New Borderlands Game Coming From Telltale, Makers Of The Walking Dead

New Borderlands Game Coming From Telltale, Makers of The Walking Dead

You read the headline correctly. And we are just as excited as you probably are! Telltale, the studio behind last year's critically-acclaimed Walking Dead video game series, is developing a new series based on Gearbox's Borderlands games.

They're going to call it Tales from the Borderlands and it's debuting next year.

It appears to star some new characters who are not vault hunters. They're "wannabe vault hunters," according to Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford. The game is described as very much a Telltale game, with lots of story to it.

A short trailer at tonight's VGX teased what's got to be a dream collaboration between the makers of one of the most popular multiplayer shooters around and the makers of some of the best story-driven games going.

"You get to shoot stuff, but in a different way," said Telltale's Kevin Bruner at the show. "It's gonna play like a Telltale game — you're going to be engaging characters and developing relationships, but it's very much in the borderlands world. It's this great hybrid of everything that's great about Borderlands and everything that's great about Telltale."

Hopefully the game is as cool as it sounds. Borderlands was already proof that a combo of shooter and loot-based RPG could work well. A combo of Gearbox and Telltale sounds pretty damn good, too.

Telltale is launching the first instalment of their second season of their Walking Dead series later this month. They also just released a game based on the Fables comics and are rumoured to be working on a Game of Thrones series. That's a mighty fine line-up.


    Literally the only thing to come from the piece of shit VGX show that was worth anything. Bungie didn't take it seriously - who could blame them -, and actually said themselves that their thing was last minute. Respawn also didn't take it seriously and shot down that stupid asshole's every question. Nintendo were there, and the two reps said that they were never coming back. Holy shit was it bad!

    So... Borderlands without guns... Right...

      Borderlands did have a plethora of fantastic characters, so why not???

        To play or not to play? That is the question.

      Telltale are not dumb enough to ignore the source material completely, I'm sure we will see a TORGE machine gun that shoots rockets that explode into grenades making a cameo.

      It has Handsome Jack. Also it will most likely have some guns, just not in a FPS kind of way.

    Hurrah! Apart from the 5 billions pieces of DLC we've been starved for Borderlands content recently!

    yay, more opportunity for Tiny Tina to spread awesomeness, bitches!

    I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, the games never really did enough for me in terms of story and character development, so a story focused game would be really interesting. On the other hand, if it's usual Telltale fare, then it's Borderlands without the main things that make it Borderlands (ie. Having a blast with friends in co-op shooting and looting)

    Awesome in like, fifty different ways.

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