The Kotaku Awards 2011: Vote For Your Favourite Console Game

Last week we took the nominations, now it’s time to vote! What was your favourite console game of 2011?

I had forgotten about a couple of these games until I went through the [epic] nominationans list. Also don't forget to vote in our other awards posted earlier this week.

Drop your votes in the poll below, and we’ll announced the winners next week. The poll closes midnight November 29.

The Kotaku Awards 2011: Vote For Your Favourite Console Game


    I'd have to say Uncharted, even though this latest one had a couple of problems there's still nothing like adventuring with Drake. I personally loved L.A. Noire too. In another year, it could easily have been game of the year for me. Good problem to have when there's too many strong games. :D

      Final Fantasy 7 is better then all of those games.

    Witcher 2 - is that out on consoles? :/ Was a fantastic PC game....

      This what happens when you mindlessly writew down all the noms... fixing now.

    Oh man, that's tough. I was about to vote for Arkham City, then I saw inFamous 2 directly below it. Now I'm conflicted. Both were fantastic games. Then there's Dead Space 2 and Portal 2...argh!

    We've really been spoilt for choice this year...

    Owing to my limited gaming budget for the year, i couldn't comment much, so my vote went to space marine. Great atmosphere through the whole game, MP needed more work, but in general a great game.

    I think we are past the point of retail releases and xbla/psn games not being included. From dust!

      you seriously think from dust is better than Batman, Gears, Skyrim, and Uncharted?

      Each to their own...

    Will never win, but InFamous 2. I feel that many of the others are not 'console' games- like Skyrim, which is cross-platform.

    Uncharted 3, even though I Skyrim is awesome it is hardly as cinematic or fun to play.

      Gameplay is what makes games unique from film. There is this odd trend that watching cinematics is somehow a good thing in a game. bah! humbug.

        It was the cinematic feeling, though -- playing the game and truly feeling like you were in a movie. The huge action set pieces too.

          Exactly. Uncharted 3 is, one of, if not the best gaming experiences of the year; not just on an edge-of-your-seat cinematic level — but in the huge attention to detail Naughty Dog have crafted & packaged into this masterpiece. I know there are so many contenders to love listed, but I feel this is the most deserving game of 2011. If you haven't played it, be sure to pick it up!

    So many great games in that list... it's hard to pick just one!

    I'm going to have to vote for Skyrim. I've only played a paltry 10 hours, but having a blast every minute I'm playing. It's so easy to get lost and absorbed into the world, its epic in every sense of the word.

      I too, am going to throw my vote in for Skyrim, even if I've only clocked up 4 hours. I've played a handful of games that made the list (on PC though, not console), and spent more time in them as well (Easily played 25 hours of BF3, 10 in both Portal 2 and DiRT3, about 5 or 6 in Deus Ex, and watched my brother play a fair bit of Batman: Arkham City), yet Skyrim takes the cake.

      Sure there are glitches, but the amount of great gameplay you can milk out of it and the amount of exploring you can do, just makes it nudge past it's competition in my opinion. And to be honest, I'm not usually into games set in medieval times or so.....

    Voted for Uncharted 3. It's entertainment at it's best. Skyrim is an escape, that will absorb me for hours, but Uncharted 3 literally has me at the edge of my seat dying to find out what happens next - which is something Skyrim fails to do.

    This is depressing. This list is just a long reminder of all the ace titles that have come out this year that for one reason or another I haven't gotten to play yet. Aarrgg! So many games, so little time...

    Voted for Deus Ex, because... I haven't played Skyrim yet. I won't start that until I finish exams so can actually afford to spend 20 hours a day in front of the TV.

      Dues Ex, how did I forget you? I had such a damn good time with that game...

    So many PC games on this list! :p

    Why do I suspect Skyrim will win both console GOTY and PC GOTY?

    I voted batman cause zelda is not released here yet...

    The one I forgot about: Child of Eden.

    Easily one of my favourite games of the year.

      I have heard good things about Child of Eden. I really want to get it, but unfortunately the only things I could afford this year is Gears 3 and skyward sword (if I manage to pay it off this year).

    Gonna have to vote Uncharted 3.. As much as I've loved every other game so much this year (And Gears of War 3.. my god, some tears there...) Uncharted 3 is still the cliffhanger from start to finish. The gameplay was great, the cinematic seamless and welcomes and the ending was nice too. I can't say another game had me more involved to be honest.

    Uncharted 3 hands down.

    Skylanders!! A surprisingly good game with longevity outside the game world. I wish the figures were posable though.

    Nier was released in April 2010, why is it on the 2011 poll?

    Also, Skyward Sword in there when it's not even out yet? :\

    Out of all the games I have played this year, I have to vote for Xenoblade. Wasted 200+ hours in that game, well worth the $71 I payed for it.

    Hmm... Batman, AC:R or Skyrim... Decisions, decisions... It'll have to be Skyrim, for no other reason than I can see myself just building a life for myself in Whiterun. Maybe go travelling around the countryside, just wandering for hours on end, with no particular destination. By comparison, it's just so peaceful (civil war aside :P), I could spend months there. I suppose I could do the same in Constantinople, that city is so alive, but I'm only four hours in.

    So I can't vote for MW3? The "biggest entertainment release of the year"? There are at least as many people who love it as there is who hate it. I'm not voting.

      If no one nominated it, then it's not on the list, simple as that... I'm sure many Kotaku readers picked up the game (I for one), but that doesn't translate to being a great game. Personally I would have at least 10 games in front of it.

        I nominated it:

          Human error. There were so many games to add. Sorry. Adding it now.

    I love Resistance 3 too much to vote for anything else.

    Such a good year in gaming though. Fifa 12 and Skyrim round out my Top 3.

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