Four Have Reached Level 100 On PlayStation Network

Hakoom, one of the more prolific and visible trophy hunters in the PlayStation Network, just broke through to level 100 — a rank that requires a user to win some 30,000 trophies. Three others have also breached the 99 barrier, thought to be the limit when PSN instituted trophy support back in mid-2008.

Hakoom gets the publicity mostly because he runs a "trophy service" in which he helps folks win hard-to-win trophies — i.e. by playing the game for them — in exchange for money or PSN cards. Naturally, that opens him to accusations everything he does is a sham and he's cheating somehow (the common allegation, which Hakoom steadfastly denies, is that multiple gamers are playing on his account.) In the e-peen demimonde of achievement/trophy hunting, where everyone better than you is a liar or has no life, and everyone worse than you is an idiot noob, this is all par for the course.

There are three other 100-level PSNers out there, also accused of being "cheaters" by one of the third-party trophy sites monitoring gamers' progress. Hakoom says he was banned by the same site over a personal grudge. So who knows what the agenda really is there. (Indeed, currently lists 46 players at level 100).

But at least four accounts have level 100 status officially conferred by PSN. That's not in dispute: Go to the PlayStation Network's official site and search for the IDs Hakoom, warfigher [sic], DevilsProduct666 and nub_1983; all are level 100. This is a hell of a large accomplishment, considering how each level's XP requirement increases progressively.

As Hakoom pointed out on Twitter, 180 points are given for a platinum trophy (won by earning all trophies offered by a game), 90 for each gold trophy, 30 for a silver and 15 for a bronze. It takes 880,000 points to get to level 100. Hakoom says it took 1,900 days — more than five years — for him to pull this off. That's a lot of gaming.

Hakoom finally did it... level 100 on PSN [NeoGAF]

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    I went through some of his trophy list. So many bad games bought in multiple regions just to get that platinum. This seems more over the top then some WoW stories you hear.

    He is not on the legit leaderboards so maybe he did cheat in someway to reach 100.

    How many games is that all up?

      1016 but that includes playing the same game from different regions with separate trophy data etc. But if you just did a basic translation to gamer score 611 platinums = 611,000 gamer score.

    Wow. The rest of his life must be so complete now that he's spent all that time... playing games for 'trophies'.

      If the report is true and he's playing these games in exchange for cash or PSN cards, he might have a bit of money to "retire" on. I can't find out how much he would charge to collect a trophy, but one person said $50 on a NeoGAF forum, so let's assume you pay that to get a single platinum trophy. $50 x 1,000 games played = $50,000. Assume there's 5 platinum trophies per game. $250,000. That's equivalent to 5 years of "income"

      Of course, this is hypothetical, and he may get many requests for the one game (e.g. a platinum trophy in GTA 5), so it could be even greater than that.

      His life may not be "complete", but if he's making more than I estimated, then it might very well be ;D

        It can't be for others, if it was, it wouldn't be all connected to his account.

        So if that's true, then he's actually earned $0 x 1000 games played, which would be 10s of thousands of hours of his life thrown away.

        Just thinking out loud here, I'm not having a go at you, I could have this all wrong, but that's what came to my mind.

          Oh yeah, good point :B

          Unless he figured "oh why not?" and got the trophies twice, once for them, and once for him. He runs a blogspot where he lists games he still wants to complete and gives you an idea of how much it'll cost and the turnaround time to send a game to him and for him to play it.

            Wow. But I still stand by my (ignorant) comments. I think if someone dedicates THAT much to games, then the rest of their life is probably in pretty poor shape.

            It's all about balance, and 10s of thousands of hrs gaming is not balance.

    here I am sitting on like 768 trophies after 4 years with PS3 lol the only trophies I get are ones you get for just playin the game don't go outta my way to get any.

      That's the only smart way to be about it man. Games are supposed to be fun. If you start chasing trophies, you just turn it into unpaying work.

        I beg to differ. Case in point, COD Zombies, enhances the game vastly, providing more to do when you would never achieve certain trophies without aiming to specifically complete them. Which applies to many other games as well.

        Last edited 16/12/13 5:38 pm

    Who the hell cares about trophies, let alone paying someone money to get them for you!?

    I've never really understood the trophy level system at all. I'm a gamerscore whore on my 360 but the trophy system doesn't really do anything for me (un)fortunately.

      There's a difference?

        haha I guess not really, but just that gamerscore is simple- every achievements gives you more numbers to throw onto your pile of numbers. But with trophies there's this weird arbitrary level system that goes up without explaining the details. "I gained a level... so... what exactly? Did my stats increase or something?"

    I suppose, one just uses points explicitly, where as the other uses levels, however the levels still represent a minimum point value per level, just not as explained. Each to their own i suppose :)

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