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Another day, another set of ridiculous deals from Steam. I don't know about you, but I go to bed looking forward to the deals I'll see in the morning, even if I've only actually bought around three so far. Today will change that.

Below is what we think are the best deals for today, but feel free to let your fellow Kotakuers know what shouldn't be missed. Hopefully someone, somewhere, had this headline pop up on their phone in the middle of a holiday day party, realised they needed to spend money on games, and quickly snuck off to take advantage of the deals. We care about you enough to hinder your social life in favour of more game time.

With a lot to choose from, you probably can't go past Dust: An Elysian Tail for $3.74 USD. It's made by one man, yet has some great graphics and a competent combat system. There's a companion character with an annoying voice, but all up it's very impressive.

Garry's Mod is going for $2.49 USD, which makes me feel kind of silly for buying it a while ago for around $20. Use it to manipulate the world of Half-Life, creating physics puzzles or hilarious machinima.

I actually had more raw fun with Torchlight 2 than I did with Diablo 3. It might not be as complicated, and it's pretty much just clicking through dungeons with ease — but let's be honest, Diablo 3 was just as easy. The complexity only made you feel like you had crafted a good build, when in reality there was no wrong answer to that problem. Grab Torchlight 2 for $4.99 USD.

Those who've played Deadpool (I haven't) have said it's quite chuckle-inducing, and you can grab that for $7.49 USD at the moment. And if you're looking for great 4x space empire action, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion gives it to you in real-time. Rebellion includes all the updates to the game so far, including Titan-class ships that are bigger than planets. It's going for $9.99 USD — just be ready to spend more than an hour on even a small game.

Other than that, I'd highly recommend not buying RAGE — if not because it's just a bad game, then because it's a coin toss as to whether it'll work on your computer, no matter how beastly your hardware is. What else would you recommend to your fellow Kotakuers? Let us know below!


    if you like torchlight and diablo 3 then path of exile will be right up your alley too. its free to play on steam, but not in a bad way

    Brothers - A Tales of Two Sons is also a fantastic buy for $4.49!

      Thanks for the reminder. I've never played of but heard many great reviews about it then kinda forgot about it.

    I grabbed RAGE in an earlier Steam sale a few months back. Really struggled with this game, just felt clunky and stale. But then I find a number of console to PC ports tend to be.
    Except for State of Decay. Now that it's at full release it's pretty fun to play. It's currently only 33% off on Steam, so wait a bit towards the end of the sale as normally tends to be the case for last minute specials.

    I also had more fun with Torchlight II than D3. Not sure how you can say it's not as complicated. Actual skill trees and stat point choices, D3 is a far more simplified game without make or break skill or stat point decisions and no thought required whatsoever in build development other than what gear you're using. It was an ARPG for dummies. I found Torchlight IIs Elite difficulty more challenging than D3s Inferno. My Barbarian breezed through Inferno but I actually needed to kite and think with my Bezerker in Elite.

    TL;DR: Buy torchlight II it's a steal at full price and a complete no-brainer at $5.

    Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition for $5.99USD on Amazon is a goer as well.

      Mmm, I kind of agree. On the subject of ease, at least. I felt like there were a lot of different ways to build a character in D3, putting points here and there, but in the end, they were all kind of the same. Just put points in something and you'll win.

      I felt Torchlight was just as simple, but without the facade. More like it knew what it was. Neither are all that complex, but D3 pretends to be.

        I agree that they are both simple games, most isometric ARPGs are pretty simple hack and slash affairs. POEs humungous skilltree is the exception, but even then outside of PvP the game has been pretty easy no matter what I put points in.

        There are many ways to build a character in D3 with skill runes and gear, I guess it's the lack of finality more so than complexity that I wasn't a fan of. I can always change what skills I'm using with what runes and what gear I'm running whenever I want. There's no "well I put points in this and now I'm stuck with it and it's going to make life hard" moments. In Torchlight II it didn't really make life any harder but it at least tried to force you to make a choice.

        Deus Ex was great for this, I remember a few parts that were just incredibly difficult because of the augmentations and skill points I'd chosen. Or it may have just seemed that way because I was 10.

          Still keep meaning to try PoE. These games need to just slow right down and give me a chance to breathe.

    I dunno, 25% off ACIV was enough to tip the scales and get me to open my wallet, I also bought three more copies of Dust 'cause everyone should play that game.

    I ended up nabbing Sim City 4. Havent played it before and for $5.80 hard to pass up. Would have really liked to have played the new one but man has the always-online fiasco put me off. Maybe in a year when it hits the bargain bin.

    Bought Dust and Deadpool about 20 minutes before even reading this article. Haha.

    This has been my first Steam sale, and I feel I've done quiet well for myself so far. :D

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