Shot Of The Day: Oriental Minecraft Dreamscape


    I wish I had the patience to do stuff like this.

      That's why I returned the game, I don't have the patience or creativity to make anything even remotely good.

      Kudos to this guy though, that's a hell of an effort.

    No offence to this guys efforts but it's easy to do stuff like this with commands on servers. I remember seeing crazy things made on servers. Kudos to his creativity though, and if he did this without commands(which is highly doubtful) job well done :)

      alright, go build a giant whale like that with your commands and then tell me how easy it is to do.

        I command you(points at lente) to build a giant whale in minecraft! See easy ;)

        The whale was imported from a 3D model using a voxeliser, it wasn't built from hand or anything. You can see that the two whales use the same model, scaled to different sizes. The detail on top of the whale was a custom job though.

    Reminds me that I have to finish my giant pyramid one day. A friend and I were doing it manually (spawning block inventory, of course) with just a flying mod. We're over 1/3 of the way from the ceiling to the floor. It's maybe 20 blocks from sea-level.

    Was going to say, it's a real shame that these epic constructions are 99% of the time, made using external 3d programs...

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