Trailer Bonanza! Here Are All The Videos From Nintendo Direct

The latest Nintendo Direct video/infomercial screened yesterday in the wee hours of the Australian morning. The event focused on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS software launching through the American spring 2014. Here are all the noteworthy announcements and accompanying videos in once place.

Zelda Meets... Dynasty Warrios?

Well this is a surprise: Nintendo announced a new Zelda game, tentatively titled Hyrule Warriors, for Wii U in 2014. It's developed by Tecmo Koei, and it looks just like a Dynasty Warriors game.

Dr. Luigi Announced

The year of Luigi NEVER ENDS. Now Mario's lanky brother has a PHD and will be popping pills on the Wii U soon in the game that we've all been waiting for: Dr. Luigi. It's out on December 31.

New Cranky Kong Trailer

Nintendo released this new Cranky Kong trailer during their Nintendo Direct this morning. Looks fantastic.

New Super Smash Bros. Challenger Revealed

Space princess Rosalina is joining the cast of Smash Bros. for the new game, to be released on 3DS and Wii U next year.

New Mario Kart 8 Trailer — Featuring An Airport Level

Nintendo is still not being any more specific than "Spring 2014," but when Mario Kart 8 gets here, Bowser, Mario, Yoshi and all the rest will be tearing-arse around airport and cloudtop courses with a new buggy-type vehicle.

Yoshi's Island For 3DS Is Out Next Spring (Autumn in Australia)

Yoshi's New Island will be out for the 3DS in North America this spring.

Mario And Luigi Get Monster Hunter 4 Cameos

There will be Mario and Luigi costumes in the 3DS' Monster Hunter 4 according to today's Japanese version of Nintendo Direct. For those of us who like bizarre, disturbing things in our games, this is great news. Still no news of a Western release though.

Nintendo Announces NES Remix For Wii U... And It's Out Today

Ever wanted to play as Link in Donkey Kong? This is the game for you. It's out on the eShop today. Trailer above.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe

Nintendo's upcoming Kirby game for the 3DS now has an official name, the Hypernova super-sucking ability, and an all-Kirby Smash Bros. mini-game.

New Bravely Default Trailer

This new trailer for the role-playing game Bravely Default — out for 3DS on February 7 — shows off some of the game's features and side-modes.

You can also check out the entire broadcast below:

What do you guys think? Did Nintendo manage to pull any surprises out of the bag? Have the announcements left you feeling excited or underwhelmed? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


    More same same sequels... When was the last time Nintendo announxed some new IP?

      Wondeful 101 earlier this year and X


    as above though, same old same old same old.

      I don't think I'd let most real doctors touch my genitals.

    Bravely default is already out here. Might want to amend the article. (Best JRPG in a long time btw, should play it if you have a 3DS, fixes all the lame parts of JRPGS). Also I think they did the right thing by getting rid of any mention of faries and removing the fairy from the front cover of the UK/AUS release.

    All I want is monster hunter 4 in the west! Ultimate was a huge let down with no online multiplayer without a wii u, MH4 fixes that.

    All kirby smash bros mini game sounds pretty lulz.

    Last edited 19/12/13 6:59 am

    a little disappointed with zelda

      It's being made by a 3rd party. Ninty is surely at work on the next 'big' version.

    With that Zelda meets Dynasty Warriors spin off, I reckon multiplayer would work rather well for that. Going up against a massive force that you can't stop yourself, adding in a raiding system and a massive customization system. It won't happen i know that but it would be probably turn out to be a great game for the Wii u

    Quite a few visual bugs in that Zelda trailer, rushed?

      Considering even the name 'Hyrule Warriors' isn't finalised, I'd say it's pretty early in development.

    I was thinking a Zelda/warriors mashup would work fairly well when I was playing Windwaker (back on the gamecube). It looks promising that they seem to have used a lock on system more like Zelda rather than the strafing system of Warriors (essentially become rather immobile and not really worth using.

    I wonder though what other characters you'l be able to use in the game (given that the warriors series generally has massive casts).

    That Zelda...I dunno. I'm not convinced.

    Kirby, Yoshi, and Mario Kart however, they look great!

    If you ask me, Nintendo have jumped the shark with Hyrule Warriors! I was certainly not expecting this to be the first next-gen Zelda.

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