Kotaku Awards 2013: Vote For Your Console Game Of The Year

You nominated, now it's time to vote: what was your favourite console game of the year?

This list features a lot less games that I expected. I think people tended to nominate the same game in this category!

Vote in the poll below and if you feel like discussing your choices, drop us a comment!


    How do I vote on this? All of these that I did play, I played on PC.


      Don't ever let it go, Loops.


        Clinging to it like it's a holy relic of the chapters past.

    Where's Tales of Xillia??? I know I would've been the only one that voted for it, but still!

      Last week there was a post to nominate the games to be included here. Shame you missed it because I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have been the only voter for it had you nominated it.

        That's the thing; I'm pretty sure that I did nominate it.

        Nevermind actually, I put it as my "surprise game of the year" instead. It definitely earns that award!


    Ha! only played 2 of these.


    I can't decide between Saints Row 4, Tomb Raider... or the surprisingly absent Rock-Smith 2014.

    I totally just voted for DmC. Come at me, bro.

    Tomb Raider and GTA V were very good, but The Last of Us...

      ...was not as good as them!

      TLOU was over-rated. Great storyline, terrible game.

      My opinion BTW

    It's tough because Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinte are brilliant games but GTAV was absolutely amazing.

    I was so excited for Saints row IV and it ended up being so disappointing. I was amazed by Black Flag though. That game needs to get more votes. It was absolutely stunning!

    The Last Of Us.

    Commiserations to all the also-rans for having the misfortune to come out in the same year as Naughty Dog's masterpiece.

    Just looking at this list it just shows what a great year of gaming its been, have to side with TLOU, Naughty Dog did a great job.

    I find it interesting how many games appear on both this poll and also the poll for biggest disappointment of the year!

    Clearly the winner is The Wonderful 101, regardless of whether or not it actually wins.

    Super Mario 3D World.
    Because it is the only game on this list that would not be possible unless it was on a console.
    And its bloody brilliant.

    You know what, since GTAV I was deadset on calling it my game of the year. I'm an Xbox gamer, but recently have borrowed my brothers PS3, and have been working my way thru its exclusives. Played Uncharted 3 and recently just finished The Last of Us, and damn that game just blew me away. What an experience. Never have I felt such emotion in a game. So it may now be my game of the year, but it also might be because its still fresh on my mind.

      Did you play Uncharted 2? I reckon that's the high point of the series - better than Uncharted 3 IMO.

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