Finally, An Objective Game Review Site

Finally, An Objective Game Review Site

Tired of opinions in your game reviews? Hanging out for something that's truly objective that'll just give you the facts while you make your purchasing decision/forum debate? Objective Game Reviews is the site for you.

No longer do you need to suffer through one reviewer's personal experiences, or their attempts to critique a game as though it were some kind of *gasp* artform.

At Objective Game Reviews - it's a joke site, guys - you're getting the facts and a score, just like you've always wanted. Enjoy!

(I've seen some people say this site is a critique of reviews. Maaayybe, but I think the name gives away that it's really about those who think a review can somehow be objective at all.)

Objective Game Reviews [Site]


    "Most players will find that __________". Boom, objective.

    I don't see why people automatically assume that the instant experiences are discussed it becomes subjective and immediately inapplicable to others.

      Saying "Most players" already makes it subjective because you are pre-supposing that "most players" will conform to a personally decided standard. Discussion is inherently tainted with your own personal biases and subjectivity, even if you aren't conscious of it, with your choice of words and how you refer to things being strong indicators. A good psychologist (subjectivity!) uses this fact when they talk to you about things.

        Unless someone conducts a survey in which they find that more than 50% of players agree with a given observation.

    Surely once they give it a score it becomes subjective :P I mean, the score itself is subjective i.e. who says a game is an 8 instead of a 7 or a 9? Unless the scores are produced by some kind of mathematical formula?

    It would have been funnier if all games were scored 7.5.

    It is interesting to see how profoundly useless a genuinely objective review can be.


    An objective review is an oxymoron.

    I don't have anything more relevant than that to add, I just wanted to use "oxymoron" in a sentence.

      Now use the word "ubiquitous".
      I don't know what it means and I HEAR IT EVERYWHERE!

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