Watch Someone Play One Of My All Time Favourite Video Games On The Oculus Rift

I don't know precisely where I'd place Metroid Prime on my 'all time favourite games' list, but it's easily top 5 and possibly even top 3. Cymatic Bruce has managed to get the game working on his Oculus Rift dev kit and needless to say I am stupidly jealous.

For the purposes of brevity I'd suggest skipping to about 10 minutes in the video to see the game in action, but there is actually a fairly comprehensive guide explaining how anyone with a kit can get the game working on the Rift.

Even Cymatic Bruce himself admits it was a lot of "legwork" to get the game running, but I personally believe that Metroid Prime is one of the most 'immersive' experiences in video games (for want of a better term) and playing it in the Rift would be worth the hassle. Metroid Prime is essentially played from the perspective of being inside Samus' suit, so it makes the idea of using the Oculus Rift to play all the more seamless.

I want to play this so badly.


    Never owned a Nintendo console but every time I see this game I wish I had.

      The GameCube didn't have many games but it had some of the best crafted games I've ever played. Sure there were some terrible games for it, but there was something about that console that just inspired game designers. It's like Nintendo were in that perfectly drunk zone where they'd had enough to boost the confidence, loosen up and be a little crazy, but not drunk enough to get sloppy.
      It's a shame it's a bit hard to go back to it now.

      but I personally believe that Metroid Prime is one of the most ‘immersive’ experiences in video games (for want of a better term) and playing it in the Rift would be worth the hassle.

      Maybe convincing is the word? Possibly symbiotic? Bidirectional? Synchronised? I think I've said it here before but there's just something about the way Samus processes things that meshes perfectly with the way gamers play in Metroid Prime. In a game I jump down a hole and a monster pops up and I process the situation just like Samus. I look for weak spots, environmental vulnerabilities, etc and Samus does the same thing. Everything that happens just feels like it flows so naturally.
      I don't think I'm Samus or that what's happening is real, but I also don't feel like I'm controlling someone else. I'm never in character but Samus is never out of character. It's not like Resident Evil where I horde ammo and interact with everything during game play but in the cinematics the character I normally control is walking past all these things that might have items in them and waving his gun around like he's not going to try and knife kill Nemesis just in case he needs that ammo later.

      Heh. I think I just love talking about Metroid Prime, which is funny considering my first reaction was 'why can't they just make a good 2D side scrolling Metroid game? Why does it have to be 3D and FPS of all things?'.

        Well said. I agree completely. Metroid Prime is special, for sure.

        This guy.

        Pretty much just summed up one of the many reasons why I love that game.

        Both the GameCube (which I still own) and Metroid Prime (I have both the GC and the new Wii version) hold a special place in my heart,

    Man. I wonder if this can be used on Rogue Leader...

    This is what nintendo should be remaking. It kind of pisses me off they are making games that arnt really system sellers and neglecting classics like these. Ssb and marii kart 8 are to far off :( Even this in VC would be epic. know they already re-released the GCN Metroid Prime games for Wii, right? Put the whole trilogy into one neat little package.

      I'm not sure the original Metroid Prime was all that much of a system seller either.

        Yes i do know and have it. But the control scheme sucked. I never did like the wiis control sysrem.

    Yeah one of the must own games for WiiU, looks nice in 16:9, upscaled to 1080p, running through HDMI.

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