I am happy. It's Zelda 3.5, and it has returned my faith that Nintendo still (mostly) knows what it's doing with the series.

      Skyward Sword was pretty good. The only issue in my mind was the over the top annoying popups and beepings and that it lacked real or meaningful exploration.

      Treasure puzzles? have i missed something? i haven't used a guide either... are you talking about the puzzle rooms?

        Ya...they have a treasure hunter at the entrance and you get a big fat rupee at the end of a series of item specific puzzles..

          Oh yep I know the ones. I only did one of those. The tornado wand one. Drove me insane

    Fantastic, and heaps of fun. The only criticism is that it was too easy and that while the exploration aspect is much more significant (and very enjoyable), some parts are still locked off until you do the right dungeon to get the right item (i.e. Titan Mitts).

    The best thing about the game is that it actively encourages exploration by providing all the items for rent. I just wish the game was harder and wasn't so short.

    That said, I beat the game in around 12-14 hours from memory, which is in line with most other handheld Zeldas. It is my favourite handheld zelda, and probably in the top 5 for all Zelda's I've ever played (which pretty much covers most of them with the exception of Link's Awakening and WindWaker, which I am going to buy on my Wii U once I'm done with 3D World), which is a HUUUGE mario game.

    I'm only starting it but I feel like it's hard to get in to.

    I miss the reveal when you get half way through a dungeon and you discover which item you're taking with you from now on.

    My favorite Zelda game is probably oracle of seasons but after playing most of the HD Wind Waker (was never a Nintendo home console guy so I never played it), it has some competition.

    Best game on 3DS. Really draws out the best in handheld gaming experiences. As an ALTTP fan from the 90's- it really hit the nostalgia factor out of the park.

    My one only negative word on this however is its play ability is lower than I imagined it would have been. AI is quite simple. Dungeons are fairly simple. Not easy mind you but not difficult either. Kind of wishing for more.

    8/10 Outstanding

    Got me playing my 3DS again for the first time in ages, very happy with this release.

    Really liking it now I've got my head around the rental stuff. I was so used to the 'need a hookshot to cross the bridge? Make a mental note and come back when you get it' mindset that it clashed with me a little to when starting out. It was also a little confusing because I needed to cross water and wasn't sure if that was something I was meant to rent or find another solution.

    So yeah, if anyone reading this is struggling with the changes I say keep going because once it starts to make sense it's a great entry in the series. Sort of like how the big open ocean in Wind Waker could be overwhelming when you first get the ability to go anywhere you want.

    I absolutely loved it, the only thing I didnt like was how easy it was to get rupees... I think the rental system kind of failed when I found it so easy to get the rupees to buy each item. I owned every item by the 3rd dungeon in the dark world. I felt Ravio was a bit of a waste after that..
    until the "revelation" at the end

      I noticed the same thing, before i'd even gotten to Lorule i had bought all items but the wands.
      But its still an amazing game, i haven't played my 3DS so much in ages, i was even foregoing BF4/ff14 nights to play it on the couch.

    Is it worth buying for someone who's never played a Zelda game?

      short answer, yes.

        Yeah I mean it just seems a lot of the praise comes from it being nostalgic, which doesn't really tell me that it's a great game in its own right.

          Someone who understands... Thank you...

          Zelda and Pokemon are overrated due to Nostalgic which is why it sells so well. When was the last time we had dungeon with REAL puzzles in it?

          Last edited 09/12/13 3:50 pm

          I wouldn't say I liked it because of the nostalgic reasons it was hyped up to be (i never played A Link to the Past). In terms of puzzles there is a lot f interesting 3D mechanics at use in the dungeons. And it's difficulty setting makes it good for newcomers

    The streetpass battles have been quite fun. I feel it's a bit unfair though that tiebreakers are decided by who has done more damage vs who has more life left at the end. It makes it virtually impossible to go up against someone who's specced up so much higher than you are (but still potentially beatable in a battle of attrition).

    Also kind of missed the ability to scribble on the map like with the DS Zeldas. The pins are good but I keep forgetting which colour I dedicated to which thing

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