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    ...I just decided to Adblock all of the article links on the bottom of the page.
    No regrets... but one get. \o/

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    Guys, Monaco is $3 on Steam atm (flash sale). Prob my favourite indie game this year

    Dear Secret SanTAYers.

      Is farting in a bag still a thing people do?
      Im asking for a friend :P

      Hey, a journal is a great present to someone about to go travelling.

      My Mother gave my Uncle Nicotine patches one year. It was... kind of hilarious. Also I don't think anyone else would get away with it, but Mum's a little scary...

      Edit: Also, fuck that list, socks are amazing.

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      Re-posting because I only just read it on the last page:

      (With regards to the rhymes and ideas for Secret SanTAY gifts):

      Yeah come to think of it mine wasn't very good. I was more focused on rhyming than giving proper ideas. Whoever drew me - Don't worry too much. Anything would be great.

      Ideas that I thought of:

      For office workers - Novelty Stationary/Desk knick-knacks

      Commuters - A cheap mp3 player (pretty sure they are under $20 by now) and load it up with songs you think they might like.

      Posters - Movies, TV shows, games - do a little TAY/Twitter stalking and find out what people like.

      Cheap Indie Games - There are steam games that go for as little as $2 at the moment. Plus Indie Bundles where you pay what you want. Find TAY-Names and see if the recipient has a steam account or if they even play on PC. If it seems a bit random write a note on why you thought they would like the game, and what you liked about it. Makes it a little more personal.

      The finger of one of their loves ones - Cut up a magazine and use letters of different size and font. Demand that they post to TAY what they want for a present, and if they don't you'll continue to send fingers until there are none left. Maybe then go for the toes, but we are meant to keep it under $20 and I think postage might be an issue.

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        Pro-tip regarding Steam games: TAYlist has a co-op section. If you know PersonX loves co-op games, buy them a couple of the ones they are missing!

      HA! Have they disabled comments on that article? XD

      It's like they know..

    For work I just came across a company called "Schindler Lifts".

    This has to be a bad joke, right?

      They predate the holocaust by about 70 years.


        I can't find any reference of them referring to themselves as "Schindler Lifts" until the 70's though. So I stand by my terrible joke!

          Check out the manufacturer's name the next time you use the escalators.

      Is it wrong I'm now imagining Schindler working out in a gym and then beating Nazis up.

      Haha I was in an elevator at Woolworths last week and noticed that on the button panel. I chuckled :P

      Every day on getting up to go to work in a rural town, I would wake to stare at a sign for 'Fuchs lubricants'. Always made me smile.

    DUDE WE MISSED YOU and your awesome voice, join us on TS sometime. We have a new server, i cant remember the deets but ill send them when i get home. anyway COME PLAY GAMES AND SHOOT THE SHIT WHEN YOU CAN.

    By the way this goes for everyone, I enjoy talking to people on the TS server, if you haven't joined us before, you totally should. Its fun and occasionally me and blaghs sing duets (we do it literally all the time is fucking annoying)

      Haha sure.
      I'm currently still embroiled in Dark Souls but once I'm done I'll probs jump on the PC more and say hi.

    Dammit!!!!! Bought Game Dev Tycoon from the Humble Store. Installed it and found out my version of OSX isn't enough to run it. What a pain.

      10.9 free upgrade yo. Unless you're running like powerpc mac. :P

    Ys Seven, day something.

    In the desert now, far less dessert than I had hoped. This guy has a hammer with which he uses to hit stuff.
    I hope I can replace my archer soon, she bores the crap outta me.

    Game has really generic everything except music, which is hit and miss. The rockin stuff is rockin but the attempt at heartfelt shit is puke worthy.

    I'm enjoying my time. Isn't blowing me away or anything.
    Thankfully easy really is easy this time, I know this because I haven't spent far too long on the same early boss like I did in the last Ys.

    Both are better than Ys I&II on DS, that shit is shit and I dont like it.

    I had hoped P4G would at least come second in that handheld vote, looks like both Zelda and Pokemon will knock it lower :-(

    Zelda is worthy but Pokemon Black or White 2 is better than X & Y. Bit 'arsh really.

      Aisha is awesome, she fires her bow basically as fast as you can spam the button and most of the time it's from range as well. I ended up using her ahead of Adol most of the time.

      The game's a slow burn at the start when you're going around the villages and everything, but it escalates and gets better and better as it goes. I hope you make it as far as the Altago Ring, if only because Crossing Rage is one of the best boss battle themes ever.

        I just like swords
        Im back at altago looking for scarlet rock or something

    Well... Now I know what that is...


      Don't click through if you value your sanity.

        I think I've read enough UD to gather the definition from the URL ... :(

    Artorius huh.
    Did not expect to be fighting him so soon and maaaaan is he a jerk.
    Once he goes super-sayan I just cannot touch him - his triple overhead slam becomes impossible for me to block and is undogeable to start with. And he is just so fast and has so many attacks it's hard to get a hit in.
    Not giving up but damned if I know what I'm gonna do.
    Definitely not go fight the black dragon of instakillyoufromamileaway thats for sure.

      Haha. Told you it would be a challenge.

      How did you go with the Sanctuary Guardian?

        Not too bad, killed me a couple of times but was pretty straightforward once I figured out his attack pattern.

        And seriously, that dragon.
        He does an aoe on the ground beneath him at a distance at least equal to that of Havel's tower to Dusk's crystal golem, and the shockwave reaches and immediately kills me :|

      No way could I have done that fight without the Greatshield of Artorias. I have no tips to offer, I'm afraid.

