Kotaku Awards 2013: Most Anticipated Game Of 2014

I already regret making this award — so many nominations! I've tried to cut it down a little. If a game hasn't been officially announced yet, then it's not on the list (sorry Fallout 4)!

The crazy thing about this massive list of games is, first off, the variety. Secondly, the amount of games I had forgotten about for some reason: like The Division! How could I have forgotten about that!

Anyway, time to get voting for your most anticipated game of 2014. And leave your reasons in the comments below!


    Dark Souls! Daark Soouuls!! DARK SOOOOOOOOUUUUUULS!!!

    The Last Guardian.

    It's my most anticipated game EVERY year.

      and will most likely continue to be for many, many years to come.

        Yes, it is already a firmly-established tradition.

        I bought a PS3 for this game. I'm buying a PS4 for the same reason :P

    Smash Bros, Watch Dogs, Mario Kart8, Donkey Kong and a few others.
    Going to be a good year.

    haha who nominated The Last Guardian?
    good one.

    Edit: but goddamn... there is a whole heap of stuff coming out next year that is gonna be awesome.

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      Yeah, damn, some of the stuff made me :D ! New Wolfenstein!

    So many incredible games I can't wait for, but if I could only play one it'd be one a friend has made. I voted for Anna's Quest.

      NAWWW! I wasn't even going to vote for it, guess now I have to >_>

    My vote went to Watch Dogs....will the extra time to polish the game make it really good and relatively bug free (since the game needs to be optimised for PC, PS3/X360, PS4/Xbone and the companion app for IOS/Android/Windows8 needs to be simultaneously released (so you don't have one set complaining that the other got it early (GTA iFruit)) or will it be a massive letdown title of 2014?

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      You forgot WiiU (which I'll be playing it on). Yay for half next gen?

        Oh my bad, I forgot about the WiiU...The WiiU needs some quality 3rd party titles to increase sales (or get 3rd party devs to develop games for the console)

    Night in the Woods! I don't know when it's coming out, but Night in the Woods! Looks so good!

    Mario Golf: World Tour!


    I'm also watching Dragon Age but not for positive reasons.

    Titanfall and Destiny for me...but I'm really hoping Titanfall will reinvigorate my enjoyment for FPS' so I vote for that.

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    I'm outraged that Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd wasn't on the list!

    Dark Souls 2 or The Division

    If the Division delivers based on the E3 gameplay vid I am sold. Between it and Dark Souls 2, I will no longer be contributing to society - it's been real...

    Where is Shenmue 3?!

    Voted for TLG, like I did every year since 2008.

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    The Order: 1886, Uncharted and/or Infamous: Second Son, I need a reason to buy a PS4 and these 3 games seem to be the killer games required to drop some cash. That said I'm intrigued about A Stick of Truth but I remember the N64 South Park and not fondly.

      I wondered about the n64 version, thanks for validating not getting it!

    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes or Smash Bros. Can't decide which. Though if Monolith Soft's new game is coming next year... I think we have a winner.

    I voted Smash Bros. because that game will be AMAZING (and might even save the Wii U). However, I'm also looking forward to Infamous: second Son, so it was a close call!

    Voted The Witcher 3 but honestly I'm probably just as excited for Destiny, and looking on this list there's a bunch of other stuff I'm pretty excited to play too, plus a few that aren't listed that I'm hyped for as well. 2014 is going to be pretty awesome.

    Tough choice between Witcher 3 and Watchdogs.

    Probably should be a vote on most cautiously anticipated game, cause Im a bit worried about Thief and Wolfenstein: New Order, even though I'd like a new (GOOD!) release of them

    Im giving Dragon Age 3 the benefit of the doubt even though I despise the 2nd.

    Next year sure is going to put this year to shame in terms of good games coming out.

    Hard to pick - my top two are about equal. DA: Inquisition is looking awesome, especially the "actions speak louder than words" concept... but Witcher 3 ekes ahead ever so slightly for its open world and the idea of being able to pick up different angles on the main story depending on where in the world you travel to.

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