What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This week, I saw an advance screening The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug — you can read my thoughts about the film by clicking on the link above. This has got me on a bit of a Tolkien bender which I suspect will last all weekend. Therefore, I shall be 'kicking it old school' (that's still a phrase, right?) and playing The Hobbit on the Commodore 64.

What with today's easy access to emulation and all, getting hold of this game shouldn't be too difficult (insert obligatory "yes, I have the original ROMs" disclaimer here.) I used to play this ace text adventure at my mate's house around a thousand years ago when real hobbits still roamed the earth.

One of my main memories of the game is the way Thorin kept incessantly singing about gold. Clearly, Peter Jackson was a big fan.

What about you guys? Let everyone know what games you'll be playing in the comments section below. (And happy Friday!)


    I'm going to try and push towards the end of GTA V tonight, but then I'm off to my in-laws for the weekend. So it's going to be Phoenix Wright and Pokémon for the rest of the time.

    But then it's two weeks of holidays! So I'm gonna play Super Mario 3D World and Monaco with my brothers, and a whole bunch of indie stuff on my PC, and who needs sleep, it's gonna be games games games! (And cricket).

    Probably some JC2MP, some BF4 and some Kinect games with the kids..

    If my phone line is still down and keeping me offline, I probably won't play much of anything on the XBone or PC - I can play games offline with those but prefer not to. I might revisit something on the 360. I have some Sleeping Dogs DLC I haven't gotten to, and I've kind of wanted to restart Skyrim as well.

    Pretty keen to load up all the updates for Ryse, Forza 5 and BF4 and have a few rounds in each. Then primarily focus on finishing AC4 so I can move onto to Dead Rising 3.

    have a safe one everyone.

    On a bit of a Telltale Games kick this weekend. I'll be playing through The Walking Dead Season 1 on 360 (finished it on PS3), then straight on to Season 2 Episode 1, then if I get time The Wolf Among us.

    Hopefully be able to fit in some Rocksmith 2014 Edition as well (which I'll be picking up today), but I doubt it.

    Kingdoms of Shamalamalamalur: Reckoning and Bravely Default: Flying Fairy mostly with a splash of Muramasa Rebirth here and there. Though I have a feeling I may get some Starbound in, and I'm kind of feeling like I should finish the SCII HotS campaign sometime. I'll also be playing the "Watch for the deals and make sure you vote to get cards" game on Steam because they're actually doing something decent with the card system. (ie. In-game items)

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    A mixture of Battlefield 4 on the PS4 and Link Between Worlds

    I'll be finishing off Guacamelee DLC and then might give Grid 2 a go. And of course Mario on Wii U and Luigi's Mansion on 3DS

    See last week's entry. Damn FTB...

    Although, with a bit of luck, I might be able to get through the first episode of The Walking Dead this weekend.

    I will be playing the "Lets pack everything into boxes" game, getting ready to move :P
    and then possibly followed up by Trine and Trine 2 on the laptop because of generous people \o/

    I thought there was a game-breaking glitch in the Hobbit which made it impossible to finish...
    Not in an obvious way but still...

      IIRC - it was kind of real time and random. I think Gandalf (or someone) could get killed thus couldn't give you an item. There were somw strange underlying game mechanics going on under that text.

    Hi All.

    New to the site (long time visitor 1st time commenting...yadda...yadda)

    I'll be mostly hitting NBA2k14 on ps4, might finally start Dead Rising 3 (I've been hearing really good things but just haven't had the urge as yet to get stuck in as yet). Squeeze in some Rocksmith 2014 (PC) although I'm not sure I'm getting much better (kinda hit a wall, but I guess practice, practice, practice). Some Forza and maybe some Madden or Fifa (not really a major fan of either but there's only so many games for the shiny new consoles unfortunately)

    @Pixel Ferret, I've got that moving game coming soon and am totally dreading it ! that's what most of my Chrissy holidays will be spent doing. I heard its like Dark Souls but even harder and more frustrating....lol....Good luck !

      it is like Dark souls!
      You dropped a box = YOU DIED!
      restarts at campfire, weep and repeat :P

        Drop a game console and you are cursed and dead !

        I see you know the Dark Souls path well.......die.......weep......and repeat !

    Possibly nothing...
    Tonight will be preparing for tomorrow, my twins first birthday!! We've made a full year! YES!

    Saturday, family coming over and that will be a long day...

    Sunday, working...
    Monday... on holidays, but leaving for Canberra... so maybe something on the Vita then.

    I'm going to be playing the christmas shopping game, fighting crowds with rolls of wrapping paper.

    and maybe some bf4 mp.

      is there any other kind of bf4 worth playing?

        I dabbled with the sp to grab some weapon unlocks for mp.

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    Probably some GTA:O with gf and friends. We need to grind some levels to get the tank - hopefully I'll at least unlock the Buzzard this weekend.

    Otherwise, holidays! Much gaming time!

    I don't care, today is my last day of work for the year. Woohoo!

    Recently purchased a copy of Starbound which will make for some fun exploration. Maybe I'll finish The Last Of finally. It's easy to get burnt out on that game.

    Apart from that not much. Might squeez in the 3DS somewhere.

    The waiting game!!! A friend just informed me that my name appeared on the list of winners for Pizza Hut's PS4 competition!!! Now I have to wait up to two working days for an e-mail with next step instructions!!!

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