      While he is charging up his super saiyan thing ie: starts gathering the darkness, you can hit him two or three times to cancel it out and keep him a bit more docile.

        You gotta be close already, and quick, though.

          Yeah tried it a few times, usually not fast enough and the two times I got there I could not do enough damage to stop him before the aoe came out.
          But I shall persevere...

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            The wikis say three strong attacks will usually do it. I never succeeded in breaking his concentration, though. I just Greatshielded him instead :P

              Wow, damn. My weapon is too slow for that.
              He is resistant to bleed I suppose.
              I'll try boosted great combustion, maybe it will do enough.

      Oh, Dark Souls.

      I thought you were talking about a new DBZ game or something :P

    I'm home finally - what an awfully long day. Shane was right, Mondays. UGH.

      Mind you, I did just get 94% in my theory exam tonight. :D

        That's pretty bloody good, nice one. What didn't you get right, trick questions or obscure stuff?

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          If you know the content and you revise thoroughly, it's always the trick questions and stupid mistakes that catch you out. :D

    Latest Walking Dead TV episode spoilers.It was silly. Also, when Rick asked Michonne "Where's Carl?" All I could think was "He's in the house."( I said it out loud and Mr. Strange cracked up laughing. :P

      I read some reviews. My favourite quote from those:

      "The Walking Dead is TV's okayest show that we all want to be great."
      Sounds like a bloody ep, from all accounts. But all the reviews seem to agree that it's failed to pay off on a whole bunch of set-ups.

      I'll watch it tonight!

      EDIT: Got slightly spoilered on Twitter last night though.

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    Slight Walking Dead s2 spoilers on IGNs Facebook page, just a heads up.

      Thanks! Will avoid IGN today (and every day :P)

        Spoilers on Kotaku's front page too.

          GAH. This is terrible :(

          I think my original plan to wait until the season is complete and then marathon it is going to be difficult.

            Yeah, I think it worked okay last time because expectations were blown away throughout the season and word of mouth spread with every episode. Now any one who's remotely interested is a potential spoiler source. *shakes fist*

            Looks like the spoilers on IGN and front page could be the same as you saw on twitter yesty. I'm no stalker I promise >.>

    Thank you kind sir!

    I guess you could say that i'm now
    willing to make the commitment to wakin' up
    at the crack a' noon, for deep-knee rock squats!
    Seven or eight at a time! In a row!

    ROCKON !..! -_- !..!

    Brütal Legend GET



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    Morning all!

    Only 10 hours left to get The Lesser Evil for $0.99.

    Clock is ticking. I think all your loved ones want a copy too. Make this your budgetest Christmas yet!

      PS: If my Secret SanTAY just goes ahead and gifts 20 copies of this book to other people and sends me the receipts, I'll be happy! :P

      So sales man-like lately. XD

        Social media storm today, radio silence for three months afterwards while I contemplate hanging myself in a hotel room. That's the life of the travelling salesman.

        Your usage of the hyphen in between the words man and like is a little concerning. :P

          Man-like describes me pretty well, actually. There's a subtle difference between me and man, but no one can quite put their finger on it...

    Well I finally did it, SKYRIM! on PC!
    Time to experience all of those tasty looking mods.
    Mmm, mods.

      YEEAAAH \o/
      I highly recommend Sounds of Skyrim (Wilderness, Dungeons and Civilisation from memory) they are awesome!
      Also if you want to tinker and are willing to accept a performance drop, ENB for Skyrim is pretty amazing!
      HD Textures are a must
      and so are Static Mesh Improvement Mod

      I pretty much run stuff that doesn't change the overall gameplay, because reasons...
      Although i did download a "Passive Horses" mod because i got sick of my horse having a higher kill count then me XD

        Yeah, started looking at the sound and visual mods, plus the immersive armors (I think it is called) oh and the mod that adds cloaks or capes.
        May take it slow at first, PCs are scary and using stuff like mods makes me think I will make the computer blow up.

          Yeah be careful, i suggest only adding a couple at a time, because it can cause severe stability issues having too many mods XD
          Winter is Coming cloaks are awesome!

      Pretty night sky is a must have mod.

    Saw this headline, and for a second thought my wife had written an article.

    Happy birthday, @gutsoup! You're awesome, hope the day and year treats you well!

      Thanks mang, days been good so far, it's involved couch, coffee and video games

        Best day ever! Enjoying the PS4? Assassin's Creed has consumed my life. Tempted to start Killzone just to see next gen goodness. :D

    @shane: New Treme was so, so good. Didn't realise until I started watching that I've got a real fondness for these characters. You watch yet?

    Last edited 03/12/13 9:01 am

      Nah, I was [redacting] it last night. Will be watching probably tonight.

        Was basically a who's who of people deserving of Emmy nominations!

    Is that the TWD2 pic on the front page that everyone was raging about?

      To be honest the screenshot makes me want the game less. =/

        I don't understand this at all. I know season one was a fairly self-contained experience, but this is like a TV show with an ensemble cast.

        As long as the writing is good you should give them the benefit of the doubt.

        This is just an extension of what came before and what came before was good.

    Also picked up Civ5 for the PC. This should be interesting as the last Civ game I got for the PC, er 2 i think, the first time I played it I think I was on it for about 18 hours straight without even realising.
    Here's hoping that happens again.
    Though I don't know how it could possibly beat Civ Rev on my iPhone.

    Every time someone mentions that a staff member at my work is employed as a casual, I have to stifle the urge to mutter "filthy casual".

      Just remember they're getting paid more than you.

        Yeah but when you're pooping on a tropical island somewhere and realise you're getting holiday pay, it's totally worth it.

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