What An X-Ray Of A PS4 Controller Looks Like

What An X-Ray Of A PS4 Controller Looks Like

You could use an X-Ray to look inside someone's guts. Or, you could use it to look inside a next-gen controller — because why not?

The picture above was taken by Reddit user Jackatakk333's brother, though if you wanted to see what the X-Rays of other controllers look like, you should check this out. And now to wait for someone to X-Ray a Xbox One!

[via Reddit]


    I have never had a controller handy to do this, but I have CT scanned an iphone.

      Did you see that apple is the cancer of society?

    i cracked one open the other day because of a rattle from inside. turned out, the counterweight from one of the rumble motors fell off the spindle. the battery was really small but there was heaps of unused space inside. when i put it back together, i had some leftovers.

    My diagnosis is that that shadow on the left trigger is a tumour.

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