We Tried Nintendo’s Surprise New Wii U Game NES Remix For You

We Tried Nintendo’s Surprise New Wii U Game NES Remix For You

Nintendo just released a new game on the Wii U with basically no warning. NES Remix! We didn’t even know it existed four hours ago. And now we’re all able to play it. $US15 on the Wii U. Is it any good? Well, watch the video above.

NES Remix takes a dozen or so classic 8-bit Nintendo games and either 1) chops them up and asks you to do one specific thing (jump three barrels in Donkey Kong! Do a wheelie for three seconds in Excitebike!) or 2) presents part of the game in a new way (It’s Mario Bros., but there are two Marios moving in unison! It’s Donkey Kong but it’s dark!)

Essentially, Nintendo is modding its own games. It’s a good idea and starts out well enough, if a bit conservatively. Check out the video above for your — and our — first taste of the game.

Oh, and the game’s got visual jokes. This is the screen through which you can go buy Virtual Console copies of the games remixed in NES Remix. This screen really should be the new way you get to the eShop for all purchases…

We Tried Nintendo’s Surprise New Wii U Game NES Remix For You


  • I know he said he sucked but I couldn’t help but chuckle at his noob mario skills…. can’t wait to get this tonight.

    • It is also free if you link your 3ds nnid to your wiiu between now and soonish. Then next year we get free code for this game. How does free sound. FREE!

  • $15 US looks to be a MASSIVE rip-off for what it is.
    That said, at least some work went into it. If they can justify charging $6.50 for a Game-boy game on the 3DS store then I guess it seems ok in comparison.

    It’s probably better suited to the 3DS too, although I suppose Nintendo will put whatever content they can on the WiiU at the moment.

  • I’m pretty sure Nintendo have just given up on the Wii U. Pretty sad when they have the same amount of games out as the Xbox One that was just released, it makes me cry when ever I go into the Wii U games section.

    • Given up? Are you on crack? The new mario world is out and selling well and its getting Mario kart 8 and super smash bros. -_- seems legit…

    • Mario Land 3D or whatever they’re calling it these days is probably the best game on either console.

      After that though, Forza, Battlefield, Assassins Creed and Dead Rising are all probably better (or better versions) than anything you can get one the WiiU after more than a year. Pikmin might fit in there somewhere.

      Yep, it’s sad.

    • Pretty sure Nintendo are the only ones that haven’t given up. If Nintendo IP’s are your thing, there’s no shortage of games at the moment, and it has a strong and loyal fanbase. It’s not for me, but i have plenty of friends with WiiU’s that love them to bits.

    • Mario 3d sold out in the entire shopping center near me… Pretty sure that’s a good sign of some sort of success. Plus the 2 new consoles are offering nothin amazing at this point so people are buyin wiiUs instead. $350AU with 3 games is a pretty sweet deal..

    • Are you serious? I own 24 games for my Wii U. More than 35 including digital content like Trine 2 and Virtual Console games like Earthbound. And it’s far from the complete Wii U collection. We also have an Xbox One but the only games we have for it are Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Battlefield 4, and Assassin’s Creed 4, the last two of which were just upgraded from the 360 versions for $10. Unless you’re into sports games the most of the what’s left of their collection is shit and/or readily available on another console. Have you heard how bad The Fighter Within is, now there’s an exclusive for ya.

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