Kotaku Awards 2013: Vote For Your Favourite Australian Game Of The Year

Almost all of my favourite mobile games released in 2013 were Australian made, so I reckon it's been a good year for local development. All of the games on this list affirms this. Time to vote for your favourite Australian-made game of the year!

If you feel like it, let us know your reasoning in the comments below!


    Can't say I've played any of these, unfortunately. :(

      give Antichamber a go if you get a chance. its pretty rad.

        That's all I've heard of on the whole list. Woo, Aus Gaming!

      Assault Android Cactus has a Free Playable demo on Steam so you can try it out.

    No AFL Live 2?

    World of Warplanes is a bit of a stretch isn't it?

    Wargaming acquired the company [which was Australian], which as far as I can tell were the developers of one of the middleware components.

      You're absolutely correct, it's a huge stretch - Wargaming was using the BigWorld engine, and they wound up buying out BigWorld to stop paying licensing fees (which were significant due to the amount of transactions they had happening.

      The game is made in Kiev, Ukraine - It's just the engine team based in Sydney. They do great work... But it's making tech and tools for others who actually make the game itself.

    Sorry to be unhelpful, but I've heard of one of these, and played none.

    Assault Android Cactus has a free playable demo on Steam so try it out, you'll love it!

    Call me unAustralian, but I've haven't played any of them and only heard of a couple.

    I nominated Infinity Wars in the prior post and it seems it didn't make the list. Just in case you are still adding games to the list for people to vote on, I think Infinity Wars quite honestly deserves to be up for a vote.


    No love for Mass Effect 3: Wii U or Deus Ex: Human Revolution Wii U?

    Both were worked on by an Australian company.

    Come on Asphalt beats the hell out of that racing game. The other two are awesome new games though.

    That should be "Neptune's Pride: TRITON"... not Titan.

    Easily one of the most addictive and strategic games I've played. Brilliantly simple and complex at the same time.

    Play a game with friends/co-workers and see who really is the smartest! You may not be friends when it's over with... but the winner will have massive bragging rights! LOL

    Thanks for the nomination, Kotaku! So many great games on that list, it was wonderful to be part of the Australian game scene earlier this year.

      Yeah Ken, now you've abandoned us for those gosh-darned Brits. :(

      (do you know how hard it is to pick between Hackycat and Assault Android Cactus? It's pretty damn hard.)

        First you elect Phony Abbort to wreck the nation, now a generic racer over a quite original bullet hell shooter??

        Austfailia: The lumpen country.

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