While You Were Sleeping

Morning friends. How was your weekend? I played a lot of video games this weekend but, somehow, it still felt as if I didn't play enough video games. How does that work?

Anyway, on to the news.

Of course PlayStation 4 and Xbox One things are happening. Quirky weird things. Also things that make you wonder for humanity. Like this man who thought he was buying a PS4 but got a box of towels instead. I hate scams like these. You ruined Christmas you shitty, shitty scammer. That should be convictable crime: ruining Christmas. "This man stands accused of ruining Christmas, how do you plead?"

These robbers didn't exactly ruin Christmas, but they're still robbers. Hilariously they entered GameStop demanding all the stock of the Xbox One. But Gamestop was sold out! They had to take the PS4 instead. Silly robbers, the PS4 is the one selling for big bucks on eBay. Get your facts right!

It's the 20th anniversary of Virtua Fighter. That's your daily 'I feel old' news post of the day.

And this is cool: apparently you can turn your retail bought Xbox One into a dev kit. You probably shouldn't though because there is no going back. Finally, this is the winner of best comedy at 2013's Saxxy awards. You should totally watch it.

In Short He Thought He Was Buying A PS4, He Got A Box Of Towels Instead Happy 20th Birthday Virtua Fighter Robbers Settle For PS4 When Gamestop Is All Out Of The Xbox One You Probably Shouldn't Use This Button Combo To Turn Your Xbox One Into A Dev Kit Watch Disruption, Winner Of Best Comedy At 2013's Saxxy Awards


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