​Gone Home Being Remade As A Retro JRPG

​Gone Home Being Remade As A Retro JRPG

Gone Home, the Fullbright company’s evocative house-exploration game, is being remade with an old-school JRPG look. Because why not?

The demake will be the work of tech-savvy internet individual Seth Macy, who tweeted yesterday that he’s got the approval of the Fullbright Company to continue work on the project. He also shared some screenshots:

It all looks a little bit, well, bright compared to the original, but hey, these are probably early screens. I get a very To the Moon vibe from this, which is never a bad thing.

[Via Superpunch]


  • I really didn’t like gone home but I can see why it appealed to some people. In my opinion a big part of the game was the atmosphere of the house and without the cramped, dark and generally spooky house, Im not sure this game would be appealing to even the people that liked the original. Good luck to Seth though.

  • Hopefully you will we able to both walk and turn faster in this version. SO SLOW OTHERWISE. Hurry the flip up Katie! Your family might be murdered, and all you can manage is an old man shuffle?

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