Vote For Your Favourite Console Game Of 2012


    Alot of great games this year I believe I'm going to go with Final Fantasy XIII-2 it was such a welcome change from its predecessor.

    Gotta go with ZombiU. That game's sucked me in completely, and has me absolutely terrified.

      Plus, hearing about your zombie killing/being killed by your friends is just awesome!

    Arkham City was 2012? Definitely the best of that lot for me :)

      Wii U version was this year!

        Shit. I want my vote back :P

          One of the first things you ever said to me on TAY was make an offer to lend the 360 version when I was ranting about the busted PC version. You're a good guy, man! :D

            Not that good if I don't even remember what year that was :P

    Wow, I've played a whopping 2 games out of that list. XCOM and Darksiders 2. I'm gonna have to go with XCOM.

      I just realised that I only played those games on PC. My Xbox hasn't had much love this year :(

    Guess what I voted for!? LOL IT WAS MAX PAYNE

      I had to go with Max Payne 3, it looks better on my PC, but Far Cry 3 will get my best PC game vote

    XIII-2 for me, easiest vote yet. Spent more hours with it than many other games combined.

    Far Cry 3 all the way. Late to the party and still blew the others out of the water.

    Far Cry 3. Although, mass effect 3 is so SO close. And Arkham City is not too far behind.

    Batman Arkham City for sure... Hitman and XCOM were definately up there too.

    Borderlands 2, it fixed all that was wrong with Borderlands 1, had a fun story and great villain.

    Journey would be a runner up of sorts, but for me it's not really a 'game' type game... more of an interactive experience, which was fantastic!

    I only played one of those games on this list on a console this year, and I hated it. I guess I'll have to abstain.

    There were 3 standout titles for me this year:

    Binary Domain
    Dragon's Dogma
    XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    So hard to decide between the 3 but i gotta give it to Binary Domain since the other 2 are certainly going to get sequels. Binary Domain was completely ignored by all the casual gamers out there and passed over by too many core gamers as well.

    So it would be a miracle to see another in its series and that is just criminal. It was sooooo bloody awesome and destroyed all the other Third person shooters released over the last few years. (Not multiplayer, that part was crap, but in single player it was pure gold)

    Holy crap! I have not played ANY of the games on that list.

      Too busy eating planets?

        Nom Nom Nom

          Your name is Unicron and you haven't play Fall of Cybertron?

            Ahh touche!
            Bought the first one and loved it. Guess i just knew it was there on the store shelves for when i had the dough and the time. That and the fact that i have been trying (i say that loosely) to cut into my Tower of Shame. Pains me to say but i had less gaming time this year than any year previous.

              You should hit it up one day. It topped the first one.
              That said i'm in the same boat. Less and less time for gaming every week =(

                Got my christmas pay today so going on a little game buying session tonight to get me through the holidays when the cricket isn't on. FoC, Sleeping Dogs, Darksiders 2 and Paper Mario 3DS should do nicely.

    Max Payne 3, Far Cry 3, Dishonored, Sleeping Dogs are all the best games for me this year BUT I played them all on PC.
    Notice they all had proper PC versions too, ie eyefinity, dx11, proper HD textures etc etc.

    Console though I will go with FFXIII as that is all on the list for my PS3 use. No Tekken Tag 2 really?
    Honourable mention to Journey, Darksiders and Mark of the Ninja too.



        It wasn't THAT good. It was just THAT much better then FFXIII-1.
        Good game, but not best of the year. I platinum'd the shit out of it though

          I upvoted you not becuase I agree with your 'It wasn't that good' statment (I don't), but because I respect your platinum efforts :)

          Last edited 06/12/12 3:35 pm

        Have people developed some sort of traumatic condition that makes them suddenly love terrible games?

    Borderlands 2. The game I have spent the most in this year. My best PC vote will be Far Cry 3 though.

    It's a bit ridiculous that Skyward Sword was in last year's poll before it was released in Aus, and thus before anyone had played it. Now we have played it but can't vote for it?

    Dishonored? But I can't afford far cry 3 until the poll's over! Oh well, Dishonored will do.

    Guess I'm not voting, I've been playing last years games (like dark souls and portal 2) and none of these games on the list really stood out as a favourite to me.

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