The One Video Game Petition I Can Get Behind...

I think petitions can be useful and totally have their place, but most video game petitions — I can't jive with that. Petitions to change the endings of video games and all of that nonsense? I'm not a fan. But this petition? THIS IS IMPORTANT.

This is a petition to extend Nintendo's 'Year of Luigi' into the 'Decade of Luigi'. This is important stuff, this is God's work. Think about it. Luigi didn't even get a fair shake in his own goddamn year. How can it be the Year of Luigi when Super Mario 3D Land came out like last week? How can it be the year of Luigi when Wind Waker HD and A Link Between Worlds came out in within months of each other?

What does Luigi get? What did he get? Sure Luigi's Mansion is one of the best games of the year, but that's not enough. New Super Luigi U is just an expansion pack. This is not good enough.

I am signing this petition. I agree wholeheartedly. Nintendo: the people have spoken. 4000 people have signed this petition. They are hungry for more Luigi action. They want this glorious year of Luigi to transcend, to expand its green reach into the millennia and become eternal. Nintendo, for the love of everything Luigi, please transform this year of Luigi into a decade.


    That would imply that nintendo listen to their customers.

      Customers* = the remaining ones.

    And this is somehow more important than video game ending petitions? Come on, don't kid yourself. Both petitions are equally pointless

    Fuck Luigi. Samus got dick all. :P

      Nor did Fox. Twenty years of Star Fox this year. And in another two years, Twenty five years of F-Zero. I know I've got my fingers crossed.

    This image sums it up perfectly I think

    I thought this was going to be a serious issue like region locking when I clicked the link...

    Don't forget that Mario & Luigi: Dream Team came out earlier in the year, Mark. That game had a larger focus on Luigi as a character than the previous M&L games did. So I suppose this game could be considered part of the ‘Year of Luigi’ lineup.

      As far as I can tell, and I'm not overly far in to it, they treat him like crap throughout the whole thing lol, poor Luigi...

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